PREVIEW: Ultimate Comics X-Men #1

After Peter bit the big one, Spider-Man's amazing friends had to go somewhere, and it turns out that place is Ultimate Comics X-Men #1, written by Nick Spencer, with art by Paco Medina. Iceman, Kitty Pryde, and the Human Torch are off to find out just what this x-gene thing is, and I assume hijinks and antics ensue.

UPDATE: Down in the comments below, writer Nick Spencer confirms that Iceman's silly hat is on the way out with this series. That's work a rejoice or two.

It's on sale on September 14 for the cover price of $3.99.


  1. Hmmm…I thought Ultimate Colossus didn’t have the metal banding effect with this body. (I recall it was smooth metal.)  — Okay, I admit it, this is geek comment.

    Issue looks fun!

  2. Well, i’m jazzed. I’m really digging the artwork.

  3. Ultimate X-men has far more convoluted than the regular 616. Hopefully this will be a fairly fresh starting point. Am interested to see where Spencer goes with this.

  4. The solicitation calls out Iceman, Human Torch and Kitty Pride by name, yet Wolverine, who is not mentioned in the solicitation, is front and center on the cover. Lame.

  5. Yeh, it’s not really THE Wolverine though, is it?

    I reckon I’ll be buying this just for Spencer’s writing alone. I hope it’s good. 

  6. UX never did much for me, but the fact that Spencer is picking up Kitty, Bobby, and Johnny from Ultimate Spider-man makes me want to check this out. I think the biggest question is whether or not they’re going to bother with the plot threads that Loeb created in Ultimate X. That series started off great but the last issued was drifting towards Ultimatum territory.

  7. So glad there is some preview pages, that cover looks awful.

    Also, I like it, seems to have more of a Whedon Astonishing feel to it rather than an Ultimate feeling to it.

  8. I wasn’t interested in this book til I saw the preview. I will definitely check out the first issue along with Ultime Spidey. Still on the fence about The Ultimates

  9. Wow that art is really good. Who is the artist for this I dont recognize the style?

  10. @thompsonlive  There are words in the article that I wrote containing information.

  11. I’m excited for this and the inside looks beautiful, but that cover is f-ing gross.  I ordered the variant covers for all these ultimate relaunches because whoever that is on covers should have their hands chopped off

  12. that kid is back on the escalator

  13. @josh  Ha

  14. You guys will be happy to know we’re getting rid of the hat.

  15. The interior art is really nice, but I do not like the cover art at all. Luckily it’s not the 90s so I generally don’t buy comics for the cover anymore!

    I’ve read a little of Ultimate X-men, not too much, mostly through tie-ins (Ultimate Secret/Nightmare/etc, Ultimatum), so the significance of these pages is sort of lost on me. But it looks good, and Spencer doesn’t disappoint.

    I heard there was some kind of relaunch coming for the Ultimate universe – was there an ifanboy article on it that someone can paste here?

  16. @nickspencer  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wait, are you replacing it with one of those visors that my mom and dad wore on that one trip to vegas? y’know, those red translucent jobs. (one trip to vegas, like that’s specific) #ihadanoddchildhood

  17. Glad to see this is coming along. Enjoyed the recent Ultimate X books. In the bottom right preview, her right hip and thigh look a bit out of place.. 

  18. Kitty on the cover looks a bit like the Ellen Page Kitty. I will admit to being curious.

  19. I hope this does tie into the Ultimate X stuff.  I’d think so, but was hoping to see them in the preview.  I couldn’t tell if the dark haired girl was Kitty or “Karen.”

  20. I saw an Ultimate Nimrod! Im down!

  21. KP is my favourite Super. Period.

    And she looks great inside this book too. I’ll be buying for sure.

    Not much a Marvel guy, myself. But I love X Books. 

  22. I am glad they are rebooting the Ultimate world. I just hope they dont rise people from the dead like they seem to do in the Marvel Universe. Thats what will make this series good. Different people on a X team.

  23. The interior art looks solid except for the last panel where Kitty is posing with Johnny and Iceman, her hips are insanely tiny, not sure if i’m just looking at it wrong, but that looks awful to me

  24. I have to admit the cover has grown on me.  I’m digging the image of Wolverine, Jr. (I so hope he’s called that.) I’m also okay with the name “Kid-Wolverine”, or “Son of Wolverine”. (Please don’t call him “Daken”. Please don’t. Please.) “Wolvie” is also acceptable, but must always be said in a Miss Piggy like voice (such as when she says “Kermie”).

    I wonder if the other Ultimate X characters are just gone.  That would be too bad, if so.  I liked that-flying-dude, the-flaming-girl, “Karen”, and Hulk hanging with them. (Also liked Kid-Blob.) I hope they’re in this series in some way. 

  25. I love the line up and how Wolverine looks with the classic short ears mask and whiskers w modern take and yellow thats in between the 80’s brown n yellow costume or any of the bright yellow ones, plus loving Torch with Iceman and hope he doesn’t wear that stupid hat much. Its an alternate Marvel U so it makes sense to put Human Torch there to see how he fits in and draw some readers in too.

  26. @misterckent I’d say the girl in pages 1-2 is Karen based on the Green eyes and the fact she is meeting an older woman with red hair who I would assume to be Jean’s mom.

  27. Soooooooo where does Joeb’s Ultimate X fit within this Ultimate Marvel Comics Comics Marvel Ultimate, or whatever they’re going to call it???

  28. @nickspencer  Honestly, how many people were like, “Yeah, let’s go with the hat!” before someone realized that it was. . . not a good look?

  29. @nickspencer I like it that this is your promise for the book instead of being, you know, a good read.

  30. His mutant ability is freezing shit but his true power is his FLAIR. It’s a subtle thing but that hat really helps him stand out from the crowd of ice-encrusted teenage boys.

  31. @TheNextChampion  In my opinion, the fact that Spencer’s work will be a “good read” goes without saying. I do think that his press photo should have a hat, though, just because.

  32. Can’t wait for this!

  33. Update on ICEMAN losing the hat is definitely worth a “rejoice or two”!! I hope they even remove it from the cover before its release. Looking forward to this one as an occasionally less than often Ultimate Comics reader.