PREVIEW: 27 #1 from Image Comics

A few weeks back, I talked to Charles Soule on the Don't Miss podcast, about his upcoming book, 27, from Image Comics.  The writer and I had a lovely conversation about a fun book, but then the schedule changed at the last minute, and the book didn't ship until this week.  Make sure to go back and listen if you haven't, and check out this preview of the opening 5 pages from 27 #1, with art by Renzo Podesta, which is most probably in stores this Wednesday.

Here's what I can tell you: 27 is a great start to a unique story.  As a guitar player, music fan and long time Hellblazer reader, I was completely sucked in to the story.  That should tell you just about everything you need to know.  Like I said before, don't miss it.


  1. SOLD! Hell yes!

  2. Had my shop order me a copy!

  3. Premise is great, the writing here is pretty good.

    But that art! Man that gave me a headache… 

  4. I’m excited for it. I even got my LCS owner excited for it, who didn’t know about it before hand.

  5. People are going nuts on this on my LCS

  6. Really feeling the trade wait on this one for some reason.