PREVIEW: J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott on Teen Titans #88

On October 27, J.T. Krul (Green Arrow) teams up with Nicola Scott (Secret Six) for a new era of Teen Titans.  DC promises that this is a perfect jumping on point, so if you've always been curious about the younger superteam in the DCU, this is your chance.

Check out the preview pages:




For more information check out the DC Source.


  1. I’ll check this out.  At least flip through it in the store.

  2. Man, I wasn’t too interested in it, but damn, those Nicola Scott pages are awesome.  I might give the first issue a whirl.

  3. It’s been awhile since I bought TT..and I do like Krul and Scott…hmm..

  4. I’ve already decided to give this a shot because of Nicola Scott.   I really want a good Teen Titans book.  It feels wrong that a book that has so much potential has been pretty much untouchable since Johns run, which was YEARS ago at this point.  This book needs to be good again.  This is your chance at redemption Krul. 

  5. Sweet!  Another title to suck me deeper into the DCU  😀

    A big fan of Nicola Scott’s art since Birds of Prey. 

  6. Yay!!  I can read Teen Titans again.

  7. there is no teen titans for me without a Robin

  8. Hmmm I used to love this book…dare I risk my heart again?