Aquaman. J'onn J'onzz, The Martian Manhunter. Hawkman. Hawkgirl. Firestorm. Jade. Hawk. Deadman. Maxwell Lord. Professor Zoom. Captain Boomerang. Osiris. They were all resurrected in the finale of Blackest Night and they came back for a reason.

Why did they come back? The story begins this Wednesday in Brightest Day #0, the first issue in a 26-issue bi-weekly series that begins this Wednesday, courtesy of Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, and Fernando Pesarin.


Check out this preview of the first 5 pages of Brightest Day #0 from DC Comics:

Brightest Day #0 CoverBrightest Day #0 VariantBrightest Day #0 Preview Page 1Brightest Day #0 Preview Page 2

Brightest Day #0 Preview Page 3Brightest Day #0 Preview Page 4Brightest Day #0 Preview Page 5


  1. After Blackest Night I had no interest in this. Now? Interested!

  2. Holy F! Pumped!

  3. Wow, this is going to be good.

  4. Really liking this artwork. Solid

  5. Wow.  Dead baby bird.  Yikes.

    Deadman’s story has my attention.  I’m on board for the first few issues, minimum. 

  6. Hey! Leave that chick alone!

  7. The art on this has already got me hooked.  Deadman’s going to be real interesting for this series.

  8. Wow, that really turned me off of buying this.

  9. I was wondering where Deadman’s story would go. Now I still don’t know, but definitely more curious about it.

  10. Boston Brand is probably my favorite name in all of comics.

  11. I’ve never read a preview that has gotten me more psyched for a series than this one right here. Short, intriguing, to the point. This is going to be amazing.

  12. Is Fernando Pesarin superhuman? How will he do bi-weekly pencils?

  13. Maybe Peasarin got bitten by a radioactive Mark Bagley?

  14. Ooo… that looks cool. Granted, I was going to read it anyway, but seeing that it looks good makes me feel better.

    Starting off with a baby bird falling out a tree though? Interesting choice 

  15. @AmirCat-From the start, DC has stated that several writers and artist will be working on this title.

  16. Who is that second cover by?  I know it will be the variant so I won’t pay extra for it, but it’s still gorgeous.

  17. So this is the first chick Deadman has picked up in awhile, ammiright? Hello? Is this thing on?

  18. I just realized something… Firestorm’s Girlfriend is still dead…


    If they make a new Firestorm series, I am totally getting it.

  19. @ roadcrew1 From the signature it looks like the second cover is by Ivan Reis.

  20. Deadman becomes Liveman!

  21. So, the white rings make everybody Layla Miller?

  22. I have no home. I have no job. I have a trenchcoat and a sledgehammer somehow.

    After all these years, no one in a comic looks twice at you if you’re wearing a trenchcoat. Don’t even have to button it; just let it flap around your leotard in the wind. Nothing to see here!

  23. Just smashin’ graves!

  24. So I’ve never read any DC comics, but the art in this really caught my eye. Would this be an alright jumping on point for someone with no knowledge of the back story of characters or blackest night?

  25. I know a guy in my town who can get you a sledgehammer within the hour. Don’t ask, just take it.

  26. @Marthalamew: Oh man dude. You’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t read Blackest Night. If for only seeing the pretty pictures and colors. Alot of stuff happened so I’m not 100% certain it’s the best idea to jump on to Brightest Day where it’ll most likely dwindle in comparison to the best event in the aughts decade.

  27. @Jimski: There’s a store in Metropolis that gives out free trenchcoats to anyone in spandex. They do it for the advertising or something, even though superheroes only wear them while alone at gravesides.

  28. This is exactly the type of stuff I was hoping would come out of blackest night.

  29. @Martholamew-You can jump on just fine. I’m sure one of the main reasons for this series is to introduce the characters to new readers and show them just why they are so cool.

  30. Damn…knew I shouldn’t have read the preview. I’ll just substitute this for another book on my pull list I guess.

  31. 26 issue bi-weekly series… with the usual delays this is going to be like a 18 month investment in one story.

    I dunno about that. Shoulda called it Brightest Year. 

  32. @wallythegreenmonster DC has had a great track record of maintaining a tight schedule with this type of book; 52, Countdown, Trinity. If memory serves none of those issues were delayed

  33. @wallythegreenmonster-What @piscespaul said.

  34. @CalebTheTimeTraveler: Same here. I need to go back and collect the last Firestorm series.  I stopped reading in the middle of the run. It looks like this fire storm will be Ronnie/Jason merged.  I wonder if they switch off between who has primary control and their look?  It looks like Ronnie will take over in the role of mentior as the Doctor did before him.

  35. yep deadman is wearing the white lantern ring and no one else… cant wait to see wat happens to him. i only recently became a fan of him from brave and the bold.

  36. How long until Wednesday?

  37. I’m weird and usually read my books in alphabetical order (because that makes it easier to file in the longboxes later) but this may get read before I even get out of the store.

  38. i never cared about deadman until BN. My prediction is that the next rebirth will be Deadman being dead again rather than a story of Aquaman coming back to life.

  39. Thanks guys. Maybe I’ll check it out and if I’m real lost try and get some back issues.

  40. stoked on deadman not so dead anymore and becoming a major player in BD.

  41. Very cool! I can’t wait for this. I’m excited for Jason/Ronnie Firestorm. In the previews it looks like Jason’s costume but the face seems to be a white guy. That’d be a pretty neat gimmick, actually…. the dominant personality shapes the outward appearance. (I’m a big fan of the Dan Jolley/ChrisCross & McDuffie/Igle Firestorm book.)

    @jumpingjupiter Can I ask what "turned you off" from picking this up in the preview? 

  42. Looking forward to this. I’ve always liked Deadman. It will be neat to see him play a bigger role in a story.

  43. I know little about Deadman. But the glimpses i’ve seen of him make me interested in learning more about him. Now that he’s alive i wanna know about the man rather than the haunting spirit.

  44. Is this how DC is going to absorb "Pushing Daisies" into the DCU?

  45. Deadman is one of my favorite characters.  This makes me pretty happy. 

  46. I’m excited to see more Deadman.  I have the slipcase with his run in it and loved it the entire way.  Now that he’s live again it’s going to be one hell of a story.

  47. I thought dead was dead from now on? They start with baby chicks who knows where else they could go? haha I’m kidding I am super excited for this

  48. @Prax: Well, The Atom gets his own series, the Guardians and a few others get their own series (emerald warriors), Flash gets an book, Firestorm will probably get one too.

    This looks to be the leftovers book. Like 52. I know 52 went over well. I read it and it really didn’t do it for me. So, yeah…

  49. if brightest day is half as good as BN,id buy these books in a heartbeat,despite critics and so-called experts bashing geoff johns for a number of insecure reasons,he handled the GL books really well.i hate it when people talk about hating but still continue to buy those "hated" titles.dudes,get real.