PREVIEW: Blacksad

Here's what I don't know about Blacksad: Pretty much everything. Here's what I do know about Blacksad: It's got a gorilla boxing a warthog.




Okay, I was lying before about not knowing anything about Blacksad. Here's what I know (other than that a gorilla boxing a warthog is pretty cool): Blacksad is a series (made up of a series of mini-series) from writer Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. It has won almost a dozen comic book awards and has been nominated for an Eisner three times. The first Blacksad series was huge in Europe and sold over 200,000 copies just in France, which is quite humbling when you compare that to American comic book sales.

What's it about? Private investigator John Blacksad (the cat) and his down and out adventures in 1950s America. It's private investigator anthropomorphism!

This hardcover edition from Dark Horse collects the first three Blacksad series, with the third series, "Red Soul", translated into English for the first time. 

Blacksad is out in stores today.


  1. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Been waiting MONTHS for this one. SO pretty. 

  2. fantastic , I live in in europe so i’ve already read the  3albums, I definitely recommend it is a masterpiece artwise and fantastic storywise, REVIEW THIS

  3. That’s a good lookin’ book.  Unfortunately, there is a 0% chance that my shop will have a copy of this.

  4. Fantastic book, highly recommend.

  5. Love Blacksad! Two of my most prized collections. I fool myself into thinking I look like an international comic fan with stuff like this and Persepolis on my shelf amongst all the capes and tights. Really though Guarnido’s artwork is absolutely beautiful. I’ve always thought Disney (or a studio that still has interest in 2d animation) should do an adaptation. As an animal lover with a penchant for all things Chandler and Spillane, private investigator anthropomorphism is right up my alley.

  6. I have three volumes of this book. It`s really, too good to be true.

    Little Fact: The guy that illustrates this, Juanjo Guarnido, went on to animate Sabor the Leopard for Disney’s Tarzan

  7. I love Blacksad, but I only have the spanish hardcovers, which are super thin.  This will be an awesome collection  to read and it will look great on the shelf as well.

  8. This looks incredible, and the preview was great. If it isn’t too much, I am going to have to pick this up if my comic chop has it.

  9. SWEET!  I have the first two books and love how they are oversized and just pretty delicious.  I thought the writing took a nice movie forward from the original book, to Artic Nation.  Very good stuff.

    Is the hardcover going to be oversized, or is it more a standard size?  I’d hope it was a bigger size to really bring that art out.

    Good stuff. 

  10. wow. that looks great. i love that you guys bring attention to little bits of gold like this. 

  11. @stuclach: Same here, no way my LCS would have this.

  12. No way a warthog even stands a chance against a gorilla.

    Pretty book. Might just check it out.

  13. Been waiting ages for this to hit, Consider it ordered!

  14. @JesTr: it’s probably best that my lcs doesn’t have it. My cashier would probably think I’m some furry if I bought it which would make all my trips back an interesting story…

  15. I may just get this if (1) my LCS has it and (2) I can convince my wallet that it can handle it.

  16. Jeepers, that looks great! I’m down.

  17. Beautiful looking book for such a silly concept.

    I wish I had come up with a Gorilla boxing a Warthog. 

  18. Stoked. 

  19. When I first read this I thought the title was "Blacksack".  That’s a totally different book..