Now Here’s a Switch: Man Steals Catwoman’s Jewels

Julie Newmar AKA CatwomanIt takes a lot of balls to steal the jewels from one of the most famous jewel thieves in the world, and (allegedly) Robert Ouriel has such balls. What he lacks, however, is brains.

Mr. Ouriel has been charged with stealing $25,000 worth of jewelry from Julie Newmar and then trying to sell the items to a pawn shop in Illinois which in turn listed the items on eBay where they were — quite incredibly — spotted by Julie Newmar herself.

Julie Newmar played Catwoman on the 1960s series Batman.

Robert Ouriel is really lucky that Julie Newmar is 76 years old and retired because in the old days, instead of being arrested by the police, he probably would have ended up 40 stories up, tied to a gargoyle, sporting a clawed up face.


  1. I still think Julie Newmar could kick his butt.

  2. Oh Newmar could definitely beat the living crap out of that thief.

  3. That’s pretty funny

  4. He forgot to let the heat cool down before dumping them.