New Look at One Moment In Time

Whether you want it or not, they're doing it.  One Moment in Time will debut in Amazing Spider-Man #638 on July 21.  Written by Joe Quesada, with pencils by both Quesada and Paolo Revera, take yet another look at what's on the way.

At the very least, it'll be pretty.




  1. So judging from this it looks like Joey Q will do the ‘present’ while Revera is doing the past. Which makes sense and I gotta say…..The art in this preview is absolutely gorgeous. Look at the two, top panels with Harry! Gorgeous stuff there.

    I’m just giggling because everyone is going to be grinding their teeth when this comes out. 

  2. Nothing brings me back to the 80s as quickly as pocket vests.

  3. Paolo is just fantastico. Huge fan, I’m definitely picking this up in trade, even if I don’t really care about the MJ/Peter wedding (seriously, as a life-long spider-fan, MJ added very little to the spider-mythos for me).

  4. Peter wears tightie whities? Ew.

  5. I faced the pain. I rise and fall, yet through it all, this much remains. I WANT ONE MOMENT IN TIME, when I am more then I thought I could be.

    A spidey comic based on a Whitney Houston song – yeah this’ll bring all the one more day haters back…

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    God damn, this looks gorgeous. 

  7. I was neither a fan before, nor one after, but isn’t this rubbing it people’s faces? Yes, yes, Joe Q, you’e big time editor now, there’s no need for this nerd-rage!

  8. I like these pages much, much better.  Not that the others were bad, but these are NICE!

  9. I’m boycotting this, because everyone knows Peter is boxers man.

  10. I think everyone’s forgetting that while wearing tights boxers are the worst possible underwear leaving very unseemly lines in the midthigh area. Inorder to avoid embarrasment Peter should be wearing a thong, but I guess tighty whiteys are still better.

  11. Wait…OMIT? They are so clever.

  12. Maybe some of those spandex bike shorts would be in order? Standard issue whitey tighties would give a superhero panty lines.

  13. it reminds me of archie comics, love it

  14. From the preview the artwork looks so clean

  15. I was lukewarm on the previous preview, but these pages made me happy in my heart, soul, and pants.

  16. My only worry is that Quesada’s gonna screw up the schedule on yet another project. Other than that I’m pretty excited.

  17. So has the whole Brand New Day nonsence finished yet? Can I restart reading Spider-man?

  18. Actually, Spider-Man is on record as saying he goes commando in the costume. And, for what it’s worth, he was butt-ass naked when he kicked the Kingpin’s ass.

    I might read this, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll return to reading Spider-Man regularly. I just don’t care anymore.


  19. @drake and @MisterShaw: Peter can’t wear boxers with the costume. It could be worse, he could be like Superman or Batman and wear them on the outside of the costume.