New THOR movie picture – Now with Loki helmet!

There's a new picture from Thor making the rounds on the internet and it looks like Loki's wearing his giant horned helmet.

Except for Thor's pants I'm loving everything that we're seeing out of this movie so far. It's so grandiose and Kirbyesque. Visually, I'm really excited for Thor.


  1. This looks pretty damn awesome.

  2. I like this pic a lot more than the last one. The costumes look better when you see more of the set and get a better idea of the whole look of Asgard.

  3. looks suspiciously like the 80s Flash gordon flick…which frankly scares the crap out of me. 

  4. I haven’t been impressed with any of the photos of costumes or sets so far but I am hoping Branagh willl do the material justice.

  5. i can’t tell if Thor is wearing his helemt or not, i don’t think he is, but Loki and Odin do look BA.

    ive seen a lot of old flash gordon/ power rangers/ b movie oriented comments about the set and costumes. these pictures don’t seem like they come stright from the film, but by pictures taken from somewhere else for promotional purposes. come SDCC i think we will have a better picture of how wverything will really look.

    Plus, i am very thankful for SF Asgard and not LOTR Asgard.

  6. Badass.

  7. YAY! HELMETS!  This seals the deal I’m now 100% on board with this movie.

  8. I’m just not getting a good vibe on this movie.

  9. I’ve had mixed feelings after seeing some of the previous pics but this looks pretty good.  I’d love to see more set photo of out doors areas.

  10. now THAT’S more like it! This is the type of epic grandious i’d expect from the director of Hamlet. I’m much more optimistic after seeing this picture

  11. ….even with the Loki helmet *yuck*

  12. I must admit I don’t have much invested in this one, but I’ve liked everything I’ve seen so far. The scale and grandeur of the sets and costumes in these pics tells me that at the very least we’ll see something original. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised like I was with in ’08 with Iron Man.

  13. This movie will be great! The Destroyer will appears!!

  14. wow that sure is whole lot of gold leaf

  15. Sonovabitch, it’s nice to see a good ol’ fashioned huge Hollywood movie set instead of a green screen Lucas deal. Loki helmet looks good enough to buy at my LCS.

  16. I don’t think I’ve seen a photo – what’s wrong with Thor’s pants?

  17. Thor’s pants? You can’t see Thor’s pants in this pic! Just his cape.

  18. Huginn and Muninn? Fuck yeah!

    Also, it’s possible Thor is holding his helmet in his hands there.

  19. Good god this looks so awesome.

  20. @WilliamKScurryJr: I totally agree with you on the whole set thing. This just looks so much more awesome than a CG piece ever could.

  21. Looks nice, but WOW I’m curious if the average non-comic book reading joe will be able to get into that sort of a world.

  22. Is that throne a giant freaking sword? Awesome. That’s what I would sit on if I were a god.

  23. @swifty and IroncladMerc: I’m pretty sure Conor was referring to the earlier pics of Thor’s costume design:

  24. @lmiller31  …sheet! you beat me to it! that looks like the hilt to the sword of doom that starts Ragnarok. Surtur’s sword!(Twilight, the sword of DOOM)

    soo shiny, beautiful!

  25. hahah  This looks awesome!  Balls to the wall is the way to go! 

  26. Nice

  27. @CaptainPrimate: Same here.   My first thought was "Where’s Ming the Merciless?"  

    With Kenneth Brannagh directing, I have high hopes, but after seeing the photos, my expectations aren’t as high.  

  28. GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I think I just threw up a lil in my mouth. . . 


    yay post production, I’m sure it’ll look better on screen . . .   (crosses fingers)  

  30. Oh man, Really cool.

  31. Is it just me or did anyone else get a strong ‘Masters of the Universe’ vibe there?