Please allow me to introduce myself…

As my first official post on iFanboy 3.0 I figured I should take some time to introduce myself and set the record straight on a few contentious points.

If you don’t know me -– I am Gordon the Intern. I became the intern here at iFanboy after attending San Diego Comic-Con 2006 on a whim. The guys decided that I was valuable and they should keep me around. What they didn’t tell me was there was no room for advancement, but on the plus side I can keep the job for life. In a lot of ways it’s kind of like being the Pope.

Booth Babes!There are many rumors that swirl around me. One is that Booth Babes LOVE me. That rumor is totally true. I can’t explain it -– and to be completely honest, I don’t question it. That’s called looking a gift horse in the mouth. Another rumor is that I don’t read comics. I guess my first response to that should be, “then why am I writing for a website based on comics?” It’s true that I have a limited (but distinguished) palate, but I do certainly read comics. I tend to steer clear of superheroes. I don’t completely deny or dislike them, but on the whole, they don’t float my boat. I grew up loving Superman and Batman as most kids do. I even remember dressing up with my underwear outside of my pants in an effort to use my superpowers. As I got older I remember watching (and loving) many superhero cartoons like Super Friends, X-Men, Darkwing Duck, Batman: The Animated Series and of course Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The latter is a little less superhero-y, but still awesome. I also know that I used to watch the Superman movies over and over and over. And when I saw the first Tim Burton Batman in the theatre my socks were knocked off! But, to be completely honest, the paper comics just got too complicated for me. The stories were not what I wanted or needed at that age.

Eventually there was a television version of The Flash– starring that guy that eventually became the dad on Dawson’s Creek. I loved that show -– actually I loved both of those shows, but I digress. I watched The Flash religiously, but I was still not very interested in reading comics. Unless you count those Garfield books, but I’m going to leave that chapter of my life closed for now. The only true comic that I remember buying in the early days was “The Death of Superman”. My suspicion is that a lot of people bought that particular comic, so I have no hopes of selling mine for millions of dollars. Maybe I can sell all those Garfield books…

While at college, at some point in between a fierce match of kickball and hosting a music television show, I wound up entering back into the world of comics thanks to Conor, Josh, and Ron (alphabetical so nobody can get mad). Our weekly trips to the comic book shop were great. With the help of the iFanboys (before they were the iFanboys) I was able to find comics that I enjoyed. They helped to steer me clear of the dreaded Uncanny X-Men and things of that nature. But more importantly they introduced me to something that would change my relationship with comics forever.

Graphic novels are fantastic things. No longer was I forced to wait for weekly books. I could buy complete stories – stories that I liked – in one day. It’s like watching an entire season of a great show on DVD. Why waste time waiting for it each week and dealing with commercials? You can just get all the frosty goodness at once. Instant gratification. Since my introduction to graphic novels I have continued to evolve as a comic reader. I still primarily read graphic novels or trades. But I am also learning to grow my collection and that means that sometimes I even pick up some weeklies. Fortunately I am not so tied to them that I have to hit up the shop every Wednesday. And let me tell you, it can be nice and relaxing to go into your local shop on a Thursday or a Friday or really any day except Wednesday. It’s kind of like living above the law.

Teen Titans: Year One #2I can stroll leisurely around the store flipping through books that catch my eye. I don’t have that feeling of people lingering behind me trying to get the latest Teen Titans. I can avoid all those dirty looks I usually get for taking my time. Plus there is the bonus of the one on one time with the shop owner. Often times, when not too swamped, I’ve been able to talk to shop owners or employees and get some great recommendations. But the best thing is the time for me. I like to look for art. Art is my passion and (lucky for me) my profession. Good art can completely make or break a book for me, as I’m sure it can for most people. And, for those of you that are ready to argue, yes the story can be and most certainly is art, and I am not intending to demean the writers here. The fact is that when flipping through the book in the shop I don’t always have the option to read the entire story. So I have to limit myself to judging only the visual part of the art. And I do. And sometimes I win.

As the weeks go on it is my intent to talk about the books that I like; the books that I read and recommend; the books that I study and research in my own work. And guess what…I want the same thing from you. I want your recommendations for books. I want to know what you like and why. I want to read what you’re reading. Well, maybe not everything, but you know what I mean. But we have plenty of time to get to all of that.


  1. Howdy Gordon.

  2. Great first installment Gordon except for the part about the Booth Babes. You whizzed by that waaaaaay too fast. Booth Babes are an important part of Comic Convention Culture and yet remain a mysterious, much whispered about group. That is the kind of insight we need from you.  So as covention season begins next week, we’re looking forward to some truly stellar investigative reporting and lots, lots, lots more pictures.



  3. Glad to see that they are finally letting you post things. Also those booth babes do love you especially the hot fuzz babes from the 07 comic con. Thirdly pls dont unline everything it makes it a little hard to read. keep up the good work.

  4. Gordon I found being seduced / lured into a trap, by you on the previous video show oddly stimulating.  Whatever voodoo you have with booth babes obviously worked on me.  Thankfully I was able to resist my urges, and am still happily with my girlfriend.

     But I’m glad to see you’ll be posting every so often. 

  5. Glad to hear from you, Gordon! I’m always on the look for good OGNs or even TPBs… I can’t wait to hear about what you love and the like.

  6. without further a do a recommendation to you from a graphic novel Loving Brit. Ed brubakers Sleeper, published by widstorm, there are a few graphs of this series and if you haven’t read it and arn’t into superheroes this is the book for you. It’s a new slant that i think you’ll love. keep it funky like an american monkey

    Ads in the Hat

  7. Hey Gordon!

    If you’re after some recommended reads I’ve got 2 for you.

     1 – Black Hole – Charles Burns. A fantastic trip through a world of teens, sex, drugs and a little bit of wierdness.  Very much in the vain of 60’s underground comics. Beautiful art and a compelling read.

    2 Goodbye Chunky Rice – Craig Thompson. I believe Ron reviewed this one in one if the video episodes a while back. I was glad when he said that he cried when he finished it. Now I don’t feel alone. This is one of the best books I’ve read in receny years. An incrediby unique highly emotional tale of friendship, highly recommended to everybody.

  8. It was nice to pull back the curtain on this particular show.  Look forward to hearing more from you, Gordon.

  9. Nice to see the fellas are going to let you out of the cage at least once a week.

    I’m trying to steer clear of the ‘obvious’ recommendations. Two great books from a few years ago you may want to check out are Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules and Fantastic Four: 1234. Don’t let the fact that they are both FF books (completely coincidence) – Molecules is by James Sturm and Guy Davis and is about an un-superhero FF set in the 1950s. Not as dry as it sounds; some really good writing and awesome art make this worthy. 1234 is Grant Morrison’s FF story and while a little cliche, it does have stunning Jae Lee art.

    Let us know what you’ve read so we don’t repeat.

  10. Hello Gordon,


  11. Gordon! Glad to know that the ifanboys are let you out to post. I look frword to what opions in your articles.

  12. Allow me to re-introduce myself – Jay-Z

    Sorry but everytime I see the article title on the homepage, that line plays in my head.  

     Anyway, Gordon you do a solid job on the ads in the video podcast.  Glad to see we’ll be hearing more from you.  

  13. You are pretty much the man Gordon.

  14. Gordan!

  15. Yay, Gordon’s a regular! Quick question, Gordon, does this mean we may see/hear you on a podcast other than doing the promo spots?

  16. Hi Gordon. 🙂

  17. I ain’t gonna lie to you…that Flash series was the bomb. Write on, write on Gordon.

  18. Hmmm… when I see the subject title, I hear Mick Jagger saying: "Please allow me to introduce myself…"

  19. I’m with JD.

  20. Nice presentation. 

    Is there any place on the web we can see your (gordon’s) work and art?

  21. Gordon! Gordon! Gordon! You booth-babe magnet, you!

  22. @JD and @Conor – I was going to say – "…just let me introduce myself…" – with props to Digital Underground.  I wasn’t sure if enough people would get it.

  23. "…my name is Humpty, pronounced with a umpty…"  alright, I’ll stop.

  24. Is it just me or is everything underlined?

  25. it feels like everything i’m saying is being emphasised. this underlining thing could catch on! i t makes me feel like i should say something profound….ummmmmmmmmm… "do or do not, there is no try", plagurised i know but profound none the less woop woop

    The Brit in a Hat

  26. @JD – I am looking at it in FireFox and nothing (except the links) is underlined.  What browerser are you using, is it just this page or all the new pages, just the comments or the article, too, etc., etc.?


    You can post here or email me gordon at ifanboy dot com. 

  27. …and it appears the underlining has been fixed.  Thanks Ron.  No thanks IE.

  28. Finally… some Gordon posts.

    Gordon… tell us more about your love for Garfield… is it true about his distaste for Mondays?? and what is your opinion on Calvin and Hobbes?

    Seriously, good to have you posting on here. Make it a regular thing, man.