Only Click on This if You Want a Peek at Jamie Foxx’s Electro Costume from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

So. We need to talk about these images from the Manhattan production of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring Jamie Foxx in his role as Electro.

First, the images, courtesy of MTV’s Splash Page:

Amazing Spiderman 2 On Location

Amazing Spiderman 2 On Location

Amazing Spiderman 2 On Location

Right. So, he’s quite blue.

Very, very, berry, berry blue.

Some might even say he glows. Judging by these images from Screen Crush.



Obviously, Marc Webb’s depiction of Electro, described from the outset as more of a blue collar guy than some of Spidey’s other screen villains (Sandman excluded), draws inspiration from the Ultimate Comics universe. There, Max Dillon ends up with something of an Iceman by way of Blue Superman aesthetic, pure blue energy in a humanoid shell. And that’s fine. I don’t know that any of us were holding out for the green and yellow. Actually, no. That’s not a safe assumption. No doubt some are still pining for the traditional look, a yellow felt star starched rigid over Foxx’s scowling mug.

Anyway, the initial reaction will likely involve jeering comparisons to, well…

Me, I instinctively grabbed for my rocket launcher.


It’s not so much the blue that bothers me. And I imagine the Palpatine hood isn’t a permanent fixture either. Really, it’s that Frankenstein stagger. My pal Bread Brett White over at Splash Page points out that I may be looking a little too deeply into what are likely images from transitional moments, the hours after the event that changed Dillon into the being known as Electro. Still, I can’t help dredge up my frustrations from the The Amazing Spider-Man, a movie I mostly enjoyed despite some serious flaws.

Ultimate Electro

Ultimate Electro

If there’s a thesis to my review for that last film, it’s that Spidey deserves better villains. Particularly Garfield’s Spidey. It’s a problem he inherited from Maguire though. So many of Spider-Man’s on-screen opponents start out as gifted, even virtuous world-class scientists. Visionaries. Inevitably, they undergo horrendous accidents and become raving maniacs with little agency or cunning. Super-villainy always involves some sociopathy, but these guys are just sad. Even The Joker exhibits enough guile to hatch elaborate schemes and leave his pursuers questioning everything. Spider-Man’s villains, at least on the big screen, have never registered as worthy threats, instead functioning as simple harbingers of disaster. That only takes you so far.

So to see a blue Electro stumbling around Times Square, reptilian menace in his glare, doesn’t exactly inspire hope. Of course, it’s all quite early.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters in May of next year.





  1. Ice to see you Jamie Foxx.

    Everybody… chill.

  2. I’m thinking it’ll look a lot better when he’s hovering above the ground crackling with energy. Overall though I’m glad they went with the Ultimate look.

  3. Good thing he wore that hoodie to hide his blue flesh. Someone might want to buy him a pair of gloves though…

  4. Eh, it does look a bit weird, I’d rather wait & reserve final judgment until I’ve seen a trailer or something & see how it looks in the movie.

  5. Personally I’d have preferred the old color scheme. Oh well. I still haven’t seen last year’s film, so I can’t really comment . . .

  6. Electro aways had the stupidest costume, but I wish it was making its way to the big screen

  7. I think it will look badass when they add the CGI and touch it up.

  8. These images shouldn’t be considered final. The staggering is obviously because the character is transitioning… but even the blue color doesn’t mean anything once the movie is finished and post-process…. becuase you know, Jar Jar Binks didn’t quite look like a guy with a foam bean on his head, and Ryan Reynolds’ GL turned out to be wearing more than just a tank top and mo-cap balls. Also…. many night-scenes in films are filmed during the day. Its all about that post-process!

  9. Electro’s classic Green and Yellow costume has always been one of my favorite villain looks. I am disappointed that they didn’t want to go with it.

  10. Is it just me or does Ultimate Electro look similar to Dr. Manhattan?

  11. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

  12. “I’m afraid I just blue myself. ” – Tobias Funke

  13. I am sure these photos are from the “Shortly-after-the-transforming-accident-the-villain-slowly-realizes-what-feels-like-a-debilitating-problem-is-actually-nothing-less-than-absolute-power” stage. Followed quickly by the “cringe-before-me-puny-mortals” stage.

  14. I know it’s too early to judge this and that it will almost certainly look better on the big screen, but I think he looks pretty redic right now. I’m still very excited for this movie though.

  15. You can’t let blue balls go left untreated.

  16. I’ll give the effects the chance, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting the Electric star mask or anything. This’ll do spider…this’ll do.

  17. My first thoughts were of Mr. Mot.
    Whom, of course, it’s not.

  18. While it is unfortunate that he looks remarkably like Mr. Freeze, or Maurice from Little Monsters….Or even Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers Movie; I’m not going to really kill what we’re seeing here. I gotta imagine a lot of CGI is going to be incorporated into the character so when the final form, as in trailers or clips, are shown then I’ll judge.

  19. Eh, I’ll wait until it comes on cable. Didn’t really like the last one so oh well.

  20. Oi, that looks horrible. But hey, as long as we get to see the full movie this time around I’m not going to complain…

    “Amazing” was easily the best of the 4 Spidey movies thus far, but it clearly had at least half an hour or so of footage cut out of it and I can only assume that said footage would have actually helped the story (and many character’s motivations) make sense… And because of this gutting, it may be the best Spidey film ever, but I it’s not all that far from Raimi’s “Spidey 3” as a fun failure to watch..

  21. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    I was hoping that they’d go with the recent redesign from “The Gauntlet” arc, which was pretty much the green and yellow minus the star mask. I guess they’re going with the Ultimate Electro appearance, which is also fine with me I guess. I’m more interested in how they’re going to handle the Rhino.

  22. Holy short circuits!…Freez..Frankens…oh it’s just “Ultimate” Electro looking creepy.

  23. Darth Maul looks kick ass!!

  24. @Paul: When my friend Brad and I were in high school, we had an Indian chemistry teacher with a thick accent who called him “Bread” and the nickname stuck with great hilarity.