(Sneakily) Hitting a comic book store near you on May 26, 2010 is Secret Avengers #1. Words (we promise) are by Ed Brubaker, pictures are by Mike Deodato, and covers are by Marko Djurdjevic.

Marvel said that those slow reveal teasers didn't show the entire rosters of all the teams and they weren't kidding: Black Widow [Update: And Ant-Man!] seems to be on this team as well! Cool. I like Black Widow. I'm even more interested in this book now.


Check out thie preview of the first four pages of art from Secret Avengers #1, plus the four covers:


  1. Did we know Ant Man was on this team already?

  2. if you check wikipedia you did

  3. @gobo: No, and I wonder who "Antman" is? Grady, Cho?

  4. Its OGrady, Brubaker and Parker have been laying seeds that O’Grady when things get serious isn’t that bad of a guy and this role is supposed to be his opportunity to truly shine

  5. I want the uncropped image above with Antman sitting on War Machine. To the left, it looks like Thor and Iron Man peek into the image. 

    This preview does nothing to damper my excitement for the book. 

  6. I’m actually starting to look forward to this more than the other Avengers books. It’s just such an interesting assortment of characters. I want to see how they all play together.

  7. Please….no more….between this, those sweet Avengers pages and that Gage interview about Avengers Academy I’m OD’ing on awesome….

  8. @siraim damper? really? maybe you meant dampen.  or.. put a damper on.  (waiting on for a conference call to start, figure it’s time for an argument with myself)

  9. Why the gloomy colors? It ruins Eaglesham’s art.

  10. Deodato, they seem to be going with the same look as he used in Dark Avengers.  (Not really a fan myself either)

  11. @siraim
    Here’s the full image of the interlocking covers (I got it from Jim McCann’s Twitter a while back)

  12. thanks @capt  that’s pretty sweet. 

  13. So happy that Moony is gettin involved in the big picture of the marvel u. Very excited despite the extreme lameness that is nova.

  14. I still don’t know if I wanna pull this or not. Maybe I’ll just get the first one to try it out.

  15. O’Grady is getting some spotlight! Yaaaay!

    But he’s wearing the old Pym suit! Booooo!

    I really loved Eric’s original Ant-man costume.

  16. I’ve changed my stance a bit on this. Maybe try it out in trade at best. Cause @daccampo is right, it’s hard to ignore this with such an interesting mix of a cast.

    Still not worth it for me in issues. 

  17. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    I am excited about this. I always give brubaker a shot though.

  18. Valkarie and Black Widow undercover and kicking ass. I was interested before. Now I want this book today.

    Steve’s custome is okay.

  19. Deodato grew on me over the course of Dark Avengers. Should fit Brubaker’s writing pretty well.

  20. Is Steve going to be Nomad in this? It actually would fit with Brubaker’s run. Also for s second there I thought Black Widow was Victoria Hand.

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He’s not Nomad, just Steve. Dig back a bit for the Steve Rogers: Super Soldier announcement and there’s some info from Brubaker to the effect that Steve is just going to be Steve for a while. No code names. 

  22. Sweet, that’s going to be awesome.

  23. I don’t mean to be overly negative, but nothing about this book excites me. I am only going to read it because it’s Brubaker, and if anyone can make it work he can. But it just doesn’t make sense. I thought the whole point of the heroic age was getting Thor, Cap and Iron-Man back in the Avengers. But now we have Steve running around with a bunch of random second stringers. And nothing against second stringers. I love books like that. But why not have Bucky lead this team. He’s the one that’s been doing undercover wet work for the former soviet union for 60 years. Thats pretty secret-y to me. And Nova? I’ve just gotten used to him being a major cosmic force in the universe, he fought the freakin’ silver surfer, and Ego, and now he’s a new warrior again? Moon Knight is insane! I just don’t understand.

  24. OMG Iron Fist is on New Avengers!!!!!! <3

  25. Would not want to sit across the team table from War Machine.  One sneeze by him could be fatal with that canon and missle launcher pointed at your pumpkin.  How does he get thru airport security?

    Also, I’m now warming up to the fact that they’ve dusted off Valkyrie.

  26. @whitespyder9 I thought the same thing!!! So pumped.

  27. What’s the big secret?

  28. @JimmyOlsen Steve probably doesn’t want to be out in the open right now and wants Bucky to keep the shield. I do agree with you about Nova, but the corps is building pretty big again so I can see him being able to leave it from time to time.


  29. My "Steve Rogers is going to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. and be part of the biggest pun in Marvel history" after the Who Will Wield The Shield ending is looking better! What better way to transition into a Heroic Age than giving Nick Fury’s (Tony Stark’s, Norman Osborn’s) job to Steve Rogers?

  30. Is Nick Fury dead yet?

  31. The interlocking covers are awesomesauce.

    except Thor is grabbing Nova’s yoohoo and Nova sees it.

  32. OH #$%&! That team cover IS the BALLS. (I don’t know what that means, just heard my lil brother say it.)

    Seriously though, I get so damn giddy when I see Moon Knight standing next to NOVA. It’s like Marvel found my Nerd-spot.