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Talksplode #48 – Filip Sablik, Publisher of Top Cow & Pilot Season

Show Notes

On this episode, Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik takes some time to talk about this year’s Pilot Season contest. With eight new #1 issues each vying for the chance to continue their stories, we go through this year’s offerings, and talk about what goes into making these kinds of comics. We also catch up on the world of Top Cow, what role founder Marc Silvestri takes, and about the cool stuff coming out from the Minotaur imprint. We also touch on Filip’s work as a comic book writer, and fitting that into his other editorial work.

Voting on Pilot Season begins on December 5 on TopCow.com.

You can purchase, download, and read all the of this year’s Pilot Season offerings on Graphicly.



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  1. As a fan of Top Cow, I thank you Josh for this interview.

  2. I love the pilot seasons. some great comics that sadly never made it. awesome that Lance Briggs loves comics. I’m an Eagles fan *sob* but now i’m a lance briggs fan. great show, thanks

  3. Thanks for listening, folks! I had a ton of fun with this conversation with Josh. As we said when we wrapped up, I think we both could have kept talking for another hour easily. Except you know… babies.
    BTW, Pilot Season voting is now open at topcow.com. Vote early and often!

    Filip Sablik
    Publisher Guy, Top Cow Productions

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