RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE: The Covers – Colored and Black and White

Last month we (via DC's The Source Blog) brought you the unfinished covers for the upcoming Grant Morrison mini-series, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. They were awesome.

Now we've got the fully colored covers have been released. DC put them all together for you so you can see the Bat-symbol in the background. I've also put the black and white covers together for you for purposes of comparison. Enjoy!


Black and White:


  1. pretty damm cool

  2. Those would look nice on a wall…sigh.

    Anyway Puritan Batman is my fave.  

  3. Is it biweekly? Because the solicits had 2 for the first month. If so, I am psyched.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Cool! I like the consistent color palette. 

  5. The best part about the coloring is that you can actually see the ‘bat’ outline in the background that reaches across all six covers.

    That’s some nice composition.

  6. You know I didn’t think about it until now, but I hope that western time Bruce Wayne meets Jonah Hex. That would be awesome. Good looking art and I can’t wait to read this miniseries. However, I’d like Dick to stay as Batman for a while.

  7. very cool, those are going to make some sweet posters.

  8. I like the "The Spirit" batman. 🙂

  9. So batman’s going through time like captain america?

  10. @misterJ

     Holy shit. I didn’t even notice that. That is amazing.

  11. I’m tired of the resurrection especially with time bending journeys… Cap, Batman, The Avengers (trio). really thats about enough

  12. @flapjaxx both plots don’t makes sense at all. thats why its so fun

  13. @mansuper: Cap went back thru his own life; Bruce is living lives all throughout history back to the prehistoric era.

    Damn I wish Andy Kubert would stop teaching other people how to draw at that damn school of his dad’s! Because I want him to be able to draw the interiors of this too!

  14. This is gonna be fun.

  15. I like noir detective batman because the only person who can solve the case of the murder of batmans parents is…BATMAN!

  16. This just looks so awesome. Can’t wait.

  17. I didn’t notice the symbol in the background. Damn that must’ve been tough to plan out.

  18. I love how they connect into the logo in the background. I was amazed when I noticed that. 

  19. interconnected genre stories … it’s like Seven Soldiers except they’re all Batman.

  20. Hey look it’s Batman with different hats!

  21. not too keen on "Pilgrim Batman"

  22. Not Pilgrim, Witch Hunter!

  23. Batthew Hopkins, Witchfinder

  24. I can’t wait for cowboy and private eye batman. Its gonna awesome!

  25. is bruce going to create his family’s fortune?

  26. I still don’t see the Bat symbol in the background…

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Look at the two middle issues, the sails and mountains in the backgrounds. 

  28. @Paul: Thanks, I see it now. I was looking at the clouds, thinking they made up the bat symbol.

  29. @JesTr: I read somewhere that Morrison plans on using several DCU period-specific characters throughout the series. And if I remember correctly, he cited Jonah Hex specifically as appearing in the Western issue. Also, I’m pretty sure Vandal Savage will appear in the CaveBat issue.

    @Patman2 and edward

    "the only person who can solve the case of the murder of batmans parents is…BATMAN!"

    "is bruce going to create his family’s fortune?"

    I love both these ideas, and I’m kind of angry that neither had occured to me until now. Morrison’s been pretty vague (as usual) about the structure of this mini. But he did describe it as a time-traveling Dan Brown novel, with Dick, Tim, and Damian running around Gotham picking up clues that Bruce has left throughout time. So both these theories are entirely possible. Good call.

  30. The covers look GREAT!!! Having said that, I probably won’t be picking this up. Morrison’s Batman run with Bruce Wayne started out great but became a confusing mess by the end.

  31. Solomon Wayne, FTW! 😀

  32. Officially excited for this book.