PREVIEW: Brightest Day: The Atom Special + Lemire Goes Exclusive

DC announced today that Essex County creator Jeff Lemire has signed exclusively with DC. This should come as no surprise to readers given Lemire's success with The Nobody and Sweet Tooth over at Vertigo, and the announcement that he will be bringing his folksy charm and pathos to Smallville with an all new Superboy ongoing. 

This week Lemire and Mahmud Asrar (Dynamo 5) pitt Ray Palmer against foes big and small with an all new Brightest Day: The Atom Special. The one-shot offers a hint at what to expect in Lemire's upcoming Atom co-feature in Adventure Comics.

DC released a quick preview of the book featuring some top notch interior work from rising star Mahmud Asrar, and one hell of a Gary Frank cover:


There are few superheros who have to worry about chameleon tongue, but then there aren't that many who can travel by phoneline either. Ray Palmer's been back on the scene for a while now, but he seems to finally be getting his due. One of the top minds of the DCU with one of the most underrated power sets, he's packed with potential. Here's hoping for more big and little things for the Atom as well as for new company talent like Lemire and Asrar.


  1. This looks good!

    I got into the Atom a couple of years ago when Remender wrote some issues.  I was very disappointed how abruptly that series ended for me and am glad to see the Atom back in action!  I’m a big fan of Lemire’s writing so I’m curious how he will treat the character.  Also, just today I started reading Dynamo5 vol. 1 and I am already fully engrossed in Asrar’s art style.

    I’m super excited for this!

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATED: I think we were all expecting Lemire to go DC exclusive, and now it’s official! 

  3. Very excited for this. I’ve wanted to like the Atom for a long time, and this seems like a great place to dive in.

  4. I’m glad he’s now a DC exclusive…..again. (I thought he already was) This is a good start judging from the previews. But I really want to see him take on a bigger superhero. I know baby steps for now, but let’s see him do Superman or Batman.

  5. Totally looking forward to this issue.  I’m interested to see Lemire take on a superhero and Asrar, well, he’s just awesome.

  6. I know Lemire is in the midst of another Top Shelf book.. Do you think since he’s gone exclusive to DC he has to cut that?

  7. Looks great. Without it getting bogged down by another story, I hope Ray gets to hear about Ryan.

  8. @misacke: They put exemptions into exclusive contracts all the time. Jason Aaron is exclusive to Marvel, but he has an exemption for SCALPED. Way back when George Perez was exclusive to CrossGen, he had an exemption for any JLA/AVENGERS project.