Preview: American Vampire by Stephen King, Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque

Tomorrow, American Vampire (a title I'm shocked hasn't been used yet) hits the stands.  It's co-written by Scott Snyder (Voodoo Heart, Marvel's Human Torch), with Stephen King (every horror novel ever).  It marks the first time King has ever actually worked directly on the comic script.  With the Marvel work King's been doing, he seems to serve more as an executive producer, leaving the heavy lifting to others.  Not so with American Vampire, where he gets right into it with Scott Snyder.  Add to that some very pretty artwork by Rafael Albuquerque, and you've got a pretty nice package. 

While the vampire craze is hitting a fever pitch, it's important to remember that vampire comics are something Vertigo has been doing for a good long while, with Preacher, Bite Club, and Blood and Water, just to name a few.  Even a hard bitten fad cynic like me is somewhat intrigued by this book, sold in part by the large graphic ads appearing in my comics in the last few weeks. 

You can find a longer preview, and a chat with King at the Daily Beast.

Here's a quick taste:


  1. I pulled this on a whim, not knowing a thing about it or who was involved and now I’m really glad I did.

     Word of warning; if read the linked Daily Best article, avoid the comments.  The first comment is so snotty and obnoxious it left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. I’m happy to see that this is where Rafael Albuquerque landed. I really enjoyed his stuff on SUPERMAN/BATMAN and dropped off that title not too long after he left. Also, I’m a King prose fan, and while I haven’t latched onto his stuff over at Marvel, I’d like to see more original stuff by him. Looks like this is my chance.

  3. ooo… this could be good. Is this an ongoing or a mini? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the article

  4. @deezer The solicit says ongoing

  5. i’m not swayed by the current vamp trend, although I do enjoy True Blood.  I will be getting this though, and I think it has more to do with the apparent epic historical backdrop of the story.  I have really high hopes for it and hope I’m not disappointed – at least I know already that the art is gorgeous.

  6. Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    "how to get kelly into comics"?  a vamp story written by stephen king is a pretty decent start.

  7. @Heroville – I wouldn’t have clicked over to the Beast article except to check out the comment you mentioned. Do you think they were being sarcastic? They said blog-commenting was the height of cerebral achievement, and THEN writing books. If not, then that person truly is an idiot.

  8. Thanks guys – let us know what you think! Ifanboy gave me my first kind review ever, still grateful. S

  9. I’m not really into the whole vampire thing right now but I’m not gonna stop me from missing out on something good. The cover got me and this preview only settled that I’m buying this.

  10. I mentioned this in the comments section for the issue, but I managed to snag a copy of Snyder’s short story collectin, Voodoo Heart, and thus far it’s pretty enjoyable. The first story is a period piece with a slight sense of the fantastic, and if its any indication of what his comics work could be, I think this could be an enjoyable series.

    It’s an interesting notion: Snyder’s a fairly unknown name, but this book is obviously getting a lot of press from the association with Stephen King. As I understand it, King writes one storyline within the book — my guess is it would be something like the short stories tucked into the middle of Vertigo’s House of Mystery series. So, I wonder if this could be the start of a new trend: established authors working with lesser-knowns to build new series…? I’m definitely gonna check this out.

  11. …also, if I read this right, it appears as though King’s storyline only runs for the first five issues. So hopefully, people will come for King and stay for Snyder (assuming he’s got the chops).

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Been waiting for this one since seeing the cover over at the Vertigo blog. Looks great!

  13. @daccampo I need to get that book because I hear nothing but great things about it. He also did the ‘Human Torch 70th Anniversary’ one-shot last year. He actually did comment on several reviews for the issue. So if anyone on ifanboy could somehow get a hold of him he will definitely talk to us.

    If King did directly wrote some of the script (i.e. halfies) then it’s hard to tell who is writing what on this preview. Some of it feels like King but other times it feels more modern like Snyder. Either way it should be a good story with some pretty good artwork.

  14. Stupid me, he’s already commented!

    Is it a little too much to say I was the person to give him the first kind review ever?….

  15. @TNC – As I understand it, the 1920’s storyline is all Snyder. King is writing the western storyline

    @Paul – you may need to grab yourself a copy of Snyder’s book. First story made me think of you. It’s about a guy in the 20’s chasing his love across the country. He’s in his car; she’s in a blimp.

  16. I did comment before – I need a photo! I check the site out all the time. And yes, NextChampion, you gave me my first comic review ever on the Human Torch – still grateful for that. And thanks Daccampo for checking out Voodoo Heart. Means a lot to hear you like it. As for the series, it’s going to be 2, stand-alone storylines for the first 5 issues – one by me, one by Stephen King, 16pp. each,.back-to-back, like a double creature feature Mine takes place in teh 1920’s and follows a young woman trying to make it in the silent film ind. and the other, Stephen’s, takes place in the Old West and traces the origin of the first American Vampire – the first of a new species, with different powers, different weaknesses, different look… There are cameos and cross-overs between the stoylines, but they read independently of each other, too. The core concept of the series is this notion of vampire evolution – what if the classic vampire we’re all aware of – the anemic-looking, nocturnal, stake-through-the-heart kind – is just one species – one branch on a secret genealogical tree, you know? The series is ongoing, and will trace this new bloodline, the American species’ bloodline (and some of the main characters introduced in the furst cycle), through various decades of American history.  Excited to hear what you think! S

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @daccampo – Sold! 

  18. @ssnyder: Thanks for clarifying! Now I really want to get me hands on a copy of this…

  19. Sure thing! Let me know honestly what you think! S

  20. @ssnyder — I read the description of Voodoo Heart, and then spent a few weeks hitting local bookstores in LA (without luck 🙁 ) before realizing that I would do much better just by ordering on Amazon. Had it in my hands a few days later. So far, I’m enjoying the stories — kinda up my alley with a little bit of whimsy and a little bit of darkness. I’m hoping for a similar tone with this new series. 😉  (Aaaand I think I just sold a copy to Paul.)

    Thanks for clarifying that the book’s split in half like that. I guess I was assuming somehting like a little 8-pager by King. I’ll be curious to see how it all works! 🙂

  21. @ssnyder: Since your here, right now, what was it like working with King? Or did he just go in his little corner to do his story?

  22. Picking this up tomorrow. Love True Blood, hate anything Twilight related, so hoping this is more a long the lines of True Blood.

  23. It was great working with him – he didn;t go off in a corner at all. He did a loose outline, I did one, we traded, gave comments, then went off for a week and scripted. Then we traded scripts, gave notes. Went on to the next issue, and so on. During the months we were workign on the cycle, we emailed back and forth pretty much every day. He’s intense, when he;s working on something, and seeing his scripts come out was incredibly inspiring – the guy’s a genius storyteller.