Paul Dini is having a Cyber Garage Sale!

Sometimes you just need to clean out the crap that has accumulted in your life. If you're Paul Dini that probably means you've got some pretty cool crap.

Paul Dini is cleaning out his storage unit and he's put some select items up on eBay!

Some items of note:

  • Original Production Cel from Batman: The Animated Series
  • Original Production Cel from Superman: The Animated Series
  • Harley Quinn Half-Scale Bust
  • Zatanna DC Direct Cover Girl Statue

And there's more for sale in Paul Dini's eBay store! So if you have the means and can help the guy clean out his storage unit, now's your chance! How many times in your life will you have the opportunity to tell the person admiring our wall-mounted resin shark head, "You know who used to own that? That used to be TV and comic book's Paul Dini's wall-mounted resin shark head. And now it's mine."


  1. BTAS – one of the best cartoons ever.  Many fond memories of watching this growing up…

  2. Can Coolers!?

    I’m in it to win it baby!

  3. That Godzilla coin bank is cute.

  4. Awesome looking now.

  5. Now see, this is one of those things that makes me wish I was a crazed billionare

  6. I want his Christmas tree stand and old box spring. This is a storage unit sale, right?

  7. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a original cel.  Or a Paul Dini owned Billy the Big Mouth Bass.  That would be sweet.  Then I could say "you know who used to get annoyed by that stupid thing?  Paul Dini.  That’s right, the Paul Dini."

  8. I want to be Paul Dini when I grow up.