PREVIEW: Thor the Mighty Avenger #4

Hopefully you're already riding the rainbow, but if you're one of the poor wretches who've yet to experience Thor: The Mighty Avenger, hitch your goats to your wagon and head on out! Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee have an honest-to-Odin hit on their hands. The third issue only just touched down in Midgard today, but we've already got a preview of #4. 

And it all starts with a big ol' Nordic snuggle session! (It gets cold up there!)


Thor and the Warriors Three prepare for a trip back to Asgard, but end up taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque. As you can see, they end up in jolly old England where, after a few too many SoCo and limes, Thor throws down with Captain Britain! Can we get some Frost Giant hooligans? Find out if Thor and company make it across the English channel in four easy pieces on September 9th, when Thor: The Mighty Avenger #4 hits the racks. 


  1. This is neck and neck with Mystery Society as my favorite new series. So much fun.

  2. Is there a double rainbow in this series?

    Thor vs Captain Britian? Now that is something I don’t think has ever happened before. Right?

  3. Is Samnee exclusive to Marvel?

  4. What does it mean????

    For real, I’m so glad you guys (and WonderAli in person) have talked up this series, because it probably would have slipped by me otherwise.  I even started talking to my comic shop guy yesterday about how great Samnee is, and then when he asked "what else has he done," basically recited his entire resume. iFanboy is totally educational ;).

  5. i live in oxford in ‘merry old England’ and this kind shit’s going down all the time.

  6. I love the Warriors Three cheering him on in the background. 

  7. I finally read the first issue a couple of days ago (I bought when it first came out though) and my literal response was "This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever read".  It just kind of oozes charm and awesomeness. 

  8. Why is Captain Britain in his old costume?

  9. Paul isn’t the title wrong on this article for this book?  Shouldn’t it be My Boyfriend Thor #4?

  10. I love that representation of the Bridge as more of a process than an object.

  11. Heroville – Chris isn’t exclusive, just kept busy by Marvel.

     SamMorgan – A lot of the characters costumes are modeled after some of their older ones in this book. It’s not in continuity, so there’s that I suppose.