On the Block!

Sometimes I buy comics just because I’m buying them. This does not a pleasurable reading experience make. It becomes like a chore.

I’ve got some books that are prime for cutting, and I’d love to hear what you think. So should I keep reading or get rid of The Flash, Countdown, Justice League of America, The Astounding Wolf-Man, Avengers: Initiative, and Halo: Uprising?

I don’t want comics to seem like work. And while it’s certainly important to keep my finger on what’s happening in comics, when I’m buying comics over and over just because they’re supposed to be good, or because I liked something else that creator did, is just not any fun. So sometimes, it’s necessary to cull, and I thought I’d ask your advice. Should I drop some of them? All of them? Should I keep them all? Fight for or against.

The Flash

I haven’t really been enjoying this. I didn’t have much invested in this character, and even though I know the long Geoff Johns run was pretty good, I left it, because it just wasn’t for me. I’m getting more of that now. I’m starting to feel like it’s time to cut and run (!), even though I’m a big fan of Freddie E. Williams. I can’t buy a book based on art alone, because at the end of the day, I’m there for story.


Okay, I’m halfway through, and it just hasn’t clicked for me. I’m not interested in what happens to any of these characters, and I feel like it’s been running in place for me. While there have been fun moments, overall, I’m just reading it to read it. It’s well done, and I think it’s very well produced, in terms of consistency between the writers. Paul Dini is doing a good job executive producing this project, and it shows. But at the end of the day, this is counting down to an event I’m not interested in very much. I may be showing my DC bias, here where I like a lot of the individual stuff, but not the whole universe tied together in stories.

Justice League of America

This surprised me that it ended up at this list, but when I think about it, I’m trying way too hard to like this book. It’s not even that I don’t like it, but rather, I don’t really think about it. I don’t miss it when I don’t see it. I don’t wonder about it, or what’s coming up. While there’s something about Meltzer’s writing I really like, where I almost studied it more than read it, he’s gone now, and with it, most of my interest. I haven’t been a fan of the art at all, except for the one Gene Ha issue, and it’s just not making me happy enough.

The Astounding Wolf-Man

I want to, but this book just hasn’t grabbed me at all. I do think there’s something there, but I don’t get the sense that anyone knows what it is. Where Kirkman’s other books take well-worn concepts and give readers a fresh take on the teenage superhero, or life among zombies, this book hasn’t nailed me to the floor yet like those other books did early on. I’m thinking of removing myself from the regular issues, and going back to check on it when it’s collected.

Avengers: Initiative

This is one of those superfluous titles that offers me diminishing returns each issue. I really liked it in the beginning, which is partly due to the fact that I expected nothing from it. It’s not even that I haven’t been enjoying this book, but in a way, it’s empty calories. It’s an OK book, and it’s funny, because I think I enjoy the issues when I read them, but every time it comes out, I think of not buying it. I’m not sure what that means. I could go either way on this one.

Halo: Uprising

This might be a bit of a copout, but I wasn’t sure if I would even buy the first issue. When I did, I was underwhelmed. I know I’m not alone in that. I love most everything Bendis does, and I think Maleev is one of the best artists out there. But reading this book didn’t make me happy. Then, it was very delayed, which puts me off even more. Then, in the last show when someone asked about it, I realized that there’s no point in reading this in issues for me. By extension, I’m not sure there’s much point in me reading this at all. I just don’t care.


So, what do you think?


  1. I dropped Flash after Waid’s first issue. Countdown is a hair’s width away from being dropped. I am riding out the current Justice League arc and then dropping it.

    I really enjoy Avengers: Initiative. I love the mix of new and c-list Marvel characters. I like Gauntlet and Justice going at each other over the New Warriors. I like Pym and his uber-Nazi lab partner. I like the Scarlet Spiders. I think it is a great arena for Marvel’s second tier characters to get some play.

    Have there been two issues of Halo: Uprising? I think there is still room for the story to pick up. And it is a limited, which I am more inclined to ride out.

    Alright, I’ll say it, that last arc of X-Factor was a bit of a chore to get through. And depending on how closely the title ties into the upcoming X-Crossover I think I am going to end up taking a vacation from it. Especially, with Peter David on She-Hulk, I am hoping that title will be able to tide me over until X-Factor looks appealing again. The only thing that is making me hesitate is that I really liked to Quicksilver arc before this last one.

  2. Here’s some thoughts. Good luck Josh!

    Avengers: Initiative – Ant-Man is coming over, didn’t you like him? I figure if you aren’t liking the book now, you probably won’t like it down the line.

    Countdown – Maybe just stick it out until Morrison & Jones take over?

    JLA – Seems like an X-title where you could just jump back on an arc that sounded interesting for you.

    Halo – It seems kind of irrelevant now that the game’s been out for a while. But it is only 4 issues long.

  3. Drop Flash at the very least.

    I’ve dropped Countdown.

    If you were to keep buying any of those, I’d say JLA.

  4. I’ve dropped Wolf Man, Flash, Wonder Woman, Avengers: Initiative, Action Comics and a couple of others in the past month, my policy is to cut a book when I stop anticipating it

  5. As soon as I feel any book is really not interesting me, I drop it, but that’s also because I was able to remove the collector mentality I had, now I have a heap more cash to try out new books, catch good series I missed in trades and pick up a display piece like an Absolute or Omnibus or spend on other media.

    Just that you’re thinking or dropping these books should be enough reason to drop them.

    Countdown was a complete let down in comparison to 52 and when you think about it, you’re being ripped off especially if you’re not enjoying it as much as 52.

    Astounding Wolfman is not really all that great and I dropped it after the 2nd issue.

    The Avengers Initiative is a borderline for me as it started out strong had some great new concepts and brought out unused characters for great roles but I agree it has gone downhill in excitement (because Civil War and it’s outcome is fading away in the Marvel Universe), however I’m going to ride it out and see where it goes for another 2 issues.

    I’m a fan of Halo and a fan of Alex Maleev and Brian Bendis so I thought this book was well suited to me and I totally got into the story, the art is awesome and Bendis knows the Halo story quite well however I think people are disliking the story because there are many nuances that you relate to from playing through the single player missions in the games which Bendis is tipping his hat to that someone who hasn’t really played or enjoyed Halo are not going to appreciate and it then becomes a very superficial story. I’m just going to buy the trade because of the delays but it’s really not a great story if you can’t relate.

  6. I’m not reading any of the DC books and I’m waiting for the trade on Halo Uprising, so I can’t say much about them.

    Astounding Wolf-Man is really fun to me, but I can definitely see wanting to wait for the trade if that’s how you enjoy Invincible and The Walking Dead, so I’d definitely do that.

    Avengers: Initiative is a book I’ve been back and forth on, too. Ant-Man coming over has me more excited about it than I have been, though. I haven’t liked the art the whole time it’s been coming out and the story has been okay with occasional excellent issues. The World War Hulk tie-in was probably the best thing I’ve read related to that event, although I haven’t read much. I’m sticking with it for a while, and I’d agree that maybe you should to see how Ant-Man works out, but if you’re really not enjoying it, I don’t think you’re going to miss too much.

  7. Ultimately, what you decide is up to you and no amount of gushing by any of us will really sway your decision one way or another. However, since you asked:

    Flash – I’m a huge Flash fan – probably my favorite super hero – so I’m a bit biased. I even have the complete run of the Bart series. That being said, I’m a little hesitant with where Waid is taking the book, and if you’re going to get out, this will probably be a good place to do it.

    Countdown – Can’t argue with your points, and I’m tired of the “but just wait – something’s going to happen soon” argument. However, I’m looking forward to Final Crisis, so I’m sticking around.

    Justice League of America – This is one I will argue for. McDuffie has always been a quality writer and I think it will take just a few issues for him to really get ramped up and start a massively enjoyable run on this title. The split-story issues coming up in the next few months have me worried and will probably stop his momentum, but I’m willing to hang around to see what he has in store.

    Astounding Wolf-Man – I’m pretty much in agreement with you on this. Kirkman’s superhero stuff reads much better in collections. If there was one title on the list I’d say to drop, this would be it – but only for the collections.

    Avengers: Initiative – Slott is a good enough writer to keep this one on the list. With the plethora of new and under-used characters in this book, it’s going to take time to get invested in them. If in another six months, nothing is happening, then drop it.

    Halo Uprising – It’s Bendis and Maleev. These two could work on the phone book and I’d buy it.

  8. I’d say drop all but Justice League, only because McDuffie is on it. I hope they put someone I don’t like after his run so I can drop that too.

  9. I’m on the fence about some of these myself. I’m most likely to cut the Wolf-Man loose; I am officially in the “hanging in there because surely this is going somewhere” stage which got me up to #3 of New Warriors.

    I took a chance on Halo– could not care less about the faceless space marines, never touched an Xbox in my life– and was pleasantly surprised, but by the time #2 comes out I will have utterly forgotten what was going on. But then, I can’t begrudge them the delay; they’re doing the book on such short notice. It’s not like they announced it loudly a year and a half ago. What? They totally did? I see.

    I’m most likely to stick with the Initiative. I am never excited the week it comes out, but I am always pleasantly surprised when I read it.

    Man… those weekly DC books. It’s rough to spend $75 to decide it’s not working.

  10. I would have to say:

    Flash: I dropped pretty much a soon as I saw the kids… yeah, no thanks

    Countdown: DROP IT!!! I dropped it around issue 34. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The day I figured out that I need to drop it was when I was putting away my other books and notice that I had three issues of countdown that I had bought but never read.

    Astounding Wolf-Man: I keep reading it, but I know what you mean. No breath of fresh air here, unlike his other work. One way to justify this one is he said on Newsarama that he is going to stick to a bi-monthly schedule. or wait for the trade.

    Avengers: Initiative: Of all of them, stick it out with this one. I really think it has been going well, and with Ant-man it should continue to get better. This and The Order are along the same kinda lines and I really dig them both.

    Halo Uprising: Get the trade. I have been really enjoying it, but still, wait for the trade.

  11. Drop all of them excelpt JLA, and even then only give JLA a couple more months. The only reason I say keep JLA is that McDuffie’s run shouldn’t be as boring as the last 12 issues. The frist two haven’t been knock your socks off great, but they seem to be better. Plus, there is something about the JLA that lets you have your hand in several crevices of DC while in just one title. On the other hand, it is the JLA, so it isn’t likely to leap to greatness anytime soon.

  12. well you could always wait for the halo trade, but i advise against it…plus wolf-man is great so far so i wouldnt drop that either… i dropped JLofA and Avengers: Initiantive a while back and havent looked back since. and countdown is next to go on my lis if it doesnt pick up speed soon.

  13. I thought the last issue of Avengers: Initiative was terrible.

  14. If anyone else is on the fence about something, let us know.

  15. Don’t keep buying comics you don’t enjoy. There is a lot of good stuff out there. Spend the time and resources on that which you do enjoy.

    The only one of the those books I would keep is JLA. McDuffie has brought a lot of fun back to the series. That’s what I want in a JLA book; big, splashy superhero fun. The quintessential superhero comic book, if you will.

    Countdown is frequently terrible. If anyone is not interested or invested in the payoff come Finial Crisis, I would not hold it against them if they dropped Countdown.

  16. I actually really like McDuffie bringing back the classic JLA vs. Bad Guys story that we were sorely missing from Meltzer’s okay run. McDuffie seems to totally get these guy, heroes and villians alike.

    The flash is kinda treading water right now, I have a good feeling that it’ll get better, but this run just makes me miss Geoff Johns and Bart Allen. Wally as a dad hasnt totally sunk in on me yet. Although I like the way the kids are written, like real kids.

    I’m reading countdown because it’s making the DCU feel like a huge thriving world, which is what I like about it, although some stories are much better than others…am I the only one bored with Jimmy Olsen, why tease Jimmy Olsen must die and totally forget about it…boring.

    Avengers:The Iniative- I’m still reading it but I usually let it build up in my bag and pick them up at about two issues at a time, makes it a more interesting read. That book is hampered by having to be about all the event’s of the week that Marvel is throwing at the wall, hoping they stick.

    ummm why would you even read a Halo book…lol, play the game.

    I’m a big fan of reading Kirkman in Trade/ Hardcover form. I think he’s much better in big chunks, I’ve tried to read all his books in issue form and can’t do it. But trades it’s awesome…except his stinky Ult X-men, that had me back on after the stupid stuff then he drove me right back off.

  17. JLA- I like it, particularly since Meltzer left

    Avengers: THe Initiative: dropped

    Halo: never bought, don’t play the games, so have no interest in it really

    Flash: don’t read, picked up the first issue and hated it

    AStounding Wolfman: don’t read, my store doesn’t get it

    Countdown: dropped about 3 months ago since I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I’ll probably buy it in trades though (since I’ve found 52 reads so much better in trades than in issues)

  18. I usually read my books from “least looking forward to” to “most looking forward to” and if a book stays on top of the pile for more than 3 or 4 months, I usually cut it (but end up picking up something else).

    On the cutting front for me:

    Loveless – well-executed, but I’m completely lost. The art doesn’t really help, either, although this last issue was much more clear.

    Moon Knight – just moved up to the top of the stack with this last issue. WTF was that?

    JSA Classified – already dropped the JLA book – probably gone after the end of the Mr. Terrific arc

    Infinity, Inc. – still nothing grabbing me about this book

    Superman – as much as I’m trying, Busiek just isn’t working for me on this book. I love Busiek, I love the character – it just isn’t gelling and hasn’t been great since OYL

    Shadowpact – this one’s tricky – every time I say I’m not going to buy it, I do and end up enjoying it, although I can’t really recall what goes on in the title from month to month.

    Superman Confidential – Uhhhh, yeah. I’ll be back when Cooke/Sale finish their run.

    Green Lantern Corps – Gone after the crossover.

    Marvel Comics Presents – Almost put me to sleep last issue. True, I had been up 12 hours off of 3 hours sleep and was just wiped, but still. The internet may want anthology books, but we want good anthology books.

    Weird how these are mostly DC books. I tend to like DC characters more than Marvel, yet there they are. Who’d a thunk it?

    And Josh, if you do drop a book, might I recommend Catwoman if you aren’t reading it yet? This really is the best DC book no one is reading.

  19. I’ve only read Avengers: Initiative and JLA, so thats all I will comment on.

    I enjoyed the first three or four issues of A:I. That being said, I really couldn’t be bothered to continue with it. If you’re in the same mindset, ditch it.

    I liked the first JLA arc, Lightning Saga was garbage, and I dropped the book after the issue where Vixen and Red Arrow were trapped in the cave in. I tried to like that book and it just wasn’t happening.

  20. Until last issue I have really, really liked Avnergers Initiative, probably because I liked the art a lot, and thought the plot line was relevant. But last issue with the new artest I couldn’t even get to page 2. Is the old artest coming back? If not, I’m through.

  21. I dropped Green Lantern Corp before this past issue. I found it too difficult to figure out and almost felt like it didn’t want to explain itself to me. Maybe that was because an event was going on, but I don’t think I am going to miss anything by omitting it.

    I just remembered that I never got back to that Hellcat story in the last Marvel Comics Presents. I get the next one and decide from there.

  22. That’s an interesting list, Josh, because aside from Halo (never picked up) and JLA (I like McDuffie), those are all books I’ve tried and dropped.

    so I feel you on all of those.

    Countdown: As much as I (surprisingly) enjoyed the 52 “novel”, I’m soooo glad I got out of Countdown after the first few. It was totally unsatisfying to me, and I was annoyed by the way it shameless tied into so many other things without really feeling complete on its own.

    Avengers: The Initiative wasn’t bad, it just never wowed me. I never felt the need to continue with it.

    Flash: I honestly respect Mark Waid as a writer, but I don’t really have any interest in more of his take on Wally. I feel like I got it all already. I may also have been soured on the whole misdirection they played with the relaunch. I wasn’t reading the Bart book, but something about the whole death and re-starting of Wally’s book just seemed too much like a stunt.

    Astounding Wolf-man: I read the free copy, and just felt like I didn’t really need to read more. I get it: werewolf as super-hero. But the first ish did nothing to really push me into reading more. No slight against Kirkman, this one just wasn’t doing it.

    Halo: I figured this would be collected, so I thought I’d wait and see the response. LOVE Bendis and Maleev…don’t care so much about the property itself. But if the mini got good enough reviews, I’d probably pick up the trade.

    so I say: axe ’em all if you’re having doubts. There are plenty of other good books out there.

  23. Avengers: Initiative is the only Initiative title I’m enjoying right now. I’ll stay on the title for a while.

    But yea, dump the rest.

  24. On Avengers, Iniative, Just ask yourself this: How much do you really care about the character Komodo? Then you know whether or not to drop it. Me? Really couldn’t care less. If others like that character, great. Have fun. Not me.

    I stopped at #5 (yawn). The giant Hydra hovercraft over the President’s ranch was major eye rolling stuff (what issue was that?) Substituting spectacle for story and character development is majorly boring, and, like “nanobytes” pretty lazy writing. Compare the “billion dollar nanobyte bullets” (or whatever) they tried to use on Spider-Man in the Iniative to the simple sniper rifle and pistol used to kill Captain America in Cap #25, and there you have the gap between compelling story telling and just one more giant tech whatever thingabob excuse for giant splash pages.

    Six Gun’s rule, echoed by others, of cutting a book when he stops anticipating it is a really good one.

  25. Superman Confidential – Uhhhh, yeah. I’ll be back when Cooke/Sale finish their run.

    DC has already dropped that book for you.

  26. “Moon Knight – just moved up to the top of the stack with this last issue. WTF was that?”

    This title has been off the rails for about the last 4 issues. I really don’t know what to make of the last arc and had to read the last issue 3 times to try and figure it out.

    There is a new writer/artist combo starting with the next issue which may give some hope.

  27. I’m also on the fence about Flash. I can’t seem to care about his kids. If this was a separate title called “Flash Family” or “Wild Wests”, I could get into it, but I’m craving some solo Flash action.

    I would stick with Justice League until McDuffie has found his groove. Right now it feels like we’re still in transition mode from Meltzer’s run.

    And I really like Initiative. It feels like it’s going somewhere, although with the post-Civil War timeline so screwed up, it’s easy to get frustrated with how long it’s taking to get there.

  28. Drop them all. Seriously, if you hear they’re getting good again you can start buying again. From what I know of your personality (sparkling) you won’t even feel the need to fill in the issues. You can get recaps from the net or your good buds on the show.

    Avengers Initiative I actually bought the first couple of issues which seemed exciting. Would this be the doorway drug to my old Marvel zombie days? But then it became a “flip through it at the shop” to I don’t even pick it up.

    Wolfman? I just bought the eighth Invincible trade and will soon return to the Walking Dead. I really enjoy Kirkman’s work but frankly, the issue I got on Free Comic Day was enough to tell me it wasn’t my cup of tea.

    Drop a couple of books and buy some surprise flowers.

  29. “Moon Knight – just moved up to the top of the stack with this last issue. WTF was that?”

    This title has been off the rails for about the last 4 issues. I really don’t know what to make of the last arc and had to read the last issue 3 times to try and figure it out.

    I have to admit that this one’s bee on the rails for me, too, but…

    I guess I differ in that while I found this last issue to be difficult to crack (not a good thing), once I “got it” I thought it was actually one of the better issues.

    The problem was that you couldn’t tell who was who unless you had been reading the whole time. But once you got it, the whole “scam the psychiatrist” story was pretty cool.

    And Tom Cokker’s art is awesome. I wish he did something regularly. I don’t think it worked the best here because his shadowy figures made it hard to figure out who was who in the already unclear story.

    But I’m curious to see what new writer Mike Benson (Entourage) brings to the table.

  30. I would say keep up with Avengers” Initiative, I think it’s a great book and worth stick with.

    Everything else I would drop, I have actually dropped a lot of DC titles lately which makes me sad because I thought the DCU was looking pretty good but I haven’t been a fan of post infinite crisis. I’m considering dropping JLA and while I haven’t really been feeling the Flash lately, I’m going to tough it out and see where Waid’s going.

    Right now I would like to drop Ultimate X-men but I’m a huge X-men and I just cannot drop an X book( much like Ron) I’ve never read Walking Dead and while I’ve heard only good things about it, I think Kirkman has been doing a horrible job on UXM and the art from Yanick Paquette isn’t helping.

    Is anyone reading Captain America the chosen? I don’t know how I feel about it, so I guess I’m going to stay with it. I read Battlin’ Jack Murdock earlier this year and I wasn’t sure about it all the way through until the last issue and after that last issue I loved it. I think it’s one of the best stories that came out this year.

  31. Drop: Avengers: Initiative, Halo Uprising, Flash (’till it gets good anyways).

    Those are the ones I would drop anyways.

  32. all of these books should be dropped, and revisted again when they are in trades. As far as im concerned wolfman and halo may be worth picking up in trades, with maybe possibly the avengers but the way its going probably not

  33. You know, I was in the same boat at the beginning of this month, and I’ve gone through a dropping revolution! I’ve actually kind of enjoyed it because it’s given me a chance and means to check out other stuff.

    I dropped Countdown and it was wonderful! As a consumer, I’ve never felt so light and free. And because of Countdown, my DC list has lightened…I buy nothing that’s a tie-in. That’s how much Dini made me care!

    Flash has been “meh” for me too, but I’m willing to stick with it because I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the “Mark Waid Flash.” I’m willing to wait and see how it turns out.

    In regards to Avengers, I love that book, but I feel like WWH has really cramped it’s style. I’m enjoying Slott’s writing and the Jimmy Cheung covers keep me hoping for the return of the Young Avengers…someday.

    On Halo: I’m a hardcore gamer and even I think this is b-arf! Bleh!

    Other things I’ve dropped recently…

    Astonishing Wolf-Man
    Punisher: War Journal
    Brave and the Bold
    Superman: Confidential
    Mighty Avengers
    Amazing Spider-Man
    …and some other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    I didn’t drop these because they’re bad (ok, some of them are bad), but because I just didn’t want to spend the money on them.

    Just look at it this way Josh…Ron’s a big enough sucker to buy this stuff. He’ll keep you in the loop. 🙂

  34. Yeah but now he’s in another state. It won’t be so easy for Josh to casually drop buy, don the pressurized suit, enter the climate controlled vault and operate the robotic arms that insures no human touches the actual comics.

    He’ll have to call first.

  35. I say keep Countdown. Each week (like 52) is getting better.

  36. Flash/Countdown/JLA/Halo: If it’s not doing it for you and you don’t care where the current storyline is going, drop it like it’s hot and read Conor’s copies. 🙂

    Astounding Wolf-Man/Avengers Initiative: I’m really enjoying these series, personally, but if you’re not, I don’t know what to tell you, ‘cept to drop ’em.

    As much as money as you people spend on books, there’s no reason for you not to be merciless.

  37. I say drop em all.

  38. I have just dropped Countdown because it just came down to me not enjoying it and me reading just to read it

  39. I concur. Drop them all. The thing is that Flash, Countdown, and JLA aren’t going to matter until at least Final Crisis. And it’s not like they’re really building to anything. So if you’re not really digging it, you’re not going to be missing anything in the long run. (Personally I really dig the title now that Meltzer is off it. I feel like it’s the real JLA again. A team of heroes that do stuff and get into trouble and through their wits, strength, and teamwork manage to get out of trouble again.)

    Wolfman and Halo I can’t comment on since I don’t read them, though I am mildly interested in reading Wolfman at some point. (But seriously, Halo? Bendis is good but even he’s not good enough to make that interesting.)

    Avengers Initiative I’m with you on. I was going to drop it, and then I read the last issue in a Borders and decided I would DEFINITELY drop it. Then I bought it anyway. Go figure. I don’t know. The stories are somewhat interesting, but it’s taking a bit too long to get to know these characters. And the art has been ok but not spectacular.

  40. A few weeks ago, I dropped a bunch of books. I just moved and during that process, I fell behind on a bunch of stuff. I have a giant stack of stuff from the last six weeks and am not getting through it quickly enough. That said, I am still buying a decent stack of books and am considering dropping more–including several titles you’ve mentioned here. Flash, JLA and Countdown are a few of the lot that I’ve fallen behind on and both JLA and Flash just brought on new creators, so I want to at least try them out before I consider dropping them.

    Countdown, on the other hand, I don’t know about. Frankly, I don’t think it has been that good. Nearly every storyline seems to be treading water. The little two page origin stories that were so good in 52 have been almost unreadable (except that one that Mark Waid wrote). But on the other hand, I like the idea of a weekly book despite the weak story. And I feel like the payoff at the end is going to be worth it. So for those reasons, I’m on for now–unless it just gets worse.

    The only other book I can really comment on is the Halo book. I signed on for the first issue when I heard Bendis and Maleev were on it. Then I read it and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Granted, it looked beautiful–as expected–but not being a gamer, I didn’t have a clue. Then it dawned on me–I don’t know how the business of it worked, but it seemed like Bill Gates went into the Marvel offices, dropped a few heavy bags with giant dollar signs on them and said, “Make us a comic book.” So they assign top-tier talent onto the huge payday. I’m not saying Marvel sold out–but they, at least, cashed in. I’m sure you won’t hear Bendis tell Siuntres that he looks back on this as an achievement. Maleev either. So, for these reasons, I outright dropped it. Let me know if it doesn’t completely suck in the end.

    And wake me up when they publish the last book in Cooke/Sale’s Supes Confidential series.

  41. Then it dawned on me–I don’t know how the business of it worked, but it seemed like Bill Gates went into the Marvel offices, dropped a few heavy bags with giant dollar signs on them and said, “Make us a comic book.” So they assign top-tier talent onto the huge payday. I’m not saying Marvel sold out–but they, at least, cashed in. I’m sure you won’t hear Bendis tell Siuntres that he looks back on this as an achievement. Maleev either. So, for these reasons, I outright dropped it.

    Bendis and Maleev are HUGE Halo fanatics and really wanted to do a Halo comic.

  42. I dropped ALOT this past month (with December previews) alot of lasts. Due to recent money issues.

    The only thing I’m sticking with is…

    -Countdown (I can’t stand to get that much of something and not finish it out)


    -Detective (Will probably drop once DINI leaves, though no word on when that is…hopefully never)

    -Booster Gold (It’s to good for me to drop at the moment)

    -All star Batman and Robin (I’m having a weird jo with this and it comes out so only bi-monthly, so I’ll go with it)

    -JLA (As long as McDuffie is on I’ll read it)


    -XXXombie (Rick Remender is just so good)

    -Astonding Wolf-Man (Like Allstar B and R it never comes out so i don’t feel like I’m throwing anything away money wise)

    – Astonishing x-men
    – Ultimate X-men
    – Uncanny X-men
    – X-men
    – New Avengers
    – Mighty Avengers
    – Thor

    I know it seems like a lot, but I did drop like…ten some books

  43. here’s my thing. drop everything that isn’t doin it for you. you vote with your dollar. the only reason i’m into comics at all is spiderman and i haven’t bought but maybe five spiderman comics this centery. its horid. i would love a good spiderman but i’m not going to do it.

    put that hard earned money towards the good stuff and force change bro.

  44. I think you should drop them all. One more issue of The Flash that’s as bad as the last couple, and I’m right there with you.

    And I can’t believe I’m thinking about dropping JLofA, but three issues into McDuffie’s run and I HATE IT. I loved Meltzer’s JLA. This super-hero smacksdown crap is not for me. I never understood the criticism of Meltzer’s run (people didn’t like the colors of the narration boxes??!!??!). You know what I can’t stand about McDuffie so far: all of the characters sound the same. He’s just a plotter, not a writer.

    That said, I’m not dropping Countdown. Not because it’s good. Or because I like it. I’m just a sucka. If you can get out, then do it, man. More power to you.

  45. Lots of opinions on this request and tangential discussions abound, but I will stick to the initial question.

    I read/have read all of the books you list, and I think you should

    The Flash – it seems completely disjointed from the old fertile Wally West stuff and as if they are just flailing about trying to find some way to have him be in a book again.

    Astounding Wolf-Man – It’s true that Kirkman titles generally improve as things move mroe towards the main stories. I mean think how much more interesting Invincible became after the twist with Omni-Man. Somehow though, I don’t think this one will pan out. I would wait for the trade.

    Halo: Uprising – Yeah, just no…

    JLA – McDuffie seems to have a fairly interesting JLA status quo going on that still develops some of the Meltzer subplots (Hawkgirl/Red Arrow). It’s a little too early to tell for me, but I would just stop and think about the book after you read the next issue to see how much you truly enjoyed it. JLA is kind of a DC flagship title, which is why I am hesitant to drop it.

    Countdown – Yeah, it’s no 52. The problem is. It gives you a sampling fo all the other realted books that are coming out in the DC Universe. If you drop Countdown then the concern would be whether or not you will be able to follow and enjoy FInal Crisis or any of the 500 mini-series or subplots that will go trhoughtout the DCU. It really comes down to whether or not you want to abandon Didio’s grand connected universe idea which is shaky at best.

    THE Initiative – I think someone already said it, but Ant-Man will be in it. I don’t think they will have the awesomeness that is the Gray Fox playing the Wii, but I will stick around to see how Slott portrays him. Slott is good with quirky stuff.

  46. Drop them all. There’s nothing like dropping a comic book–the first time it shows up on the rack, and that pang of “am i really doing this?” turns into “you and I are done, sister.” So good. I broke up with Superman/Batman, Countdown, Flash, JLA Classified, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Superman: Confidential, Catwoman–oh, tons more.

    These days, breaking up with comics that are merely average is almost as nice as when comics I like do more than phone it in. It’s my time, my money–there’s somebody out there who thinks every book i’m tired of is amazing. And if there’s not–then i’d rather not keep throwing money after something that should make way for better work.

  47. Drop them all Josh–those books all have been a bit of a bummer. I’m dropping Flash myself.

  48. I’m all for dropping books when you lose interest. I have been jumping back and forth between having the money to spend on comics and not. Now I’m pretty much just reading X-Men title and the two Avengers books. These are the things that really interest me, and I’m on a budget.

    You guys buy about 3 times more books than I did when I was buying what I considered to be too much. Every week we hear about at least one book that was bad on the podcast. I challenge not only Josh, but all three iFanboys to drop those mediocre books. You may find that you really enjoy a more refined comics appetite.

  49. Josh,

    I’ve dropped Countdown for reasons similar to those you explained. I didn’t cary about Mary Marvel, felt like the Defenders plot was going nowhere, and only found the Rogues plot slightly amusing. And you know what? I read Wizard’s recap every Thursday, and it appears that I haven’t missed much in the month since I’ve dropped it.

    I also hear ya’ on Flash and JLA. I’m considering dropping those two as well.

  50. I dropped Countdown around week 41 (boring, sloppy, uneven) and haven’t looked back OR missed it (or seemingly missed anything really important to STORIES I enjoy reading apparently since I seem to have an idea of what’s going on from other books – net $12 a month; that counts for like 4 books).

    That said, I did drop Avengers: The Initiative at one point and found I missed it and went back. I think it’s got a lot of good points, art included. I think maybe I dropped it from Civil War/Event fatigue (cause it was during the WWH storyline).

    I normally am not into bringing kids into books, but given the quality of story and art, I’m willing to give the Flash some length (har). I think whatever Waid is doing speaks to the legacy/family aspect of the character I find fairly interesting.

    In other news, I just started reading Invincible and it is invici-awesome.

  51. Drop the Flash. It pains me to say it because I love the character but I’m going to be dropping it, too. Unless Zoom shows up and takes out his kids…