PREVIEW: Worlds’ Finest, Vol. 1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2

Out today in finer comic shops and in book stores next week, the first volume of Worlds’ Finest collects the New 52 exploits of Power Girl and Huntress. Once the Supergirl and Robin of Earth 2, Karen and Helena find themselves stranded in another reality, a universe where Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are still very much alive, and their own superhero identities are already filled by other people (in Helena’s case, by a number of teen boys). No time for culture shock. It’s time for new names, new looks and new adventures in the New 52.

Paul Levitz chronicles the milestone moments from the first five years in their  new roles as Power Girl and Huntress, otherwise known as the World’s Finest!


Written by: Paul Levitz
Art by: George Pérez, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway
Cover by: George Pérez
Color/144 pages/$14.99 US

• Legendary writer Paul Levitz teams with artists George Perez and Kevin Maguire for this new title starring Power Girl and Huntress! Stranded on our Earth over five years ago, these two heroes are forced to fight evil in strange new surroundings, all while trying to find their way home. In two tales, WORLDS’ FINEST flashes back to how Huntress and Power Girl got to our Earth and what they’ve been doing the past five years, and then back to the present where they fight for the fate of millions against the Irradiated Man.

• Collecting WORLDS’ FINEST #0-5.

Now, how’s about a preview?


  1. Started with great promise but never really came together. It’s a real shame. One of the books I was most looking forward to when announced.

  2. This is a completely directionless book. I like these characters and even I have lost interest in it.

  3. Worlds’ Finest, not World’s Finest. Don’t belittle them!

  4. I find it a fun read. It may not be my favourite, but I enjoy it every month. That’s all I ask of my comics, really.

  5. I really enjoy this book. A very long time ago “World’s Finest” used to be about the friendship between Batman and Superman. This mirrors that feeling and partnership so well.

  6. One of the better series out there. I thought the pre-52 Power Girl series was better but I still enjoy this series. No big storylines or universe threatening villians.

    I thought the issue with Damian Wayne and Huntress teaming up was great especially considering what happen to Damian now. The best reason to pick up this series is that the story archs don’t normally range 4-6 issues like most series these days. Nice compact stories and reminds me of the Power Girl and Huntress pre crisis.