Offical Green Lantern Logo and Tagline Revealed

Don't know how I missed this, but over the weekend, we got a glimpse of what the official logo and tagline for the upcoming Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. We found it over at /film.



Also, as it turns out, anyone can be chosen, which seems to make Hal Jordan a little less special.  "Oh, I don't know, how about that guy?" "Sure, why not."  Either that, or they're talking about casting, which also seems to fit.



The other thing that's abundantly clear from the linked article is that this stuff right here? It's all about the moichendizing!


  1. That is a curious tagline. I guess you don’t have to have the right…what’s that stuff?

  2. I just cannot freaking wait for "GREEN LANTERN – GRANNY". Coming 2015!!

  3. The tagline "Anyone can be chosen" combined with the fact that aliens send green rings to others and bring them to Oa have me convinced this is clearly alien abduction.  Do the guardians insist on anal probes during GL physicals.

  4. I don’t think they have enough flares and photoshop junk. There is definitely room to cram more effects n there. =p

  5. perhaps a little disclaimer would help…  Anyone Can Be Chosen*

    *only in participating space sectors.  many will be eligible. few will win.  not valid in NC, CA, PA, AZ, MO, HI. 

  6. Not terribly exciting.  I still have high hopes for this movie though.

  7. The logo looks a bit off. The black spaces between the some of the letters irk me. But the Lantern itself looks awesome. I want that on a shirt.

  8. "Do the guardians insist on anal probes during GL physicals."

    Yes, but all they learn is that 1 in 10 rookie GLs don’t mind being anally probed.

    (I totally stole that from Kids in the Hall.)

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @misterckent – That made me laugh quite a bit. 

  10. *sigh* You know what this means right? It means not being able to talk amongst friends about "Green Lantern" without most non-comicreaders knowing what I’m talking about. It’s Iron Man all over again. Also is I find it’s getting harder to tell who’s not a reader when talking about the general superheroes. I find myself verifying it by making obscure recent references of major comic events.

  11. I’m liking the graphic design work on this less and less the more I look at it. I feel like I’m being asked to chose the next flavor of Dorito.

  12. Being protective of comic culture is a bad way to expand the growth of the medium. Keeping it all for yourself means that it will not continue to grow, and will therefore start to die. Don’t be like the guy who was pissed that people who "don’t read comics" were reading Watchmen. That’s a good thing.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "But they’re not liking it the right way!"
    Only thing worse than a He-Man Women Haters Club is a He-Man People Haters Club.
    Let people like stuff. There’s enough to go around.

  14. anyone, huh….sign me up!

    Looks good. 

  15. Uh….. It looks weird. Am I the only one that thinks it looks a bit…. Off? Hmm.

  16. I love the design of the icon itself. The typography, lens flares etc are not turning my crank. But the icon looks great!

  17. Reminds me of a gillette ad a little bit.

  18. If these are screen grabs of moving logo elements, perhaps we’ll enjoy the fizziness when we see it properly.

    Mind, it’s still a blooming boring film version of the current boring comics logo. I’d have used the late Seventies/early Eighties version as a template: 

  19. This tagline reminds me of Iron Man in the sense that they seem to be going out of their way to say, "Don’t worry, licensees; we can replace the lead at any time and keep right on truckin’."

  20. The tagline would certainly suit a Captain Universe film.

  21. Speaking as an Art Director that works in media and advertising, this looks to me like a rushed job just to get something out the door for the licensing trade magazines. It doesn’t look nearly developed enough for an official movie marketing campaign. It strikes me as temporarly placeholder.

     In other words, all will be well.

  22. I really hope the effects in the movie are much better than this.

    I’m sure @jonnjonz is correct.

  23. Where’s Conor making fun of the photoshop lettering and tagline on this?  Oh wait it’s DC.  Won’t happen, nevermind.

  24. I hate myself for "squeeing", but squee I did. I shall cross back over the line of respectable Internet users until I have re-earned my place.

  25. @KickAss: Yes, making fun of one photoshopped logo means you must make fun of them all. Heh.


  27. Anyone?? 


        Screams can be heard filling the air with terror. A young man panics and hides underneath his bed. The building across from him is engulfed in flames. As a Heroic Fire Fighter rushes back into the near collapsing burning building,a green light zips past him. He pays no attention. The peoples screams call out to him. Inside he manages to pull out a fairly obese women out from some burning support beams. He does his best and carries her through the smoldering ruble. As soon as she put to safety she calls out "Eli!! Oh Eli is still inside!! My precious cat Eli!!" With a sigh in his breath he rushes back in to find the feline.

           Across the street the zipping green light finds itself in the young mans room. The sound of whimpering can be heard. The now floating ball of green light lets loose a burst of light tossing the bed on it’s side. A Yelp escapes from the young mans mouth. An echoing voice speaks from the ball of green light. "Twitchy Lastpickings you have been chosen to overcome great fear" The ball of green light moves toward the young Twitchy. The light hovers over his right hand then quickly wraps around his middle finger. The light dims to reveal a ring now on Twitchy’s finger. Twitchy now stands and with a burst of green light, the young Twitchy now finds himself in a black and green uniform with white gloves. The voice speaks once more. "Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps"

         The screams from across the way have now been replaced with a rumbling from the building and then all of a sudden people cheering and applause. Twitchy approaches his window to see what the commotion is. He sees the Fire Fighter in the door way with a cat in one arm and a small girl in the next. The rumbling gets louder as the fire fighter puts them down. He is then quickly fallen under from a collapse above him. He has fallen on his stomach as more debris falls on him. A gasp from Twitchy leaves looking at himself wondering what he could do. He stares at the ring. A light flickers from it and all across him. He feels compelled perhaps by the light of the ring to make an exit through his window.

           He looks again at the Fire Fighter now trapped beneath the burning ruble. He stares at him and panics. He stares at him and wonders what to do. He stares and stares and stares. He stares too long. Another support beam gives way with much weight above it. And With not a moment left to spare the green light surrounds Twitchy causing him to float. Quickly he now moves to do what he must. The entire building now falling on it’s own weight gives way and Crushes The Heroic Fire Fighter. Somehow still alive, the fire fighter feels all the pain coarse through what ever part of him that is still attached. He even feels every ounce of pain of whatever part of him is no longer attached. The Searing Pain from the Fire. The Pain of his Bones Smashed and the Ripping of his Flesh. The taste of his own blood choking him. These lasting moments are nothing more then seconds but to The Heroic Fire Fighter they have lasted ten thousand years. And then just then. Death. He is no longer with us. The crowd is in tears but the tears don’t last for long. As beeping is heard from with in the collapsed building. BOOM!!!!! An explosion with a blast so enormous it engulfs the entire surrounding area and everyone in it. The other fire fighters. The police. The spectators. The rescued victims. Yes all of them. The Fat, the Cat and the Little Girl All Die. All Dead. Nothing but Death, Death, Death and also Death. 

           Through all this even the building across the street has been swept up in this chaos and sadness. The building even collapses on it’s own as if it has nothing left to stand for. It’s Lover across the street it never could be with but could only admire is gone. So the building just gave up and everyone in it died. Yup They all died too. Everyone except one. One smart young man who was overwhelmed but the sensation of what he Must do and what he he did was hide in his closet. He emerges with a green bubble surrounding himself. Who is he? He is one lucky young man. One man who was not capable of overcoming great fear.No. One man like any other. Like Anyone. A member of an elite group of Space Police. A member who was chosen by their policy. Anyone Can Be Chosen. He is Twitchy Lastpickings: The Green Lantern

  28. It’s weird, this doesn’t even look like a finished image. I’d be surprised if this isn’t revised and smoothed out before the actual marketing hits.

  29. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    @josh – Totally agree. Not impressive at all.  Would’ve been better to have just one ring by itself on a 3/4 angle. It’s not the logo that is important – it’s all about the ring.

  30. Hey c’mon fellas … it’s all inclusive … know what I’m sayin’. "Anyone can be chosen … eyyy. Even if you don’ have willpower. Don’t worry about it."

  31. @misterckent – haha very nice!

  32. It’s weird, because this whole thing seems to be aimed at merchandising people, but they must have known it would escape to the web. UNLESS IT WAS THEIR PLAN ALL ALONG!

    Doesn’t matter though.  That could be a green piece of poop with a PS lens flare and the same people would still buy tickets.

  33. I take issue w/ the tagline.

    "Anyone can be chosen?" Really now, that’s the best we can do? What’s more is that it flies in the face of what makes Hal Jordan awesome and marginalizies him. I think it was WordBalloon who had an interview w/ Neal Adams who gave this impassioned speech on how it was Hal Jordan, not Batman, not Superman, who was chosen for his ability to overcome great fear, and that that was his strength, ’cause the others just weren’t good enough. (I’m paraphrasing.)

    I don’t know. This smacks of the whole Kyle "I need to take a wee / Oh a blue meanie!" Rayner approach to being chosen.

    Esp. when Green Lantern has so many great lines from the oath. "Beware my power" wasn’t strong enough for you? L’sigh. Rant is over.


  34. I suspect the tagline is an attempt to show that appeal of the GL as sort of an everyman fantasy. Meaning, at ANY time, a spaceship could drop out of the sky, and YOU could be given an immensely powerful weapon and a chance at a bold new destiny.

    I also suspect there’s another side to that tagline, which would be something like, "Anyone can be chosen… but only a few can prevail […or something better, but you get the idea]. "

    I wouldn’t worry that the film will marginalize the "uniqueness" of Hal Jordan. If done with ANY basic sense of filmmaking craft, the whole film will — by nature — be about how Jordan operates and what makes him different from anyone else. But the tagline is in place just to push the concept that this ring could be handed to any of us. What you DO with it — THAT makes the difference.

  35. Yeah, I’d say this is a placeholder.

  36. I like the tagline, what’s the matter with it? Anyone can be chosen as a Green Lantern as we’ve seen through out the years in comics. The logo does look a bit unfinished, but still it’s a good looking poster. I’m psyched for 2011.

  37. Ha. Too much green.

    I don’t mind the tagline. I assumed  the "anyone" was a referrence to the fact that all Alien species are viable for the ring, rather than just Earthians.

    I don’t think it means the Guardians would just say "You’ll do…" and give a power ring to the first random dude they see in an alley…

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I don’t think their intention was "Low Standards." But that’s sort of how it reads. 

  39. If it said anyone could be chosen… That would sound more like "oooh, could be me!"

  40. @JJ – versus the present tense, "oooh, it can be me?"

  41. @Daccampo: Blame it on the fact that english is my second language I guess. 🙂

  42. This explains Gnort.

    Josh:   On a planet once ruled by the gods, a holy piece of excrement is chosen as its defender.  Yeah, I’d read that. 


  43. Here’s what I don’t understand: The largest draw for the movie is arguably Ryan Reynolds (at least for the leyman) and yet his name doesn’t appear on the movie poster? Understandably this is not the finished marketing but it would have been nice.

  44. @Ato220 It’s not the poster. It’s an industry ad to entice licensers to the movie: like happy meal toys, car commercials, etc, etc. In general thee aren’t leaked because they usual amount to nothing more than the name of the film, here they went with an image and tagline to sell the appeal tie-ing into this franchise.

  45. @josh: =( but that’ll mean that they’ll havve *gulp* opinions on the matter, to which I, being the responsible comic fan, will have to tell them they are WRONG!

    … needless to say, it could get ugly real quick.

    Plus people will ACTUALLY know what those rings I alternate between moods MEAN. And THAT my friend… might be a problem at work. >_>

  46. I’m fairly certain that its not a placeholder…this logo is something thats been in place for several months now. Looks like a low res email jpeg thats been resized a half dozen times so the pixels are kinda trashed.

    I’m sure this was a planned leak. If we’re just seeing it now after all these months in existence it was strategy. Its not a movie poster per say, but something that looks like its given to retailers to get them ready for all the stuff they’re going to be selling. 

    They’ll probably tweak it at some point (adding more or less photoshop junk) but this is it. 

  47. @Mangaman If you’re wearing your rings at work that much the fact that people might know what they mean is going to be the least of your problems.

  48. I like the lantern logo. The glowing on the lettering is weird, but like others have said, it does look a bit place holder-y.

    I don’t like the tagline, not because of the relation to the Green Lantern story, or lack thereof, but because it’s kind of boring. Hope that’s not the final, "official" one.

  49. having worked in licensing a while back and have seen my share of early industry ads. these things can change. that they haven’t released anything offical means they aren’t happy that its the final image yet but it’s probably the front runner.

  50. these things are ususally done before a style guide is set in place, and are some of the worst design stuff you will see from studios

  51. @RoiVampire: You’d be right if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a major WOW community in the work environment.

  52. Looks a bit sketchy like the Heroic Age logo. 

  53. please, not me. don’t choose me.

  54. well, that takes away Hal jordan’s credibility eh?

  55. @leigh–the studios hire one of a few entertainment advertising firms to do all the key art and stuff, but really its all design by (non designer) committee. After the success of Avatar i’m surprised its not set in Papyrus. =p

  56. I’ve personally done better while drunk in front of my computer and awake for fourteen hours. As a designer, I am appalled. Fail poster is fail.

  57. "Anyone Can be Chosen" reads completely like it’s aimed at the early merchandising push; roughly translated, it says to me "Anyone Can Buy This Product, so Invest!  Invest!  Invest!"

    This is aimed at the licenses, as a few have pointed out.  It’s not necessarily the actual teaser poster for the movie.  So I think that everyone freaking out can feel free to back off of the ledge.

    That said, this is my new wallpaper.  Cool insignia.  I’d wear the shirt.  (Hell, I think I pretty much OWN three versions of this shirt.)

  58. In fact, if you’re REALLY upset, do yourself a favor: go do a Google image search for the term "Licensing Expo".  Maybe throw on a recent year, or a recent movie that you love.  Some of the early licensing images featured at these expos are just slapped together nonsense.  The Terminator: Salvation image and the Spider-Man 4 image that I found… those two, in particular, were lazy and boring, and were not used in the promotion of the actual film (particularly as Spider-Man 4 isn’t even happening now).