PREVIEW: Fantastic Four #588 – Series Finale!

Now that the cat is out of the polybag, Marvel is ready to bid the Fantastic Four a fond farewell. After 50 years and 588 issues, the Fantastic Four series is coming to a bittersweet end. (Maybe.) The surviving members of Marvel's first family are left to pick up the pieces are start moving forward. The issue looks to be a touching tribute to Johnny and the FF as a team.

Marvel was nice enough to share some preview pages. (Clicky-click for the full sized images)


    Fantastic Four #588 is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Nick Dragotta and Mark Brooks, and will be in stores February 23.


  1. That’s a very sweet sequence. I know Franklin is all-powerful (on alternate Tuesdays) but I get scared seeing him on the edge of a skyscraper. Still, Spidey arrives and shows how good he is with kids.

    It’s interesting that Mark Brooks is drawing Spidey’s head like a proper cranium, as opposed to an egg.

  2. He’s not going to bring up Uncle Ben again is he? Actually this preview looks really good. I can’t wait to see how the team copes with the death.

  3. oh geez…if this turns into another Greedy LCS owner “i’m gonna mark this up to $14.95” event like #587 was i’m going to start punching people. I just want to read the story…

  4. Is it really ending? Or is it just turning into a Reed, Sue, and the kids book for a while? With Thing on the Avengers and Johnny RIP’d momentarily. Then in a couple years we’ll get the big triumphant “Fantastic Four: Reborn!” I don’t read solicits or anything other than the news on here. So I’m just making a guess.

  5. It was a nice story.  I may start picking this up regularly.  Even if there was never an actual death shown.  Nova and Starlord will save him!

  6. I don’t understand. Why are you saying this is the last issue? Did Marvel issue a press release or something? Please explain.

  7. @Camden  It’s the last issue (for now) of a monthly title called Fantastic Four. The story continues in FF: A Beginning. 

  8. The Thing should have a mini series where he re-enlists in the airforce and the totally tears ass across the Middle East.

  9. Kudos to Marvel for making note of the longstanding friendship between Spidey and the Torch.

  10. Is this oversized or is marvel just turning it into a 3.99 book now that it has all the hype of Johnny’s death behind it and more people will [presumably] be buying it?

  11. Of all the people in the Marvel Universe the two I most want to read about reacting to Johnny’s death are Sue and Spider-Man. Can’t wait for this

  12. Really nice little preview – I can’t wait for the issue. I only actually started reading F4 yesterday (got through 8 or 9 issues from the start of The Heroic Age) and I’m really enjoying Hickman’s work, will he be doing the FF: A Beginning?

  13. At what point does Sue get tired of all this business and move in with Namor?  Now that’s a new beginning.

  14. Is it me or am I the only one that thinks seeing Spider Man saying “Hello” instead of something like “Hey” or
    “Whats up”  to someone seems kind of off?

  15. This is really sweet. Tugs on the heartstrings.

  16. Quick Joe Quesada! Come in and fix this! Parker is be TOO adult and sweet here!

  17. Wow.  I had no idea they were ending FF proper for a new series.  It’s all good though, as Hickman’s work has been great.  I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

  18. I really like this art

  19. What’s nice is that the series finale defuses all of that “Johnny will be back by issue 600” noise.

    What’s not nice is to see Marvel stop counting FF in sequence. Last of the sacred cows I guess (other than Amazing Spidey and Uncanny X-Men).

    Great preview pages. I’ve really come to appreciate FF.