President Obama to be in the “Real” Guardians Backup

You remember the endless teasers for the Guardians of the Globe series that gave us Kaboomerang, right?  And you remember the fake teasers before that, featuring a whole bunch of wacky characters who weren't really going to be on the team?  Well, it turns out that people really liked those.

Kirkman says, "The response to the Guardians of the Globe teasers was astounding," says GUARDIANS co-writer Robert Kirkman. "So many people wanted to see a Guardians team made up of Invincible, Spawn, Rick Grimes, Barack Obama, and Gary Popper. Ask, and you will receive!"

So that's happening.

You can check out the further adventures of this odd grouping in the pages of Guardians of the Globe, with the main story written by Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno, and illustrated by Ransom Getty. The first of six issues will be out in August.




  2. One of the covers is an "homage" to the Avengers! How novel for this property.

  3. lol please don’t make me shill out $25 for the obama cover LCS

  4. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Great covers – but enough with the political admiration club already.
    Its too much novelty and no substance . . .

  5. ha ha Rick. I wonder if he’ll be left black and white.

  6. I think this would have been better as a back up to the intended story.

  7. The "real" cover is pretty badass. Ryan Ottley is all kinds of amazing, I’m tellin’ ya.

  8. @cromulent – If Rick is left black and white I WILL buy this comic.

  9. Yay! Now I will buy this comic and I don’t even know what is going on in the real Image universe.

    I need my Obama/Rick/Harry Potter team up fix. 

  10. Hmmm, I dunno, this looks like it could be really fun, exciting and awesome. I mean, what about continuity? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be picking this up; it looks far too enjoyable.

     (Psst! Before anyone starts up; yes, I am joking.)

  11. Hilarious! Count me in!

  12. Definitely going to buy this.

  13. Hey, what the FUCK happened to Image United?!

  14. @mikeandzod21: Mega-delays. Shocking, right?

  15. Awesome.  I’m definitely on board now.  This is going to be too much fun (hopefully!).

  16. I’m going for the actual cover. It’s pretty phat*. 

    Who’s the hot babe* in yellow?

    *phat used with little regard for proper use.
    *babe used slightly sarcastic with a dash of honesty.

  17. Why does Obama have a PuertoRican flag for a tie?!?!?

    I’m in… or on it… or want it!!! RK, you did me again!

  18. yea!  After dropping Haunt and Astounding Wolfman coming to a close, I am ready for some (hopefully) classic Kirkman super-hero goodness.

  19. Chris G. is awesome.

    If the world was just, his books would be selling as much as Kirkman’s.