PREVIEW: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #7

Fans of globe-spanning action and somewhat bewildering title choices are in for a treat, as Marvel has just shared a sneak peek at Ultimate Comics The Ultimates # 7, which hits stores and the Marvel app this Leap Day. This one has it all: floaty cities! Reed Richards malfeasance! Hulk tea parties! And a mesmerizing cover, to boot. See for yourself below:


Penciled by ESAD RIBIC
Colors by DEAN WHITE
Rated T+ …$3.99

After Captain America refuses Nick Fury’s desperate proposal to lead his team; the Ultimates are out of options and must change the rules of the game in order to stand a chance against Reed Richards and The Children of Tomorrow! Can Nick Fury pick up the pieces of his broken team in time to save the world against this super human threat?



  1. If ESAD RIBIC is the sole artist on this book, then I’m on board. I’m really hating the sharing of the art here.

  2. Fuck yeah, time to bring out the Hulk. Richards stands no chance.

  3. Yes Ribic is back!!! Josh made a good point on the last POTW podcast about this being one of the few mediums that has different artist tell a story. Having different directors and cinematographers tell different sections of one film would be jarring. That’s how I feel when reading this book. With Ribic, it looks so clean and strong but with changes in art it just kind of throws off the feel. Can’t wait to see where this story goes.

  4. I kind of love that Ultimate Cap’s default strategy is “throw the Hulk at them.” Although Hulk has saved the day in both of Millar’s original Ultimates runs, so I hope it changes up here. I like that they’re playing up Reed as an evil Batman, prepared for everything. So he has to have a plan for the Hulk.

  5. Loving this but last issue was the weakest so far mainly because the shared art duties. it’s going to be great to have Ribic on all pages this issue!