PREVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man #676

The X-Men aren’t the only ones dealing with the Sinister this winter, as six of Spidey’s oldest, most embittered foes reunite to settle his hash just in time for the new year. In addition to the Sinister Six, it looks like Dan Slott will be throwing in Klaw, your beloved MODOK, and (I think) the Red Ghost absolutely free. That’s an awful lot of evil for one street-level hero. If you’ve been loving Amazing Spider-Man┬álately, these are good times for you, as the Spider-Island┬áteam of Slott and Humberto Ramos stay together to bring you the pages below starting on December 21st.


  1. The new MODOK looks a lot less sinister drawn by Ramos than he did drawn by Hardman

  2. it saddens me that i’m not content with anyone drawing spider-man but Caselli. I used to be so open minded!

  3. And Humberto Ramos continues to prevent me from buying this book.

  4. It’s nice to see the face of Marvel gets a great artist in Humberto Ramos.

  5. its hard to take this book seriously when they all look like saturady morning cartoon versions of themselves (if there were still saturday morning cartoons) I want some grittyness, some dirt, some danger, some subdued colors

  6. Ramos is really fun. I like fun Spider-Man.

  7. I really don’t prefer Ramos’ art, but, this ASM.

  8. Not a fan of Ramos’ art either, but I do like Slott’s writing so I guess I’ll suck it up and deal with the Ramos artwork…

  9. I love me some Dan Slott. Just wish almost anyone but Humberto Ramos was drawing this book.

  10. I’m enjoying fun Spider-Man. I’m sure there’s plenty of room out there for grim ‘n’ gritty Spider-Man, but I noticed that many of Marvel’s books have a lighter tone now (DD, CA, etc.).