PREVIEW: The Ray #1

This December we learn the unbearable lightness of being Lucien Gates, former lifeguard and the latest man to assume the mantle of The Ray (though maybe the first ever in DC’s new continuity). But don’t shield your eyes just yet, because this latest entry in the new DCU looks to be a shining example of light-hearted super heroics.

Unrelated to any previous comic incarnations of the Ray, Lucien is a young Korean American inadvertently infused with metahuman powers by a blast from an experimental Sun Gun activated over 200 miles away. Lucien gets his own four-issue mini series from Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Jamal Igle, and it all starts with his chaotic and seemingly random origin story. If you or anyone you know is new to DC comics, that makes this limited series one of the most accessible entry points available, even amidst the new 52.

Courtesy of DC Comics, Let’s take a look at an excerpt from The Ray #1, due out in December:


  1. Well the art looks pretty damn good. But I can’t read a single word on this previous because the text is too small.

    (Another point towards anti-digital)

  2. So this is an older character? Fascinating. I do like the creative team so i might take a chance on this. The art looks fairly house style, but Palmiotti/Gray have always been able to deliver lots of fun in the past.

    • “The Ray” is a pre-existing character in publishing, and was most recently associated with the Freedom Fighters. But Lucien Gates and this iteration of the Ray is the first in DC’s new continuity. Those previous characters no longer exist in the fictional timeline.

    • Definitely before my time. Y’know its interesting how many old characters exist that could be made fresh and new.

  3. Actually in the preview pages he actually mentions Happy Terrill’s origin story, so he could still exist. It’s weird that he mentions hearing about it as a kid. I know this Ray is young but how young? If the first “supers” started appearing around 5 years ago, then Happy’s origin could be recent. This “5 year ago” thing can lead to a lot of confusion.

  4. I’m just glad Jamal Igle is back..

  5. Funny thing…

    I know more about Lucien Gates in this 4-page preview then many of the New 52 characters in three issues.

    I’m on board!

  6. Wow. I cant wait. definitely getting this one.

  7. I am very excited to get my hands on this.

  8. I’m all in

  9. Anything from Palmiotti & Gray is a buy for me.

  10. I know very little about The Ray. I think the only time I’ve seen him in action was in the first issue of Infinite Crisis (that didn’t end well). But this series looks like fun. I’m interested.

    • That’s OK. The character hasn’t been used to its potential for more than two decades, IMO. It’s high time to take a good, hard swing for the fences with the concept as far as I’m concerned. Let’s see what DC does this time with the idea.