Peanuts Do JAWS

This strip was sent to me a dozen times, easily. Clearly you all know what I like.

The concept is simple. It's the Peanuts doing Jaws. The scenes are all from the first film (the greatest movie of all time), which makes sense, because there was only one Jaws movie. This comes from cartoonist Charles Sanford Forsman, who professes to be a huge Peter Benchley fan, which is something I've never heard anyone say.

Here lies the body of Mary Lee! She died at the age of a hundred and three! For fifteen years she kept her virginity! Not a bad record for this vicinity.

Go buy prints while they last.


  1. never seen jaws, is it good?

  2. brilliant!

  3. shark still looks fake. 

    seriously though, this was a pretty awesome cartoon. I usually don’t go for remixes like this, but this was fun. That first panel of snoopy as Jaws. I literally LOL’ed.  

  4. Awesome! Is that Pigpen as Quint? Spot on!

  5. I just ordered my print of this from forsman’s blog. Its going to look amazing framed above my nerd shelf!

  6. Oh, c’mon.  The 2nd one isn’t so bad.  The 4th one though kinda makes it burn when I pee.

  7. His raiders/Popeye mash-up is pretty great too.

  8. I love Jaws, this is awesome!

  9. The moment I saw this yesterday at comicsalliance I immediately thought of josh.

  10. I need one panel of a guy playing a cello for this to be perfect

  11. amazing

    i recently saw a public screening of Jaws on the beach.  The disk must have been scratched b/c it skipped, the dock scene, Quints shop/house scene, and the LAST 10 MINUTES of the film.  Lucky for me it was already commited to memory.  That’s my story for the day.

  12. @ClasikRok  That’s Linus as Quint.

  13. brilliant

  14. that second strip with martin and the mayor is probably my most quoted scene from jaws

  15. basic seamanship

  16. amazing, lol, I cant believe someone looked at “Peanuts” and looked a Jaws and actually thought “This might work….”

  17. Needs more Hooper.

  18. I bought a print yesterday after Jimski tweeted about it. So cool.

    The Indianapolis speech is the best thing about movies. 

  19. @Tork  Word.

  20. Brilliant, two of my most favourite things in recorded history combined together.  It’s gems like this that make ifanboy excellent—I’d never have stumbled across it otherwise.

    Altho’ it’s true that it’s missing, “You’re all gonna die”, “Cage goes into the water…” and a few other gems. 

  21. Any takers on who’ll send the first cease-and-desist?

    I’ll take Iconix Brand Group, but Comcast-NBC/Universal is no slouch in the IP defense department.