PREVIEW: New Avengers #19 Has More Norman

If you were chomping at the bit to find out what happened to Norman Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R., we’ve got good news. Soon, they’ll be back, and the Dark Avengers make their current debut in the pages of New Avengers #19, out on December 7. I hope that’s not intentional infamy seeking.

Whether you thought there was more story to be told in the admittedly lush Osborn story, or you’d had enough seeing him as the villain in every single book at Marvel for a period of not less than six months, this is happening. Enjoy.


  1. Is Squirrel girl reaching in to DareDevil’s pants?

  2. I still don’t know who all the Dark Avengers are? Are we supposed to know or will more be revealed? I wasn’t clear after reading this issue.

  3. Alright I’m headed to Wikipedia to find out about this Squirrel Girl I keep hearing about.

  4. I know a couple , the spider man guy was in the Osbourne Mini series(also appeared in the shang chi mini for spider island), I presume Daken is another,Skarr is Hulk’s son of course. I’m not really sure who Scarlet witch and Ms Marvel are , And has hawkeye really got a brother?

    • i heard that the gorgon dude is the wolverine analog as opposed to daken.

    • no daken, unfortunately. perhaps a mistake, cuz i love me some daken. im not really sure who this gorgon guy is yet he is the wolverine. how does he do the claws? does he have claws like logan?

    • I was really confused by that, too… I know nothing about Gorgon so I only figured out he was the Dark Wolverine because I looked it up.

  5. Somebody PLEASE pass a law at Marvel forbidding the use of Norman Osbourne for a few years (how about ten?). He has had a few nice storylines since his return in the Clone Saga (although that in itself is one of the most ridiculous moves Marvel has ever done). His run through Secret Invasion, Dark Reign and Siege – slightly believable. I still can’t believe he, as leader of SHIELD/HAMMER, would say things and do things that were obviously illegal, immoral, etc., and people just go along with whatever he says. He had a great come-uppance after all that. The entire world knows he’s a super-villain. He went to prison. Good triumphs over evil…

    They should have had round the clock monitoring! Now he’s the villain of the week. His actions are two-dimensional. It’s as if anyone could fire a fully loaded machine gun at him and miss (ala Stormtroopers vs. anyone in Star Wars). Am I stating the obvious when I say Marvel really knows how to overexpose a character?! That’s one reason why I’ve dropped Avengers.

    Off my soapbox.

    • i only read dark avengers and siege(loved it) with osborn during the whole dark reign thing and i love this character and am glad to see him back. maybe its just you super marvel fans who are overexposed to him.
      funny star wars joke

  6. I’m really excited for this turn. My favorite part of the Marvel universe, the part that seems the most unique when you compare it to DC, is their use of secret organizations and evil scientists. Yes DC has those, but Hydra and AIM strike my imagination in a way that Cadmus and the new one in Superboy and Teen Titans, N.O.W.H.E.R.E., just do not. So I’m all for the Avengers vs HAMMER, cause without shield it kinda feels like the Avengers are out matched.

    One question though, the Hydra character who has the squid on her head, who is that? I feel like I should know who that is but I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to track her down.

  7. okay team heres the rundown.
    Skarr= son of hulk (see the last 30 issues of Incredible Hulk)
    Wolverine= Gorgon (wolverine bad guy written by Mark Millar and drawn by john rotima jnr in Wolvie 20(ish ) to 28 a few years ago. Improved even more by Hickman in the Secret Warriors series
    Ms Marvel= Superia (recent New Avengers)
    Spider-Man/Scarlet Witch both from the recent Osborn Series written by Kelly Sue DeConick
    Hawkeye= Barney Barton (clints brother from the recent hawkeye limited series blindspot)
    Hydra “Character”. Viper AKA Madam Hydra as shown in Secret Avengers.
    A tonne of continuity going on here and very respective of whats been before.
    Its all there you just have to know where to look. Much respect Mr Bendis

  8. deodato is killing that book

    • its sounds funny to say out loud, but do you mean that negatively or positively?(ya know what with the kids and their slang, not to mention their pac man video games and hippi hop pop music)

  9. For all who doubt Osborn as a villain for the whole Marvel Universe as opposed to just Spidey: Read Osborn. The 5-issue miniseries written by Kelly Sue DeConick and drawn by Emma Rios. One of the best miniseries Marvel has put out recently, and it put away any doubts I had about Norman Osborn’s return.

  10. Stopped reading during FEAR ITSELF..picked up the last two issues..but with Osbourne back I’m officially off this book.

  11. Ditto, if they really wanted a climax to Siege, they should’ve killed Norman Osborn. Also DD is better solo but looks really good in those panels and squirrel girl is f@#kn lame.

  12. No… no no no no. No more Norman. I’m out.

  13. I love the idea of more Osborn after reading his last mini, but i really do not like the art on this book. And regarding Daredevil’s recent addition, I don’t agree with the push to include every single hero of Marvel on one Avengers team or another, but that’s just me….