PREVIEW: Ultimate Spider-Man #4

I suppose these are spoilers, so you’re warned. In November, Miles Morales, recently convinced of the joy of heroism, will be meeting up with someone from Peter Parker’s past, as seen in the pages below. As previously, Sara Pichelli is making Brian Bendis better than he is, and he is pretty good to begin with. So what I’m saying is that it’s very good. Ultimate Spider-Man #4 should continue the trend.

That’s a clone. Are we still cool with that? The thing I like is that this kid has no idea what he’s doing, and she could help with that. Plus, Ultimate Spider-Man has always been at its best when there’s a strong supporting cast. This is a good first step.


  1. This book is fast becoming my favorite. Looking forward to issue 4…..whooohooo!!!!!

  2. i bet that’s the ending.

  3. soooo pretty!

  4. Ugh, I can’t find the first few issues at my LCS to save my life. May have to wait for the first trade. >.<

  5. I love this book!

  6. Yeah, I missed this title starting. Probably have to get the trade as well 🙁

  7. awesome, i love Sara’s work.

  8. Started reading this when the death of Spider-Man began, been on it since and have enjoyed every moment so far, maybe its just Peter Parker that kept me from reading Spidey all of these years. though if i would have known how good Bendis is…..

  9. Its one of the more fun reads out right now. Highly recommended.
    Hey as anybody seen this crazy shyte.
    Where are all the real world hero’s when we need em?

  10. My roommate was planning to dump the book, but this preview brought him back on board. It only further solidified my interest.

  11. So I guess this issue will cover the DOTM, the way it affects Miles’ life, and I’m guessing maybe that encounter with Spider-Woman (or Lady-Pete as a friend of mine once called her) happens after his first appearance in Fallout. Or probably very soon thereafter?

    • Also, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but isn’t Jess’ costume design a little on the lazy side? I mean, really, it’s the Black Costume, only red and with the scalp gone so her hair can flow. Were the design guys on vacation that week?

  12. I am still new to comics and the DC universes and Marvel Universes. I am fascinated by this comic, bold moves with changing power-sets and such. I bought issues 1,2,3 and I couldn’t stop reading until I got to the end of 3. This comic has a riveting story and art you can drool over. This is quickly moving to the top of my read pile!

    If you haven’t read this, get it!

  13. I have no idea how the female Peter Parker roles. Issue #4 will be my first glimpse of her and I can not wait.