Periodic Table of Fictional Materials Catalogs the Unreal

Over on her very simple website Alexandra de Groot has taken the time to structure all the fake substances that have peppered our stories across all mediums. Comics are represented on the far left save for one notable exception at the top right. I honestly find myself wondering why Reed Richards' unstable molecules warranted an anomalous placement…

Regardless, this is a fun site to spend some time poking around on. I've copied the main image below but the site itself is interactive so you really should head there too.

Enjoy and comment, especially if you can think of something that should have been included that wasn't!


  1. Finkilium from I dream of Jeannie?

  2. Oh you just made me waste more of my time… a good way!

  3. No unuptanium?

  4. @ghos7man  Look at #71 Unb.

  5. Fantastic!

  6. No Uru?

  7. Ha Ha!  This table is not nearly nerdy enough for us!  We need our uru and promethium and unobtainium (from Avatar, not The Core, dammit!)

  8. Heh, Uru was litmus test too.

  9. @JRScherer  neither serve as the source for “unobtainium.”

  10. My litmus test was to look for Cavorite from the The First Men In The Moon and Upsidasium from Rocky And Bullwinkle.  It passed easily.