PREVIEW: Captain America #1

Timed to coincide with the big summer movie starring Chris Evans, Steve Rogers will be back in the proper red, white, and blue suit and in a brand new series: Captain America #1. We've showed you the covers before, and here they are again, along with an unlettered preview of the first three pages. It looks like the funeral of a World War II buddy has sent Steve on a trip down memory lane.

Captain America #1 features a story by Ed Brubaker, art and cover by Steve McNiven, with variant covers by Neal Adams, Olivier Coipel, and John Romita Sr. (Not shown.)

It hits stores on July 13, 2011.


  1. I really hope that’s not Bucky-Cap in the casket.

  2. whose funeral would steve attend in france?

  3. @impossibilly i will lose my shit if thats bucky.

  4. God, mcniven is a beast. i just hope he can keep up with a monthly schedule.

  5. @EgonSpengler  I can’t expect he will, but that shouldn’t be a concern. We all know he is slow, but damn, it is so freakin’ beautiful.

  6. That’s definitely a much cleaner McNiven then I’ve seen in the past.

    Does anyone know who’s inking him for this?

  7. Some nice ass compositions going on here.

  8. @Impossibilly  @EgonSpengler I don’t think they would bury Bucky in Paris? That would be kind of peculiar.

  9. @wangman31888 – Could be Batroc. That would bum me out.

  10. McNiven is a G.

    Keep in mind, it’s been said that a lot of the leteness in the past was due to Millar, not McNiven.

  11. I’m going to go with this being a WWII vet. there is one already there, and I think it would be something Steve would do.

  12. yeah there’s no way the other avengers wouldn’t be there if that was buckys funera;

  13. So, are they still also keeping the other title going as Captain America and Bucky (after 620, iirc)?

  14. WOW – those McNiven interiors are amazing. Reminds me a lot of Travis Charest’s work on WildCATS. I really, really hope that (unlike Charest), he can keep up a monthly schedule.

  15. As announced here:

    ‘Cause they sure are cagey about it on their subscription site sometimes. 

  16. YES!! It’s good McNiven!!

  17. That first page is so wonderful.

  18. That art is GORGEOUS. I definitely will try this out. I used to be quite the Cap fan, looks like it might be time to get back onboard.

  19. I was a fan of Cap back in the death of cap days and winter soldier. But I’m not sure about this. Back to another number 1 for Marvel, that gets annoying. But I do like McNiven. Whats happening to Bucky?

  20. The art is really nice. May give Captain America another shot.

  21. Hard to tell timingwise. They’ve basically solicited his death in Fear Itself… I wouldn’t keep your hopes up bro.

  22. LOOVE Mcniven! I’d wait 3 months for each isssue !
    Like Cassady on Astonishing, some things are just WORTH waiting for! EFF it! it comes out when it’s good and ready! 

  23. Im going to pick it up and see how it goes. It looks great right now.

  24. Oh god I am so sold on this series! Bring It On McNiven!!!

  25. It seems unlikely that Bucky will die, considering that the Captain America series is renaming to Captain America and Bucky… Unless there’s a new Bucky.

  26. BuckyCap was a skrull. 

  27. Steve, Tony, and Thor reminiscing at the local tavern.

    “Remember that time we had to save the Universe? Not not that time, the other time… No not that time either. The other other time… No. The time three times before that time. Yeah that time. Good times”.

  28. He should go up memory lane and see what would happen if he married Sharon or the Red Skull.

  29. BuckyCap has been Ben Reilly all this time.