PREVIEW: VENOM #3 with Art by Tom Fowler, Now in ColorVision!

It looked tremendous in black and white, and now it looks tremendous in color. Here's your first look at Venom #3 from Rick Remender and Tom Fowler. It's enough to make you forgive every instance of Carnage. But seriously, it's fun. Like a lawn sprinkler linked by hose to a barrel of Arnold Palmer. 

Let's start with a Mike Deodato cover: 


And now…some Fowler. 



Flash’s worst nightmare is finally realized;  he’s lost control and Venom is on the rampage! Destroying his last chance to shut down the maniacal Jack-O’-Lantern and his mysterious benefactor,  the symbiote turns Flash’s latest covert op into a citywide killing spree. Which target will the US military deem a more immediate threat – a payload of weaponized Vibranium or their own homicidal operative run amok? Can the Amazing Spider-Man stop him before it’s too late? Find out this May, only in Venom #3!

Three bucks. Out on May 25th. It's also not too late to jump in. It's a romper stomper. 



  1. But seriously, it’s fun. Like a lawn sprinkler linked by hose to a barrel of Arnold Palmer.” Paul. Why do you know what’s in my dreams?

  2. I really like that subtle smile on Deodato’s cover!

  3. @ Alexferrer
    That smile is the best part!

  4. need to catch up with this 

  5. What an odd position to stand in while firing a gun. He’s like bending over slightly as if he is firing from under something. Anyway…cool.

  6. @Alexferrer  The sly smile definitely caught my attention too. Great cover.

  7. Looks really great!  But…what happened to Tony Moore? is this just fill in? Did I miss an announcement?

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @AlanRob  The earlier announcement is linked in that first line, but it looks like Fowler and Moore are tag-teaming the book. Moore will do some and Fowler will do some. And then more Moore and further Fowler. 

  9. @Paul     Nice! Thanks for opening my eyes 😉

  10. Glad I’m getting this. This will be my JOP for reading issues I’ve been buying and stacking up for a good year now.

  11. Has anyone noticed that ancillary books have become a better read than “event” books??