PREVIEW: Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1

Marvel has provded us with an early look at three covers and two unlettered pages from Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1, the new book written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Dale Eaglesham. The regular cover is by Carlos Pacheco, and the variants are by David Finch.

The good news? Eaglesham's art looks fantastic. The bad news? He's still got that costume.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 hit stores on July 8, 2010.



  1. Steve Rogers’ Cap suit is iconic and as much as I wanna see him back in that, I really don’t mind this suit. What I do hate is the metallic sheen on Bucky’s suit. It’s really tacky and I hate that.

  2. Steve Rogers: Batman #1.

    The suit’s beginning to grow on me. Not completely sold on the brown or the backpack, but overall it’s not that bad.

  3. I say the suit is fine! It’s the story that counts! Bad ass Rogers is what we need, taking numbers and kicking butt! With guns!

  4. Now that we know how he entered the builidng, what’s the point of reading the issue?

  5. Oh Eaglesham, how we who still read Fantastic Four will miss thee.

  6. ha yeah, that backpack i could do without

    Steve, that little girl needs her backpack returned to her before school tomorrow.

  7. If this is like Cap Reborn’s style of "Really cool fight poses and flashbacks to really cool fights, where all fights are pretty inconsequential," prepare for another snooze fest.  Eaglesham is so talented, I wish he was on another book right now.

    Millar’s Ultimate Avengers vol 4 seems a worthy place to put someone like Eaglesham.

  8. Those 2 interior pages are incredible.

  9. Word.

  10. @Conor: If they removed the red stripes the costume would actually be pretty ok in my book.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I do wish Finch’d stop giving his models lemons to bite down on for every sitting. 

    This looks like a great venue for Eaglesham. Sold.  

  12. Those preview pages remind me of Ed McGuinness’ Secret Warriors one-shot, which I loved.

  13. I just love seeing all the Finch artwork that is still on file pop up here and there.  maybe he’s still doing work for them and they have to cover it up so he keeps his contract at DC.

  14. Freaking awesome! Can’t wait for this book.

  15. the costume’s fine. i don’t get the complaints. i’m more concerned about brubaker get back to his best.

  16. getting back

  17. I ♥ finch…….The red on the side of his costume is a nice touch(would prefer 1/2 a mask ala Capt. Brittain, but I may be in the minority) 

  18. To me, his new costume is a little too similar to Kirby and Simon’s Fighting American.

  19. I guess this is where we’ll find out exactly what a ‘top cop’ does.

    And yeah, I still hate that term

  20. I’ve been lukewarm on Brubaker’s recent stuff and was likely to pass on this, but I now I realize there is no way I am missing this. Let’s go silent issue!

  21. @Andrew – these are unlettered pages. Given that it’s Brubaker, I’m willing to bet five bucks and a pizza there’s an inner-monologue going down on the final product.

    @Ed – Agreed on both counts. 

  22. That suit looks OK, but it’s not exactly… subtle, is it? He needs a stealth suit too. This is about as easy to spot as the old Punisher outfit’s white booties! (Lawd, what were they thinking with those horrible white boots?)

  23. I don’t get those skin tight costumes. Steve’s around hot women all the time. Does he not get a boner once in a while? I mean come on, he’s a super soldier but he’s also a man.

  24. Or a bro-ner! Lots of other men in tights y’know!