Way back when, Brian Michael Bendis spoke of a project called Daredevil: End of Days, telling the Dark Knight Returns style “ending” of Matt Murdock. This project would have an art roster to make a Daredevil fan drool.

Then we waited. Until…

Now, we can see that it was not all just talk and speculation. The issues are real, and you can Brian Bendis reunite with Alex Maleev, and bring along Klaus Janson, David Mack, and Bill Sienkiewicz for good measure. Here’s what it’s going to look like.

Get your filthy mitts on the first issue of eight, on October 10.


  1. Certainly worth a look. Would be cool if Miller contributed a little something.

  2. Folks really underrate Bendis these days it seems.
    Not a fan of most of his Avengers work personally. But take literally everything else the man has written? The man’s got an insanely long and diverse list of great to fantastic work. Shame that many seem to dismiss him altogether based on his Avengers output.

    His DD run remains tied with Ultimate Spidey as my favorite 21st century superhero runs. I really can’t wait to check this out.

    • His upcoming X-Men title doesn’t look/sound good to me either personally, but Bendis does fit well for some things for me. Personal taste. As for top 21st century runs, I’d give it to Invincible and Savage Dragon (also last century).

    • it’s just because he’s so well known, so mainstreem, and he’s everywhere. The loud voices are the ones that love to complain.. people who like Bendis’ stuff don’t really ever feel the need to defend because he seems to be doing fine in the industry. And it’s true, A vast majority of the stuff he’s put out has been both enjoyable and successful.. and there’s so damn much of it.

      And look PsychoJudgeDredd already doesn’t like a comic that he hasn’t even read yet.. some people just don’t want to like Bendis.

    • You see Tanner, there are previews and interviews, and that’s why we have these sites to a large degree. Notice I posted my impressions, but of course a negative one is less valid than a positive one for you. No logic there, my man.

    • Plus as I alluded to, I do like some of his work. So, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. Not for me. I’m positive it’s going to be good but my heart can’t bear any more misery for Daredevil.

  4. After how great waid’s “fun” DD has been, I’m not sure I wanna read a yet another sad/depressing/gritty/milleresque DD story just yet. Whitch is sad, cuz when this was announced I was ridiculously excited about it. That being said bendis’ DD was pretty good. I’m probably gonna trade wait.

  5. This just looks like DD taking a beating.

  6. I love Waid’s fun DD. But I’ll never actually get tired of a gritty, noir DD stories if they’re interesting and well executed.

    I also have every expectation that this will be wildly ambitious, which I always support. I’m sure it’ll end on a huge triumphant note too, which would make it hard to bill as “dark and depressing” when it’s all said and done.

    For instance: I hardly consider Born Again to be a bleak, depressing story. Quite the opposite actually. And I think Bendis will try to make this the triumphant end cab for his DD as Born Again was that for Miller’s DD run.

    • Same. I do like the current incarnation of DD under Waid, but the Bendis/Brubaker runs were absolutely brilliant. Sure Matt got a LOT of shit heaped on top of him, but that’s what made it such an unputdownable title. How does one man keep coming back despite so much non-stop misery?

  7. I was super excited for this book, as I want Bendis to do something I am interested in again, but that art looks like it should be called The Man With No Fear Strikes Again.

    Except for that two panel page (really Bendis?) with the Mack, Maleev style this art seems like it has sunk any possible enjoyment from this project.

    • Sadly, I have to agree with you SummerSleep.

    • Is a different artist doing each issue? What else could explain the wildly diverging styles between these pages? Now, if these are all in the same issue, I don’t think I could handle such schizo jumps in style and quality. Most of this looks extremely mediocre.

    • These pages are all from issue one with art by Janson and Sienkiewicz. As I mentioned in my review, you might not believe it, but the two styles mesh together quite well.

  8. Now I have to change my pants. SO excited for this!!

  9. I’ll be getting this because I’m a sucker for the character & the talent, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Colour me conflicted.

  10. This will be easier to digest if the current horrible thing happening in his life in his title would come to an end soon, so that series can go back to being fun

  11. if Maleev is a part of this, why isn’t his name on the cover along with everyone else’s?