NYCC 2011: A Taste of Comics & Foodspotting Deliver the NYCC Food Guide

The grand legacy of combining food and comics continues today as the gang behind  A Taste of Comics, featuring myself (Ron) along with C.B. Cebulski of Marvel Comics, Filip Sablik of Top Cow and Russ Cundiff of Divide Pictures return to deliver you the must eat spots in New York City, to aid those of you who are planning to attend the New York Comic Con. No reason why you can’t get a good bite to eat in and around the con, and we’re here to help.

Like earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con, we’ve teamed up with our favorite food celebration site Foodspotting, to create the iFanboy/A Taste of Comics/Eataku New York Comic Con 2011 Food Guide (which can be seen below).  This year, we’re excited because not only have we created the food guide, but Foodspotting will be AT the con, with a table where you can come by and say hello.  Additionally, we worked with superstar artist Cliff Chiang, who designed the exclusive A Taste of Comics/Foodspotting New York Comic Con 2011 badge!

If you’re not using Foodspotting, go get their app today and sign up and start spotting your favorite foods! Once you sign up to Foodspotting, you can go follow iFanboy and New York Comic Con 2011 Food Guide!  If you’re attending the New York Comic-Con and you spot any ONE item of the dishes in our guide, you could unlock the NYCC 2011 badge on Foodspotting.  And if you do that, and head over to the Foodspotting booth at the New York Comic Con and they’ll hook you up with a limited edition, real life button of the Cliff Chiang designed badge!

While you’re at the New York Comic Con, don’t miss the Food and Comics panel that I’ll be moderating along with C.B. Cebulski and chef Wylie Dufresne of WD~50 fame and other special guests!.  You can catch that on Friday, October 14, from 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Be sure to keep checking this guide as we’ll be adding spots and dishes throughout the week. You definitely don’t want to miss a meal while at the con, and neither do we! You can probably catch us chowing down on any of the spots mentioned in the guide, so if you see us, say hi!

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So go get Foodspotting, starting playing along and in the meantime, check out below for the complete guide to eating in New York City:


  1. I’ve been to WD~50. AMAZING FOOD! The tasting menu was totally worth it. I can still taste the foie-gras falafel bursting in my mouth and the goose fat dribbling down my chin.

  2. The guide is so incredibly golden. Thanks!

  3. You’ve chosen some great places but…

    1) Eataly? Really? Real New Yorkers avoid that place because it filled with tourists who don’t know how to order or move at the speed of NYC.
    2) Shake Shake? The line at SS starts at Madison Park and ENDS somewhere near the Staten Island ferry. If you’ve got five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes to wait for a meal then go for it.

    3) You did an excellent job on finding decent places to eat on 9th Avenue. On that I cannot find fault. Nice job.

    4) What about price specials for the people who’ve spend a ton of money to get to NYC for this? This town is not cheap. Instead of going upscale and touristy you could have found a few places that have group friendly pricing.
    5) What? No brunch? Come on. The Yotel on 42nd & Tenth has an excellent boozy brunch special. How could you miss that?

    I left space around #3 so people can see I’m not about being bitter or spewing poison. It’s a fine list just not really tailored for the crowd at Comic Con…And Yes, I’ll be at the Con.

    • If you read the guide entry, you’d see that we suggest going to the Upper West Side Shake Shack to avoid the long lines at Madison Park.

      As for price specials – many of the locations in the guide are reasonably priced (Burgers and Cupcakes, Gray’s Papaya etc). We did our best to get a mix/widespread selection

      As for brunch, I personally did add Amy’s Bread on their for some breakfast noshing’s but last I checked, not many people take the time out for brunch as opposed to going to the con itself. Thanks for the suggestion of the brunch at Yotel – people can check that out.

    • There’s a Shake Shack on 8th and 44th now.

    • Turns out I need to learn to read before I open my mouth. You’re info about SS is100 correct. Apologies.
      I’ll go eat some crow.
      And I STILL stand by item #3.

      Hopefully you’ll let me buy you guys a beer (or six) at Idle Hands this week. Yes, I am a New Yorker!

    • yeah, but that’s too close to Times Square for my personal tastes *shudder*

    • I live near the one in Upper East Side — there’s rarely a line there. It also has ample seating space

  4. I love brunch, but often don’t have a chance to grab one at cons.
    One of my favorite spots is Locanda Verde ( which is one of the cheaper times to grab a meal there.

  5. @Ron Richards: Hey Ron, any recommendations for food trucks? I’ve tried and loved “Wafel and Things” and “luke’s lobster”

    I also have to recommend any noodle dish from Momofuku’s Noodle Bar in East Village

  6. Haven’t tried Tabata Ramen, but Ippudo on 4th ave (between 9th and 10th st) is hands-down the best ramen place anywhere.

    I will try Tabata tomorrow.

  7. I wish you guys had put this out when I was up there last year. Keep this up for out of town visitors, for sure.

  8. As long as all you tourists stay west of Broadway – ya’ll can do whatever you want.

  9. I was just in NYC and wish I had seen this! I actually went to Spotted Pig and had the burger – based on comment by Connor on a recent pod cast. I thought it was a bit one note; too heavy on the blue cheese which over powered any other flavors. I tried the meat by itself, and it was pretty bland. The burger itself was cooked well, but the execution was off.

    I would highly recommend two places:
    S’Mac (345 East 12th Street)
    Hill Country BBQ Market (30 West 26th St).

    The former has some of the best mac and cheese my wife and I have ever tasted and the brisket at Hill Country was the best I’ve had outside of Texas!

  10. There’s always 2 Bros Pizza if you really want cheap eats ($1 a slice, $2.50 for 2 slices and a soda). They’re almost literally everywhere now.