New Comics on Thursday in the US!

Yes, because of the Thanksgiving holiday, new comics are scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on Thursday this week in the United States.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that our Canadian friends usually get their books on Wednesday and then laugh at us as they read comics while playing hockey with pucks made out of bacon. And it also means that the occasional US store gets lucky and gets their books on Wednesday and then people come here and say “Well, I don’t know what you are talking about, I got my comics today” and then there is mass confusion.

Unless our sources are completely wrong check back here on Tuesday for the updated new comics list and Thursday for the Pick of the Week!


  1. Well, this will probably mean that they won’t be in Australia until Monday.

  2. Anyone in Canada….your dead to me.

    It sucks though, cause I got school all morning and then work all midafternoon and night…So I have no idea when I’ll buy my comics this Thursday. Probably good to talk to my LCS guy and tell him to hold a few issues. It’s a slow week I believe and I’m only picking up 2 titles anyways.

  3. According to my list, it’s actually a pretty big week.  But let’s wait til Tuesday to see the final list. 

  4. I have hated holiday weekends ever since I started getting back into games.

  5. @Paul: I’ve seen the final list and other then SI #8, Batman #682, and JSA #21…Nothing else really stands out, but yeah let’s wait and see when ifanboy has their list up.

  6. So is this because stuff would normally ship on Friday?  Or… eh, whatever.

    If everything that’s supposed to come out does come out, I’m looking at like 8 Marvels, 2 DC and one Image.  The Sword!  Possible POTW?  Stay tuned!

  7. Here’s something to wrap your brain around:

    New Comics will come out this December 24th, yet another Wednesday before a major holiday. So that would mean comics will be pushed back again til Thursday. But the next Thursday after X-Mas is New Years Day. Most stores I would imagine are closed on that holiday so then comics are pushed back again til what? Friday or Saturday? But then again they could hold back until next week or they could….

    *head explodes*

  8. Maybe comics for the week after Christmas come out on Caturday?

    (not a typo) 

  9. We were actually talking about that today.  Comics will most likely come out on Friday that week.  It’ll be like old times.

  10. Noooooooooo.


  11. Blame Canada!

  12. Worst news of the day so far. Well another episode of the West Wing should fix this sour mood.

  13. I’m actually cool with this, only because I still have 6 books from last week and my "stack" looms like a tidal next to my pillow.

  14. Who realized Cyber Monday had become such an event as to warrant a day’s delay from Diamond?

  15. @Neb: Has anyone ever died of a comic stack collapsing on someone? 🙂

    It’s a pain I gotta wait til Friday now for comics (not thursday cause I got work ALL day) but it should be worth it. I only got 3 books this week, 4 you could say cause I’m going to get Incredible Herc this week as well……Shop didnt have it last week…

  16. Damn Native Americans and their generosity.  Maybe we should allow them to build "Indian" casinos all over the place and then send our elderly there to eat lunch at 3pm and tell endless, meaningless stories.  That should make use even.

    @conor – My local shop owner said (last Wednesday) he got a message from Diamond telling him it would indeed be Friday, January 2nd for new books that week.


  17. I’m not going to lie: I could use the extra day, frankly. And I don’t even have the POW to worry about.

    I never have been sure exactly how all of this works. "See, because of Christmas, it takes an extra two days. Then the next week we somehow get in done in half that time. Don’t overthink it."

  18. *glances at calendar; glances at home schedule for the college basketball team that plays its games right next door to LCS; wonders how much she really needs to get those books on Thursday*

    Or, taking an optimistic view, maybe I’ll go to the game. 

  19. I guess no one thought about comics when they came up with these holiday dates! No wonder the country is in such a mess! Grrrrr!

  20. Figured we Canadians would get new stuff on thursday as well.

  21. @TheNextChampion~  I’m not too sure about that, but I’m really close to having the first documented case of being bludgeoned to death by a stack of books.

  22. I’ll look on the brightside, at least I’ll only have to wait 6 days until next Wednesday.

  23. @Neb: ‘OH THE HUMANITY!’

    ‘If only Ben read his issues of Daredevil and Batman, he wouldnt have died so horribly! Damn you Brubaker and Morrison! Damn you to hell!!’

  24. @Neb:  I’ve been there.  I sometimes forget to box stuff for a few months and WHAM a stack that fills a short box falls on top of me from my shelf I keep them on.  Thankfully It hasn’t gotten much bigger then that.

  25. my LCS in Vancouver usually gets his shipment delayed on US holidays too. something about US trucks not rolling?

  26. So does this mean that the media will be spoiling this on Wednesday or Thursday?  Or do we not expect as much coverage as we got on Cap’s death, end of R.I.P. and Spidey’s unmasking?

  27. Spoiling… what?

  28. holy shit thats sucking majorly

  29. I’m not sure I understand why the new comics list has to wait for tomorrow. We can make a pull list even though our comics are coming on Thursday no?

  30. @JJ – Diamond doesn’t publish their final list until Tuesday when books are delayed until Wednesday. 

  31. @JumpingJupiter- I may be mistaken but Diamond releases the shipping list on Mondays, so the holiday pushed that back as well. 

    Someone feel free to correct me if I got that wrong.

  32. @Conor-Sorry, I meant spoiling the end of SI.

  33. Ah.  No, I would be shocked if SI got any mainstream media attention.

  34. THURSDAY, NOOOOOO! Damn Indians should have let them pilgrams starve.

  35. @Conor-yeah I don’t expect it either.  But I have been spoiled before and its just no fun at all.

  36. I dont know why we have to wait for a final list….I’ve been to 4 sites that has the list and they all have the same comics. Better safe then sorry I suppose, but still I think there isnt any surprises this week.

  37. The new releases list just went up on

  38. @TheNext: Maybe iFanboy wants to publish the official list from Diamond… ?

  39. *is* the official list :p

  40. where do people find preliminary lists?


  42. Just watch….Conor is going to be a red lantern in a second.

    I just find it funny that he needs to wait for Diamond when clearly Diamond has had it’s offical list for today. No offense though…

  43. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s a little more complicated than that.  There are…elves.  Many elves who painstakingly input new comics data.  There is also an abacus.  And there is glue.  

    Also a series of cogs and sprockets.   

  44. Oh I can imagine how tedious and exhusting it is do to the new comics page every week. You gotta find every summary, every writer/artist credit, every cover, and set them all up in the tabs you have on the left hand side. I ment no offense on how much work you guys need to do for that aspect. Conor and the others really go all out for that and that’s another reason why I love this site.

  45. It matters not. My wife has this crazy rule. I may not buy anything, that includes comics, after Dec 1. I will not find out what happened in SI, nor read the swoard, nor see what havoc RIP has wrought till December 25.

    At least I got her to relax the madness to december 1 two years ago it was Nov 1. The real ugly thing was she saw how much I spend it two months. It was bad, real bad, I knew I had a problem but now she knew it too. 

    Its all good though. I sure look forward to the diamond box under the tree. It also makes me appreciate the goodness that is my weekly fix. See you all in the new year. I won’t be visiting much till I get to read that box of goodness that will be a sweet sweet fix.


  46. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @astyak – Hey, don’t forget we have great columns and video content unrelated to the weekly books!  Don’t abandon us!  Think of the elves!  

  47. @Paul I will read everything that comes in my rss feed but not be visitng much to avoid spoilers. 

  48. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @astyak – That’s fair.  

  49. But I want my comic books!

  50. I just took a gander at to see what they plan to release this week, and that list should be entitled, "Your Choice: Comics or Christmas Presents." That is a lengthy buffet.

  51. Ahhhhhh shit. 🙁 This means new comics won’t be out until Friday here.

    *fights back tears* 

  52. Are you serious?!  I’m so pissed.  I’ve been waiting all week to read Batman #682!!!!!!  Come on!