New ‘Watchmen’ Trailer!

The new Watchmen trailer is a doozy!

We get some actual story and dialogue in this one (as well as some not so good, kinda wonky music), so it’ll be interesting to see if the general population responds this one as strongly as it did the first trailer.




  1. I cannot wait until this comes out.  I got chills when I saw it before The Dark Knight.  Even if they tweaked the ending a bit as has been reported I don’t care, this looks AWESOME.

  2. Looking Good…..Looking very good.

    One complaint however: Not liking the voice of Rorschach as much. It’s not totally bad, I mean other then Alan Moore’s very hilarious take on him in his Mindscape film, we dont know what his voice should sound like. Just a tiny, very tiny nitpick; other then that this film looks gold.

  3. Looking good. glad to see that at least some scenes look very much like the graphic novel.

    @thenextchampion i agree the voices for Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan sound off.

  4. Absolutely no complaints.  Friggin’ sweet.

  5. I hope Muse doesn’t make the actual score.

  6. That was rather bad-ass. I’m hoping for the best out of this movie.

  7. Once again, does Snyder know that cameras normally run at 24 fps?  I mean, aside from the scenes with dialogue, for which slow motion is problematic, was there a scene that didn’t contain slow motion elements?  I know Zachy boy thinks it’s all lyrical, but we have too much story to adapt without him mucking about in slow motion because he missed the point of John Woo movies in film school.

  8. @projekt – As I understand it, Snyder’s pulling <80s music to keep it feeling as authentic as possible. Reznor’s Just Like You Imagined didn’t show up in 300 either, so I think we’re safe.

    Eh, not really feeling this trailer as much as the first. Some of the wording felt a touch clunky – unfortunately I’ve loaned my Watchmen trade out and haven’t gotten it back, so I’ve no idea if it’s Moore-written or Snyder-written. Does anyone have their copies of Watchmen handy? How much of the trailer’s dialog is pulled from the GN?

    All the visuals are pitch perfect though. Especially loved the shot of Rorschach running through the apartment hallway being shot at. Very nice.

  9. Wow. I love "Take a Bow" by Muse, but the way they edited it for the trailer makes it sound REALLY wonky.

    That said, while i’m still a little aprehensive, color me impressed.

  10. I’m officially excited.

  11. I will reserve judgement until I see it.  That being said, the trailer was pretty freakin’ sweet.

  12. I did not like the look of Rorschach.  This trailer worries me.  Doctor Manhattan looks promising though.

  13. I’m excited about most of it but I kinda expected Dr. Manhattan to have a less of a normal dude voice.

    And I kinda liked the Muse song set to the trailer.

  14. awesome. can not wait.

  15. I don’t really like Manhantan’s voice, but I do like Rorsarch’s.

    What bother’s me is the emphasis on the word ‘Watchmen’

    If I remember correctly, the word Watchmen was never spoken in the book. In this trailer, it seems to be synonymous with ‘masks’.  That takes away some of the metaphor and brillance to me.

    But who cares? It’s not like it’s gonna stop me from putting down my $10.

  16. I can not wait for this movie! and I really enjoyed Muse in this trailer I thought it went well with it.

  17. I like Muse much more when they’re called Radiohead. 🙂

  18. @dshramek

    I think (but don’t know this for sure) the slow motion is just to make for a more exciting trailer. Don’t think there will be so much in the movie.

     Loved this. Everything was perfect.  

  19. The Muse track sounds like a re-mix. Good clips, though.

  20. I love the footage and what they are allowing in the trailer to stir a mystery for everyone who has not read the books.  The voices, while not what I expected, are adequate.  I always expected Dr. Manhattan to have an echo, like Mystique from X-Men.  That song, I didn’t take to liking too much.  But, the first Trailer and the SPIKE TV trailer had that awesome Smashing Pumpkin Song.

     I also don’t mind that they’ve changed the "Minutemen" to "Watchmen"

  21. as far as trailer constructions go I don’t think this is a very well put together trailer to be honest.

    as far as Watchmen movies go I am so jazzed to see this flick!   

  22. @chlop- do you mean "the shit" or just "shit"?

  23. I was embarrasing when I saw this trailer at the midnight showing of Quantum of Solace, I claped after it was over and my friends wished they didn’t know me.

  24. Mmhmm.  Yep.  Oh yeah!

  25. @sixgun: i saw the first trailer at the midnight showing of dark knight and half the theater including me clapped, and my friend got up and moved a seat over.

  26. I only wish that they were doing this without Snyder’s gimmicky slow motion/cgi schtick.  This is such a highly lauded book, the over the top 300 style effects seem to cheapen it to me.

    …and why is Christian Bale overdubbing Rorschach?? 

    Still, looks very interesting and am eagerly awaiting this.

  27. I don’t think it will be good but am accepting the fact that everyone will love it before it even hits. 

  28. Looks good to me.  I even liked the Muse track.  No complaints.  

  29. Didn’t they just do a remix with Philip Glass and Muse?  Didn’t really dig the music this time around.  However, I am happy they included some dialogue (this is a talkie, you know) and I’m pleased with everyone except Silk Spectre.  The slow motion doesn’t really bother me all that much.  Yeah, it’s overused but it’s kind of a given with Snyder.  Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they filled these trailers with almost all the slow-mo shots in the movie to make it look more like "300."

  30. Love the trailer and think this could be a tremendous film.

  31. holy crap im in love with the idea of the movie i have been crazy about it since i saw the trailer in TDK i cant fraggin wait

  32. Once I see Quantum of Solace this weekend, Watchmen is the next big event movie I’ll be waiting in line for…

  33. Jesus, that was awful. The acting was pitiful, the costumes look ridiculous, CGI Dr. Manhattan looks weightless and fake, the old man make-up on The Comedian looks ridiculous, and Rorschach sounds silly. I can’t believe you people have such low standards for this film.

  34. I feel like the slow motion makes perfect sense for the comic.  Just the way images are emphasized in the book.  

  35. @mcguffin – I’m just curious, what kind of standards are you holding this to? What movie were you expecting this to look like? I ask only because you’re possibly the first comic-reader I’ve heard who’s been so utterly disappointed with what’s been shown so far (save on the standard AINC’s Talkback trolling, but I try my best not to read much AINC Talkback.)

  36. @Paul – totally agreed. I was thinking about that yesterday evening while I read McCloud’s Understanding Comics. The slow-mo works well for emphasizing imagery and the speed ups read to me like the "time between the panels."

    I’m also holding out hope that the multiple references to "The Watchmen" which to me made the dialog pretty clunky were just overdubbed/rewritten for the trailer to explain things to the general public. Maybe the actual dialog will refer to "Masks" and "Minutemen?" One can hope, and I’m seeing more and more trailers incorperating unused/rewritten footage nowadays.

  37. @OttoBott – "Ain’t It News Cool"?  (J/K.  I agree with you.  That Talkback is troll-infested worthless.)

    @mcguffin – … seriously?  Okay, that’s cool… I think, though, that it’s not so much our low standards for a "Watchmen" film, but maybe your impossibly high standards for said film, that is the problem.  (Just a theory.)  This is a work of art created by man, and so by its very nature it will be flawed.  Truth is, of course, this trailer is not a film, it’s a piece of advertising.  I mean, there’s an art to the craft of good trailer making, but it exists solely to sell the film.  The trailer is getting strong positive feeback… doesn’t mean the film won’t suck.  You could be right, but we don’t know that yet.  (I feel that it will very much NOT suck, for the record.) 

  38. <a href=>Spoilers</a>… this is ruins the movie for me.  It makes no sense.

  39. No spoiler discussions.  They will be deleted.

  40. @RaceMcCloud – it’s all the worse because I misspelled an acronym repeatedly and consistently.

  41. Well now… that was a bit good, wasn’t it? I continue to be impressed by everything I see for this film (except the music used in this trailer). Maybe that’s just my low standards though.

    Patrick Wilson as Dan = perfect IMHO 🙂

  42. @conor -How can you spoil a movie based on a book that is 20 years old?

  43. @conor – Ah… I see.  Sorry, I get you now. 

  44. Again other then Rorschach, I liked everything about the trailer. But you cant say a film will be bad or good just by watching two to four minutes worth of a trailer. Now if somewhere down the line, a scene is leaked or shown to the public; then maybe we can judge somewhat. (Sorta how IGN kept giving us scene previews for Hellboy 2 and Dark Knight)

    Does Rorschach mask change at during this film? I see it changing scene by scene, but not shot by shot the panels did in the comic. Just curious.

  45. I saw the patterns shifting during footage of the mask. Slowly, but I believe it was.

  46. @icn – re: P. Glass and Muse… I need to check this out if a mash-up does exist.  I just watched this again and caught some of Glassworks in the beginning.  Completely missed it the first time around.

  47. @mcguffin – You will be visited by three spirits before the night is through.  

    Manhattan doesn’t need to have weight.  He’s reconstituted atomic energy.  He’s all-matter.  

  48. Didn’t you all hear the Rorschach voice on the last trailer?  What did you expect him to sound like.  He’s a little dude with no powers.  Raspy is about his only option.

  49. I love his voice.

  50. Rory sounds great.  Exactly what he should sound like.  

  51. Now Russell Hammond on the other hand…


  52. I thought the raspy voice was his power?  Isn’t it all Skilled Normals?

    Trailer looked good, even though I’m not a huge Watchmen fan I’ll probably watch this in the theater since it seems like the kind of movie that will look better on a giant screen.

  53. They should dub over Crudup with the guy from the motion comic.  

    I have a rational hatred of Billy Crudup for dumping Mary Louise Parker…while she was pregnant.  What a fucking lowlife.  Who dumps Amy Gardner! 

  54. @Paul – In Crudup’s defense, his very viseage personifies the qualities of a deuche.

    That’s the best defense I could muster.

  55. @Kimbo – shit. bollocks. Not the shit and not the dog’s bollocks.

    Also it seems they chose to go with regular nipples for the Dr. instead of blue ones.

    And Rorshach smokes a lot. It’s probably the twist – he’ll die of cancer as well. 

  56. @Paul – Solidarity brother!  Nancy Botwin FTW!

  57. i’m going to roll with it, so here goes.

    manhattan looks terrible. fight scenes, in WATCHMEN!!!!, that got me freaked out plus I saw a behind the scenes where there is more fight scenes. i think it will be  a good, flashy movie, but sour watchmen somewhat. i’ll watch it but might "spit venom at it"

  58. Man, Muse doesn’t offend me or anything, but whenever I hear them all I can think is I’m listening to "radiohead-lite". :-p

    So, aside from that. The trailer still has me remaining skeptical. The fact that these trailers are so flashy and in in your face doesn’t bode well for the the kind of perspective Zack Snyder took when approaching this film. 

  59. Flashy gets fannies in seats.  

  60. Paul, is that the U.S or U.K use of the word "fannies"? Because you’re tailoring to two different markets there.

  61. BTW, Snyder has said the film isn’t action heavy, so what you’re seeing in the trailers is probably it. Have faith people. It may not be the pitch-perfect Watchmen movie you have in your head, but wait until you’ve seen it to judge.

    At least this director argued for an R rating, argued for a long running time (as well as shooting the Black Freighter story for the DVD), and actually seems to care about the material. It could hae been worse, we could’ve got Ratner.

    Just have faith and go watch it. Then make up your minds.

  62. @Eyun – Theoretically, they want either definition of fannies in the seats.  

  63. Hey I have no big problems with the voice of Rorschach. I’m just saying that since we have no idea what he should sound like, it’s just weird to hear it so much. By the time the film comes out I’ll warm to it…It’s the same with Manhattan with me as well, but the guy has no emotion which is perfect. The book pretty much shows he has no emotion so that’s actually great acting there.

    And yes, I know Alan Moore provided a voice for Roschach in his Mindscape film but let’s be serious: Who didnt laugh at that ridiculous moment in the film?

  64. here’s my thoughts on Muse

    they aren’t a good as radiohead, but they don’t sound like them and are fairly good.

    in the trailer muse do sound terrible because they butchered it, two cuts in an action/suspense scene???

  65. They don’t sound like Kid A or In Rainbows era Radiohead. But, I think they sound a lot like Pablo Honey through OK Computer era Radiohead, and I’m not the only one, they’re always compared to Radiohead and for good reason, they sound like old school Radiohead. 

    But if being compared to Radioheads a bad thing then somethings wrong with the world.

  66. Sorry if i got a little carried away.

    I’m just a huge Alt/Indie music Geek/Nerd/Snob/Douche 🙂

  67. I have no problem with that song they use, it fits for the tone of the trailer. Just never heard of Muse until now. If they are Radiohead-like though then I’ll give them a try, love Radiohead

    …..Hail to the Thief is the best album ever.

  68. @TheNextChampion: I think In Rainbows is the better album. Hail to the Thief felt to much like a Kid A/Amnesiac sequel to me, not as much progression as i would have liked. though i find a lot of people say its their favorite Radiohead album. That being said its a great album(I even have a Hail to the Thief T-Shirt)

  69. I would have loved to see that trailer with the music: Salaam by The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

    Track 5. 

  70. I love the Brian Jonestown Massacre. but, if they use songs(kinda hope they don’t and just use a score) I hope its all late 70’s early 80’s Punk/New Wave like Talking Heads, Joy Division, New Order and Devo and Dylan(definitely not Punk/New Wave) cuz they’re both mentioned in the book

  71. It sounds like, even though it’s only two songs right now, they are going more for an alternative-indie rock for the film. Hopefully the score will be memorible too cause an epic film like this needs to have a good score.

    But right now it’s Muse and Smashing Pumpkins and like a whore I have bought both songs on itunes….I have a problem.

  72. I kind of agree with gwiz. Muse only sounded like RH on the Absolution album. Other than that, they’re pretty different.

    And RH is the best. 🙂

  73. did no one else have a problem with the fact that apparently theyre using "watchmen" as a team name in the movie? or was it just me?

  74.  Yeah. That was an unnecessary change.


  75. I think the concerns about the group name change to "Watchmen" are kind of silly, to be honest.  I mean no offense, but it doesn’t really matter.  Snyder has said that it’s a symbolic name and not an official group name.  They’ve come to be called Watchmen by the public.  Using the term simplifies things for the promotional material.  It’s just a streamlining of the story to ease the transition to a feature film.  Every little bit of tightening can help.  

  76. It sounded to me like a bad audio edit of them adding "watchmen" to those pieces of dialouge.  So, the original name may stand… just put together for the trailer.

  77. They could have had Christian Bale do Rorschach’s voice. He’s had plenty of practice doing a deep, raspy voice.

  78. is this "watchmen" comic i keep hearing about any good?