New Frontier Madness Continues! DVD is out ! Podcast Released! Giveaway!

Justice League: The New Frontier was released on DVD today, and there hasn’t been an animated comic book movie we’ve been more excited about. The adaptation of Darwyn Cooke’s DC masterpiece looks fantastic, and for once, Ron, Josh, Conor, and even Gordon are all psyched about the same

You may have heard or read about the great time we had in San Francisco at WonderCon, celebrating the release of the DVD at Isotope Comics with Darwyn Cooke and many other guests. You may have ALSO heard about the swanky pint glasses that were available for sale. In honor of the DVD release, we snagged some glasses and will be giving them away. Look for a special edition podcast soon, and maybe, if you’re lucky, you can snag one of these glasses designed by Darwyn Cooke himself.

UPDATE: The Grand Prize has leaked, and it is a copy of Justice League: The New Frontier DVD signed and sketched upon by Darwyn Cooke himself.

Listen to the special edition podcast


We are giving away 10 limited edition pint glasses designed by Darwyn Cooke, available previously only at the New Frontier After party thrown by Isotope – The Comics Lounge and iFanboy in San Francisco, CA

Also, ONE special grand prize winner will receive the pint glass, a limited edition art print of the party invitation designed by Darwyn Cooke as well as copy of the DVD of Justice League: The New Frontier, signed by Darwyn Cooke.


E-mail with the subject line: New Frontier Contest and answer the following question:

The New Frontier gets its name from a speech given by John F. Kennedy where he says “The New Frontier” When and where did John F. Kennedy deliver this speech?

Giveaway Deadline: March 6, 2008 – Midnight EST

Good Luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Dave Levine, who won the grand prize! As well as to the 10 other winners of the pint glasses who’s names will be posted soon!

But if you’ve watched the DVD, here’s the place to talk about it. What do you think? Does it live up to the hype? Has Cooke been translated well? Give it up and let us know!
If you haven’t gotten it yet, buy Justice League: The New Frontier today!


  1. i am waiting for it to come in the mail, I got the two disk version so i am going to have a great geek night. Come on US Mail system!!!

  2. I desire those pint glasses with the white hot passion of a thousand burning suns.

     Those glasses are quite cool looking.

  3. Can’t wait to get it on Blue Ray! This was actually one of the deciding factors in buying a PS3. Got have that high-definition Hal!

  4. Awesome!  Am I eligible?

  5. I am going to get my copy later tonight and watch it. Can’t wait to watch it

  6. I would kill for that glass. Yes, kill.

    …just bugs okay? But I’d kill them in the hundreds if you want.

  7. Got it on Blue Ray today. I am planning on having a showing tomorrow with two of my other comic friends, but I’m not sure I can wait that long…

  8. Oh man, it’s on Blu-Ray? I hade no idea

    and no Gordon, you’re not eligible  

  9. I just put this DVD in my NetFlix Queue.  Hooray!

  10. When will we get the contest details?

  11. @SixGun – On the special edition podcast.

  12. "Very Long Wait" for this on Netflix – I hate that (!)

  13. I want one of these ‘mugs’ as well…AND what we also need now is an official iFanboy shot glass, so that we may all play the iFanboy drinking game…is there a thread on the forums for such a game? If not, we need some rules. Of course you must be 21 to play…. cheers!

    "Make mine iFanboy……hiccup!" 

  14. netflix

  15. Stopped at Target on the way home. Totally worth the 15 in cash, but I am a complete sucker for the animated heroes from my past thing. So please don’t take my word for it.

  16. i got the blu ray edition tonight. i got half way through when my daugter took over the tv. as far as i can tell they were sticking pretty close to the book and the art was great.

  17. actually if i win can josh and connor personally deliver it to me dressed as green lantern and the flash?

  18. Just finished watching it (on Blu-ray).  It looks fantastic. 

    A few changes:  The movie starts at chapter 3 in the book (skipping over the whole "Losers" story.  Also, in probably the biggest change, Hal Jordan acompanies Flagg on the attempted mission to Mars instead of being grounded like in the book (actually this whole scene is very different than in the book).  I didn’t care for that change so much. 

    As far as the voice performances, I thought Kyra Sedgwick as Lois Lane was a little weak, but David Boreanaz was great as Hal Jordan.  I was also suprised how well I took to Jeremy Sisto as Batman.  The voice was jarring at first but it didn’t take long to get used to it.

    Like I said the look of it was fantastic, especially in HD.  The Blu-ray has some great extra features as well as three Justice League Unlimited episodes. 

  19. I loved it, even though I haven’t read the graphic novel, mostly because I want to save up for the Absolute Edition, I still really enjoyed it. The animation from Bruce Timm’s team has always been my favorite, and using the character designs from Darwyn Cooke just makes it even better.

     I could definitely sense that there was some stuff missing, but nothing ever felt abrupt or out of place.

     So I loved it, I hope everyone else does too.

  20. @Ben0Bugenig – You will love the Absolute for this story.  Do yourself a favor and get it from Amazon where it’s under 50 bucks.  I got the book for christmas last year and I was really happy I did. 

    I saw an early edition of the DVD and I thought it was hard to compare.  I was a little upset that the Loser’s storyline was left out.

  21. I too was upset that the first part of the story was left out.  I thought the lead in with the Loser’s really set the tone for the rest of the book.  The movie could have certainly benefited from that story thread. 

    I HIGHLY recommend seeing this in HD.  I downloaded it on my 360.  The film is just gorgeous.  Now I must have BLU-RAY!!!

    Long live Hal Jordan!

  22. I added this to my Blockbuster queue. Now wait for me =D

  23. Amazing! Best animated movie I’ve seen in quite some time. All the characters had their own arc that actually had satisfying conclusions. The end montage over the JFK speech was cool. The animation was great, and while I couldn’t help seeing the Timm influence (not a bad thing), there was enough Cooke in the designs to not totally ignore the source material (i.e. Superman/Doomsday). The voice acting was great. I couldn’t really distinguish which actor was which character, which to me is a testament to the acting. Hearing celebrity 1’s distinct voice as character 1 almost always takes me out of the movie.

    Maybe slightly spoiler-ly-

    My only complaint – the villian wasn’t that menacing. Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve read the book, but I seem to remember there being more to it. I did like the fact that one of the big three was taken out of the battle, leaving the ‘lesser’ heroes to step up. The way Hal Jordan ended the battle was just frickin’ awesome.

    End spoiler-ly bit 

    The Justice League history doc was great, too. A lot of ground covered by a lot of past writers – Waid, Wolfman, Joe Kelly, Len Wein – an amazing group of writers. Worth the price of admission by itself.

    Haven’t checked out the second disc yet – probably do that this evening. Also highly anticipating listening to the Cooke commentary.

    Highly, highly recommended and definitely worth multiple viewings.  

  24. I haven’t read the book, but if the movie is anything like it, I am going to rush out and buy the absolute now. 

  25. It was pretty good. They cut a lot, and most of what they cut (the Looser’s story line and the stuff about Hal’s dad) I think made the story more shallow than what it was in the book. There’s other nit-picky stuff, but that’s the main think. It needed to be at least 20 mins longer.

    Oh, and they cut out my favorite line in the book: Jimmy saying, "She loved him you idiot!" (or something along those lines, lol)

  26. Was great!!! Loved it. I want more of these movie now!!

  27. I bought the blu-ray yesterday, and immediately watched the documentary on the Justice League, and then of course the movie itself. 

    I absolutely loved it– it was much better than I even expected.  Yes, I would have loved for it to have been 30-50 minutes longer.  But, it was simply terrific.  I didn’t really mind any of the changes or "cuts"– I thought they really kept the core of the story and the characterizations. 

    My wife, who reads some comics (Fables, Buffy) but not really super-hero comics, also loved it.  She’d never read the book, but she thought it was fantastic.  I think it probably helped her that we watched the Justice League documentary first– as it really set the context for the movie.

  28. I’m going to buy it on HD DVD (no jokes please, I know I picked a losing format, but I was attached to X-box to begin with).  I skipped the screening at WonderCon because I was all con-ed out.

    Can’t wait to see this, Darwyn Cooke is pretty amazing, I sat in on the Kirby panel and he started tearing up when talking about his favorite Kirby comic.  He’s a passionate man, and I’ll eventually buy New Frontier in book form. I should win the pity vote because I bought an HD DVD! 

  29. I WANT Pint Glasses

    I MUST HAVE Pint Glasses

     GIVE ME the Pint Glasses

    Had a ball meeting you guys again on the con floor….   Thanks for the stickers and swag for my poster tube

    I went to the screening on Saturday night….
    It was a CLASSIC comic book movie

    I think it told a GREAT Green Lantern story… (cue up the live action film based on this)

    I think Martian Man Hunter regained his shine that he lost from his new costume fiasco….

    The flash continues to be the coolest character that gets Overlooked….


    PS …. Aquaman Cameo had everyone cheering …. (I thought that was odd but COOL)


    Anyway overall I rate the movie a DEFINITE BUY…. please give me the shot glasses 

  30. That is a mighty fine Grand Prize.

  31. Whoevers wins, that isn’t me, needs to watch their back. I’m coming for you.

  32. I’d give it a ‘B’.  Beautiful, but a bit too busy.  I think they should write original stories instead of trying to cram these classic stories into a seventy-minute movie.

  33. I just pick it up today while out getting my comics. Not only did I get the new DVD but I also picked up both season of Justice League Unlimited at Best Buy on Sale! I am one happy dude.

  34. Are the Justice League Unlimited Episodes from the 2 seasons of the show, or are they new, unaired, ect?

  35. They are old episodes.

  36. Man, i would love to win that, and to think i was at Isotope. I coulda had someone distract everyone with their shakin hips, and i could have slipped out the door with the prizes.

  37. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    You guys made it out to the premiere, right? So, will a Special-Edition Podcast on "The New Frontier" be forthcoming?

  38. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Oh! Right, this weekend. Works for me. All apologies. I seem to be coming down with a case of the crazies.

  39. IT CAME, great GOBS it came!  and now i am torn between new lost and new frontier. i watched the bonus features and i must say, bravo.

  40. Of course it’s great, i really liked the ending with the speech. Lois was a bit off, i was reading the book next to the movie, and i really wish she would have said "god damnit" when Superman doesn’t come back and she is all upset on the air, her just crying was a bit weak.


    also my brother is a huge xena geek and wanted more wonder woman, *sigh*.



  41. I didn’t like Superman Doomsday at all and I have a big place in my heart for New Frontier so I was pretty nervous


    But it was perfect and I am so happy. I think New Frontier is a good book to give to non comic fans to let them know what comics are like now and I believe that this movie is the same thing. 

  42. A copy of the movie signed by Darwyn Cooke! Thats an awesome prize!

    I saw this movie at Wondercon and I loved it. They did skip out on some scenes and small details which kind of sucked, but they did seem to add in a bit more Batman which is awesome cause who doesn’t love Batman!

  43. So just got home and watched the film (and the special featuers).


    Really really enjoyed this, now I haven’t read the book, which I know is a crime of some sort in the comic book community, but I have no knowledge of this story other then it focuses on Hal Jordon and takes place in the 50’s, that’s all I knew. Knowing that I really really enjoyed this movie, I thought the voice acting was tight and some of the animation is just gorgious, if I have any complaint its that it felt like it took a while to get the real meat of the story going and then ended, so a bit short, but that’s how stright to video animated movies work, and considering it was stright to video, this has AMAZING production behind it, loved it and the speical featuers are well worth it (at least on Disc 1, haven’t ventured to disc 2 yet or the commentary, but that’s tonight)

  44. My new favorite superhero movie! The animation was GREAT! SSSOOOO GOOOD!

  45. waddup ppl….sooo who think they got the right answer…

  46. I watched the film, and it was pretty awesome IMO. I never read the New Frontier Graphic Novel, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to other than the previous DC Animated releases. I loved the flick nonetheless, and I hope that DC continues to give us more of these standalone animated features in the near future.

  47. I Netflixed it.  Very Long Wait.  Can’t they order enough copies for the demand?? Yeesh!!

    Just sent in my email with the answer…crossing fingers…. 

  48. Yay Netflix!

  49. I’ve already watched it 4 times, and plan on watching it many more.