Avengers vs. X-Men (or AvX, if you’ve got character limits to worry about) will soon be here, and with it comes the tie-in AvX: VS (or Avengers vs. X-Men: Versus if you were thirty before texting was a thing). As the title suggests, this series doubles down on the “versus,” with each issue being solely devoted to knock-down, drag-out action and fisticuffs by Marvel’s heaviest hitters. And when I say “heaviest hitters,” I’m talking about the creative teams: issue #1 features one story by Jason Aaron (Scalped) and Adam Kubert (Wednesday Comics) and another by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen (Moving Pictures). We start things off with duels between Iron Man and Magneto (bad idea, Tony) and Namor vs. The Thing. Take a look at the preview art and place your wagers!

AVX: VS #1
Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN
Rated T+…$3.99
ON SALE –4/25/12


  1. I would side with the X-Men but I think that is because I have always liked the characters from that team more. I believe that anyone could easily form a great argument for either side to win.

  2. That page of Namor knocking out the Thing is too awesome for words.
    If nothing else, this event is going to have some great individual issues.

  3. My guess would be that by the end of this event, both sides will balance out an equal
    amount of victories. Then they will all probably team together.

    Not really on board for this event. Just feels like an editorial marketing gimmick or a call back to Civil War.

  4. Don’t worry the Avengers will win because you see… fox has the movie rights to X-men.

  5. This will be settled in a walk off – Zoolander style.

  6. Based on the talent alone, this should be an outstanding issue of this series.

    My predictions about the Main Event?

    Lots of big battles.

    The return of some old friends.

    Some gorgeous art and good storytelling.

    An all-new status quo… for now?

    All the heroes come together at the end to battle something greater than themselves?

    This is going to look lovely in HC.

    Thankfully, my taxes fund the public library.


  7. Out of all the “AvX” books this is the one I’m most likely to check out. It’s a big, dumb event and the only really appealing aspect is to see some insane fights between various heavy hitters drawn by A-list creators.

    • And hopefully it’s the prelude to some super-cool cosmic shenanigans and a major shake-up of top-flight talent and their related franchises.

      A springboard for something even cooler.

      Wouldn’t that be nice?

  8. Am I the only one thinking ‘this does absolutely nothing for me’? Or did anyone else thinking that just not click on this link?

  9. This could be fun like every other publishers cross over fight could have been. For now I will stay with Marvel since this is a Marvel battle. Remember a thing called Secret Wars? I pulled out my trade about a month ago and read it for fun. It really does not read as well now as it did in the 80’s when we were hanging on each issue. I became aware that no one was really going to die and no one was going to be really damaged forever. Spidey is really the only one I noticed that came out of this a little different than what he was pre-SW era; new costume and new grittier feel. As we all know everyone banded together to stop the more powerful enemy as will happen in this series as well. This has happened here at Marvel as well as many other publishers it’s just a matter of how you do it. I am looking forward to this and I do believe it can be a damn good read however, like earlier stated I will not hang on to something hoping it gets better like I did with Fear Itself. Go Avengers!! They are the flagship of the Marvel Universe and the most popular by far! I will give you the Wolverine effect however; thats really about it as far as level of popularity at Marvel. It will be one hell of a battle I just think the Avengers have more TNT then the mutants.

    Here for fun is my vote for most popular Marvel characters:
    (This is the way I see it, and these are not my favorite choices either)

    1.) Spiderman
    2.) Wolverine
    3.) Iron Man
    4.) The Hulk
    5.) Captain America

    My Favorites:

    1.) Deadpool
    2.) Spiderman
    3.) Iron Man
    4.) Collosus (Classic non-Jagg)
    5.) Scarlet Spider


  10. This book is looking okay; I can’t wait to torrent it. A book would have be BKV quality to justify paying four bucks for a single issue, this series definitely doesn’t look BKV quality.