Oneshots: Love Fights #1


Alright, I’ll admit it. The only reason I’ve gone to the trouble of writing this is to convince my iFanboy colleagues that this book is for them. If I had only written an email to them, it probably would have been ignored and forgotten. However, this might make them take me more seriously. Still, if it’s good enough for me to recommend to my closest friends, you, dear reader can rest assured that I think it’s good enough for you too.

Love Fights #1 was a nice surprise. I’ve been a big fan of Andi Watson since I first read his work, and have loved everything else I’ve managed to find with his name on it. I hate doing it, but this can easily be described as “Box Office Poison meets Astro City.” It’s a simple tale of a shy young man who can’t seem to muster up enough courage to jump start his love life, and we’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced that “should I or shouldn’t I” mishmash of thoughts when standing near an object of our affection. However in this context, there is a teeming city of superheroes darting about all around. Watson also finds some spaces to be clever and have some fun with the superhero genre and its trappings without being redundant of work that came before.

And so far, that’s about it. But it’s more than enough to make me want my friends to read this, and wait anxiously for the next installment of this new regular series from some of my favorite people in comics, Oni Press.

lovefightspanel1.jpgThe art is the very simple sparse line work that will be familiar to fans of Watson’s earlier works. He uses the simplest of evocative lines to tell us so much about the person he’s drawing, and it really works with this small personal stories and familiar, human characters. The setting of the city allows him to be a little more ambitious with the cityscapes and the background action than we have seen previously. The cover itself is a gorgeous piece of minimalist art that really serves as an excellent symbol of what’s contained inside.

If you like capes in your comics, but long for some characters that really feel like people you know, please pick up a copy and read Love Fights.

If nothing else, at least all the guys from this website should give it a try.

– Josh Flanagan


  1. this looks interesting