Remake & Reboot: The STREET FIGHTER Comic Series

Comics has been home to a number of outside characters and universes that have flourished; just look at the decades-long comic series based on Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Conan. And one of the other outside creations that have tried for years to gain a foothold in comics is the video game franchise Street Fighter. Created in 1987, it came to comics in 1993 both in manga and comics and has ebbed and flowed as more a media tie-in based on new editions of the video game series rather than a self-sustaining franchise like G.I. Joe… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

For people growing up in the 90s and the 00s, Street Fighter is a diverse world of comic-book style fighters hailing from different backgrounds and races. This multi-cultural approach, reminiscent of the “All-New, All-Different” revamp of the X-Men in 1975, gave each character their own fanbase. From the 12 character of the first game to an expanded roster as time went on, it’s a comic franchise waiting to happen if a publisher can approach it the right way.

Although UDON has sporadically published Street Fighter comics in recent years, they’ve failed to live up to the potential a comic franchise could offer. The franchise already has an in with fans given the mega-popularity of the Marvel Vs. Capcom games, so now is the time to strike. Here’s  how this fan would do it.

The Concept:

For a Street Fighter series to work on an ongoing basis, they need to borrow the formula Larry Hama used when he brought G.I. Joe to life years ago: take the characters and see how they’d interact with each other and in the larger world. Street Fighter does have alot of characters vying for the spotlight, so it’s important to focus on a relatively small group and slowly introduce others in cameo roles, but very slowly. I’d have the core heroes initially to be just Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile and Ken, each joining in on the street fighter tournament and coming together to fight off M. Bison and the forces of Shadaloo. This can be classic “fight comix” but it also needs to push along a more expansive storyline, and it’ll take the right set of creators to make it more than just another comics adaptation.

The Creators:

The Writer – Sam Humphries: In a short amount of time, Sam Humphries has shown himself with a wealth of ideas and no compunction about doing what’s outside the mainstream mindset. Although I haven’t talked to him personally about Street Fighter, he seems around the right age and interest to know alot about the franchise. At the same time, he seems focused enough not to be weighed down by the concept to prevent him from making an interesting story.

The Artist – Dustin Nguyen: Nguyen is one of the top artists working in comics today, but you wouldn’t know it from the titles he’s working on at DC. Nguyen seems to be bursting at the seams to go to the next level, and seeing him take on an expansive team book outside of DC like Street Fighter would be an ideal pairing. Naysayers might say that any artist drawing the book should fall within the familiar “Capcom” style for drawing, but if you’re serious about making a Street Fighter franchise work then it needs to be able to diversify, and Dustin Nguyen could deliver allthat and more.


  1. I like Ngyuen for it but he would need to diversify the faces more then that sketch does. Ken, Ryu and Guile all look the same. Still haven’t read Humphries, but I should.

  2. Ngyuen is a great choice. I loved the Udon series on the art side but it really needed better writing.