Pilot Season Winner is… THE BEAUTY

Voting has concluded for Top Cow’s 2011 Pilot Season competition, and the winner is The Beauty, from Jeremy Haun & Jason A. Hurley.

This was was my standout favorite from the pack of 8 contenders this year, and quite frankly, I’m shocked and pleased that the audience backed it up. There were certainly other contenders this year, but the simple concept, and Twilight Zone-ish brilliance of this issue hooked me entirely. The deal is that there’s a virus going around, and it makes you beautiful. It makes you feel bad and run a fever at the same time, but that’s not so bad is it? I love the combination of sci-fi and real world politics, and Haun is a the perfect artist for this one too. I’m saying I liked it. And apparently you did too. Now they’ll plan out the rest of the series, and those will be released… eventually.

You can read the first issue right now. Get it here, or somewhere else, but read it.

If you want to check out the other entries from this year, you can do so here. You can also hear me talk to Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik about Pilot Season as a whole a little while back.


  1. This was my pick too, but I enjoyed the Test as well.

  2. Jeremy Haun is simply fantastic.

  3. Always nice when something you vote for wins.

  4. Out of all the issue descriptions, this one sounded the most interesting. Maybe i’ll go back and buy it digitally now.
    Of course the big question is: when will the winner actually continue the series. Correct me if im wrong but, since the beginning, hasn’t there only been one pilot season winner that’s actually gone on to continue his series? This has been the big reason that’s kept me away from pilot season since the onset 🙁

  5. YES!

    I am going to buy the hell out of this when it comes out

    Possibly in 2015

  6. Congratulations to the winners. While I didn’t vote on any of the participants I do hope that this title gets published in its entirety. Sooner than later.