Pictures from Emerald City ComiCon 2010

iFanboy staff writer Molly McIsaac is never without her fancy camera. Especially at conventions. Here's what she saw in Seattle in March at Emerald City ComiCon!


In case you don't have flash, or the slideshow doesn't work, the set can be found here.


  1. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Ahhhhh! Dr. Doom!

    Tremendous set of photos. 

  2. is seattle the land of redheads?

  3. @bigyanks, yes, and I rule them all.

  4. These photos are excellent.  What kind of fancy camera was used to take them?  
    Has Ron lost a little weight?  He and Conor are looking sharp.

  5. These were great, and then they’re was the slave dude leia and my mind literally blew out of the back of my head. Other than that it was alot of fun to look through. And if Seattle truly is the land of redhead’s maybe I should move there to be with my people.

  6. Ah those were great. I have to get to a con one of these days and see all those fun costumes in person.

  7. Those are beautiful. What’s most amazing is that I only saw about 3 of those costumes, it’s probably because I’m unobservant but man I missed some good ones! Thanks for sharing the photos. 

  8. @stuclach, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II that is perpetually fastened to my side.

    @Patman2, that is me touching his boobs. he smelled rather questionable, I assure you. And yes, redheads survive very well here because the sun very rarely comes out to play.

  9. Looked like people were having a lot of fun.  Great pics.  Bearded Princess Leia is hilarious.

  10. @MollyMcIsaac – That is a very nice camera.  I’m very jealous.  Enjoy it.

  11. Basically West of the Cascades everyone is equally pale so they stick out a lot less.

  12. oh great, i love redheads!

  13. Is that a chocobo tattoo?

    Follow up question: Marry me?

    (I so don’t mean to be ‘hit on my fellow geek because she’s a lady’ guy, but how can I not when there are choco-tats involved?)

  14. ha ha. whoever that Thor kid is, he’s very funny

  15. @captbastrd, That is, indeed, a chocobo tattoo. One of my three geeky tattoos thus far, although there are more in the works.

  16. Quailman!

  17. Molly — is that the 50mm f/1.8 or 1.4? Nice job, they’re very sharp with a lens that can be tricky to work with, DOF-wise. . .

  18. Anyone else find it hilarious that the guy dressed as Daredevil had glasses??

  19. @SteenAR: We certainly did at the time.

  20. @AugieDB 1.8 <3 Looove of my life. Lens is basically glued to my camera at all times.

    @SteenAR I am loathe to make fun of anyone I photograph, but we had a decent chuckle at he and Thor’s expense.

  21. @MollyMcIsaac, nice photos, Molly. Of course the first thing I did was race through them looking for myself or my daughter in the backgrounds. I never saw us. (I’m so self centered. Hahaha!)

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. @powerdad: Please adopt me.

  23. Great photography! Though judging from these pics, I don’t think I’d be a con person. Cosplay isn’t my thing. I admire the craft but….

  24. That batman creeped me out.

  25. Wow! It’s so cool that you didn’t step on Jim Lee! That woulda been embarrasing.