Not much in the way of new comics for 10/01/08…

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

Let’s be honest, this week doesn’t have a whole lot going for it beyond Batman #680. Unless Image comes through with their releases, then we could have something to work with. Marvel might as well not even show up at the shop this week.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Tell me where it hurts.



  1. 4 books for me.  I’ll be picking up a trade, I do believe.  

  2. wow, seriously just two marvel books and an image book? well at least i really love punisher war journal and venom dark origins. Four Eyes looks infresting as well. I mayb grab a trade as well sir. or i could be responsible and save my money for next week…oh maturity

  3. Batman, Doktor Sleepless, Supergirl, House Of Mystery, Red Mass For Mars, No More Heroes.

    Makes this week bigger than the last for me. Also pick up the second Buffy trade this week.

    BQ: My wallet.

  4. man… not one marvel book. im not gonna lie. im kinda glad it’ll be a light week. what with homework piling up and all… also, as for the bonus question: my wrist (still sporting the ganglion cyst… ouch)

  5. It looks like just Supergirl and Submariner for me this week. Maybe now I can afford to grab a new longbox.


    BQ: It burns when I pee.

  6. If my store has it, No Hero #1, otherwise nada.

    BQ: My legs after my bike ride Saturday.

  7. Wow 4 Books and not a single marvel.

    Thinks i may have to get some real prose books running low on them

  8. Jumping on Supergirl this week.  No Marvel, all DC and Invincible.  Most excited about Batman.

    BQ- My wallet.

  9. My list is 100% Marvel, in that all I’m getting is the new Dark Tower HC.

    BQ: My pull list. 

  10. Wow. Not much at all. Looking forward to Batman and Invincivle.

     BQ: My ring finger. I was doing yard work yesterday and at some point, my wedding ring got lost. So upset.

  11. You know, I thought I was having a nice light week when looking at the title of this post, but I’m pulling 8 books.  So thanks for that tease… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m looking forward to Batman, more Manhunter, jumping onto Supergirl, and my interest is piqued with the new Top 10.  I just hope they don’t fuck it up.

    BQ:  My stomach.  I’m famished.

  12. Cable & Manhunter & Civil War:House of M.  And that appears to be it. 

    BQ: Shoulders, back, and neck, from hauling around a messenger bag full of comics at Baltimore Comicon.  Next time around, I’m either leaving some stuff at home, or being the person who drags a backpack with wheels around.  Might not look cool, but at least it’s ergonomic.

  13. Wow. Supergirl. Red Mass for Mars (which I might just trade wait on….), Batman…. I love this merciful week…

    BQ: My right foot has pains…

  14. No Hero and Invincible this week.  Sweet It’s nice to get out of the store under the $30 plus I’ve been getting.



    My eyes from reading to many ifanboy articles. 

  15. only a shy four books this week. which is fine. I need to save money anyhow.


    BQ: Ummm…My heart. There i admitted it. On ifanboy. How lame and I.

  16. Only 3 books this week, which is still an improvement on last week. Just Batman, Nightwing and I’m giving My Name Is Bruce a shot. I know it’s probably going to be awful, but it’s The Chin! Might get the Everybody’s Dead TP as well, that series was awesome.

    BQ: In my very soul after losing a dear friend… The iFanboy Mini ๐Ÿ™

  17. Yeeks: four books, and two of them are pity pulls. I believe I shall use this time to let the 7800 other books I’ve allowed to pile up get their due. Since apparently all of my money is suddenly needed for gas and bribing bandits.

    BQ: inside, where I am soft. Oh, and my hand is still cramped from drawing.

  18. The thing that bothers me? Buffy should be out this week… And it is not… Stupid delay…

  19. @GungaDin – Good point about Buffy. Stupid indeed!

  20. Batman, Trinity, Jonah Hex, and Invincible.

     I can’t hardly remember the last time I have had a week this light!  Now I’ll just be able to knock out some of the trades I’ve been putting off. 

  21. Well, Fraction has sold me on the Punisher Secret Invasion tie-in, so I’ll probably buy that. Still, I’m not making a special trip to the store for one book, so I’ll wait until next week to snag it. Probably for the best, since I’m insanely broke this week.


    BQ: My wallet hurts. A lot.


  22. 4 books (not including the last weeks books I didn’t pick up- It was only Chuck). Looking forward to Invincible and am even thinking about Black Heart Billy Coloured Edition.

    BQ: Its Spring and I have Allergies (and live in a city that is having a flower festival) 

  23. @doddzilla: I thought you just wrote that there was "No Hero and Invincible this week" Meaning that they were not coming out. Thanks for the heart attack ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. I get Invincible in trades, so all I have to look forward to is….Cable, great.  At least I have time to catch up on my stack of 20 books I’m behind on.

    BQ- Funny you ask, I went to the doctor this morning for abdominal pain…I must have had precog thoughts of Cable being my only book this week

  25. Wow!  Haven’t had this lite a week in like forever.  Much needed, I might add, for my wallet’s sake.  On the plus side, I just got the Howard the Duck Omnibus in the mail today.  So already, it’s a good week.

    BQ: The economy.

  26. OK I continue my rant about evening out the shipping. 19 books last week and 3 this week. Come on, would it be too much to ask to spread out the tie in books so they all don’t come out in one week?

    BQ: had surgery last week on my achillies tendon. Yes, it hurts.

  27. Jonah, Batman, El Diablo……..maybe Supergirl……maybe…


    BQ– Pride.

  28. Only 11 books this week!  Lightest week in a month or so.

    BQ:  Where Minx and iFanboy mini used to be.

  29. We are totally going to get smacked next week, I can feel it.

  30. perfect week!  Batman, JLA, Nightwing, Trinity, and I’m gonna try the new Vixen thing. Not too much, not too little…just right.

    BQ:ummmm…I have an hangnail… 

  31. I find it quite surprising that on the top 12 list on the main page, Marvel, which typically dominates the list, there’s only one book… and it’s Cable.  Anyways, I’m only grabbing Batman and Invincible.

     BQ: I have the colds.

  32. Only Batman, House of Mystery, and Chas.

     I might buy the Alcoholic. It depends on my mood.

  33. ONE BOOK. First time in like…forever!!! No-thing.

  34. Conor, lots of good Collected Editions out this week:

    The Alcoholic HC, Roy Rogers Archives, Long Road Home HC, Punisher MAX First to Last, Dick Tracy Volume 5, Viginettes TPB, The Boys Vol. 3 TPB, Silent Hill Omnibus, and Alter Ego 81 just to name a few.

    Bonus Question: Tell me where it hurts.

    My 401k


  35. JLA, Batman, Trinity

    BQ: My eay

  36. Only two comics this week but last week I had 11.

    BQ: Everywhere except the places that don’t hurt.

  37. If it wasn’t for The Alcoholic HC, it’d be a light week. As it is, I’m up around my usual spending amount. The Boys (always a joy), Batman, JLA, the aforementioned Alcoholic, and my first pick-up-on-Wednesday issue of Invincible are the prospective highlights. May or may not pick up Terror Titans, Vixen, and Four Eyes – we’ll see how the wind is blowing Wednesday.

    Have to agree with Conor – next week is likely to be just massive.

    BQ: My head. Really gotta find a good hangover cure.

  38. @Chrisgo~  What’s an "eay"? ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. @Ned- LOL my ear. I only realized it afterwards and I couldn’t correct it, hoping no one would question it.

  40. @Neb- See what I mean I can’t type to save my life!!!!

  41. @conor- I checked, and if everything ships on time next week we will get smacked.  So far I’m looking at over $40 next week.  I may have to skip some books next week that I wanted to read because 40 dollars is too much for comics.

  42. I have two books this week that I "kind of" care about.  I may just skip the week and hold tight for next week.

  43. Oh, BQ:  I’m a Mets fan.

  44. This is the first time since i started buying comics that I haven’t had a marvel book on my pull. That just feels wrong. Batman, Four Eyes, Invincible and No Hero (if i feel like it at the shop, I’m starting to really not like Ellis)

  45. Top 3



    Four eyes


    BQ: Right here. 

  46. Sometimes I love weeks where I’m only picking up 2-3 books, but other times I hate it. I love it cause my wallet isnt damaged too much, but I hate it cause it means not a whole lot is out there for me to read this week. But overall I still got two very good issues coming out: The first being Batman and the second Sub-Mariner: The Depths. Both very good titles with great writing and art to boot. It’s gonna be tough to choose POTW with it only being two titles this week.

    Oh but sadly I will not be reviewing my issues until this weekend. No it’s not for being lazy it’s just that my LCS is having a huge blowout of sales this week to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the store. 50% off new and back issues, 40% regular trades, and a bunch of cheapo TPB’s as well. So overall it’s gonna be a good week for comics but you’ll have to wait for my reviews until the end…I know your crying now but hey at least you got something to look forward to on saturday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BQ: My Brain Hurts

  47. oh missed nightwing.  how stupid of me. 

     BQ: Right now, My head really hurts.

  48. welp not too much exciting this week…Batman, Invincible, Four Eyes, and No Hero. thats pretty much it…light week for me im kinda surprised.

    BQ: Everything hurts…ugh 

  49. batman, jla, top ten…. whatever


    bq: my goiter stings when it’s cold 

  50. 5 books.  I’m going to read Supergirl for the first time ever. 

    BQ: My investment portfolio.  ouch. 


  51. Hmmm, it seems wrong to probably have to choose my POW between Batman and Invincible…they’re not really comparable. Oh well.

  52. Batman, Nightwing, and Trinity

    I am fully expecting Josh to pick Cable #7 as the POW simply so we can have some interesting discussion.  I will protest mightily if any other book is selected. 

    BQ: My pants.

  53. Wow, only 5 books for me this week. Nice change of pace I guess. Most looking forward to…… MARVEL APES!?! It IS a slow week!


    BQ: I’ll show you on the doll where they touched me. 

  54. Six books, none of which I’m particularly excited about – though I’m always happy for more of Gage playing in other people’s crossover universes, so I’m looking forward to the next issue of Civil War: House of M.

    BQ: My wallet, after the money I had to spend getting my car fixed to successfully drive back from Baltimore. Apparently, replacing your brakes is expensive.

  55. Lookin’ forward to Batman, Nightwing & Manhunter mostly … and this is the third week in a row with no Crisis books. There is meant to be a threat of the whole world ending & we just ignore it all the books for three weeks? lol. Way to kill the tension DC.

    BQ – My heart.

    Emo as hell I know … but I’ve had a rough week. Lucky I have new comics to look forward to! 

  56. Weird week for me.  Am I excited?  Kinda.

    Curious about Supergirl and No heroes but most interested in Trinity I think.  Big stuff went down last week.

     BQ: My Soul…

    Wade we should do a song!!!!  I’ll play the low piano part.

  57. Thank God it’s a light week (5 books), I feel like my wallet has been taking a huge hit over the last few months. Most looking forward to Batman and Trinity.

    BQ: My wallet, as well, between various health expenses, buying a plane ticket home for Thanksgiving, vacation expenses, and of course, comics.

  58. @CAM – LOL Sounds good, dude, I’m down for that. Let me get my banjo …

  59. @isteve how is howard the duck? i have always been curious

  60. Um, I’m looking forward to a light week too. Just Batman, Nightwing, Supergirl and Sub-Mariner for me, though I may mooch around for some back issues that I’m missing while I’m in the store  ;o)


    BQ: my chest – I’ve had a nasty chest infection for a couple of weeks.

  61. I guess that 6 books is a little bit light but Futurama isn’t a real issue.  Looking forward to seeing how Punisher: War Journal ties into Secret Invasion.

  62. Just Invincible, Batman, and Red Mass for me.

  63. "The Boys."  Haven’t missed an issue and now it’s really starting to come together. 

  64. Cant wait to see what grant morrison does to batman next!