New Comics for 11/26/08 has a big-ass turkey in their fridge

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

This week “Batman R.I.P.” wraps up and we finally get to see if this time Grant Morrison is a mad genius or just plain mad. At least there haven’t been any rewrite rumors with this one. I’m excited-slash-terrified. And just in time for the holidays, it’s part two of Battlefields: The Night Witches from Garth Ennis. And can it be? A new issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

This week Josh has to write the Pick of the Week before driving up to Boston!

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast? (If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you have a Bonus Question reprieve!)



  1. After pulling like 14 books last week, this Wednesday’s gonna be a bit more light. Still a lot of good stuff, though. RIP, another JSA special, Superman, Cap, etc etc.


    BQ: Watching your relatives get plastered. 

  2. Looking forward to Captain America, plus my LCS Shop is have a Black Friday sale. After hearing you guys talk about Godland, I got get the first trade.

    The best part of the feast is knowing I will be eating this same feast until I go back to college. 

  3. The only thing coming in for me this week is Previews.  Horrible.

    BQ: Mac n’ Cheese.

  4. Well I’m pretty damned excited for a new issue of The End League.

    I notice Ron’s not getting Glamourpuss #4, former pick of the week, how the mighty have fallen.  I’m giving it one more shot.

    BQ: Celebrating it twice, once in Canada with my family, then again with the in-laws for Yanksgiving.

  5. Nice solid week of the traditionals: Cap, Spidey, Daredevil, Thor, X-Men, Supes, Batman + JSA one-shot.

    BQ: We don’t do that in England. 

  6. Go figure, this week is the busiest in awhile and I won’t be able to pick up my books until next week due to having to travel on Wednesday. I don’t think there’s any comic shops within a reasonable distance of where I’ll be, either, so I’ll have to avoid Internet spoilers about RIP. Argh!

    BQ: Pumpkin pie.

  7. Everything I get from Marvel is always put out during the last week of the month.  That said I get a double-dose of cosmic goodness from Abnett/Lanning. Also this week I will start picking up the Walking Dead in issues! I just have to wait for the next trade to read it.

    BQ: Potatoes. 

  8. Big week for me. I’ve got Captain America, Daredevil, Superman, Nova, Night Witches, Galaxy Quest, and the new Umbrella Academy.

    BQ: Mashed potatoes, but only the way my mom makes them.

  9. Fuck me I’m in trouble this week.

  10. I hav elike 11 books this week.  Holy crap!  I’m looking forward to a new End League, more New Krypton, some cosmic Marvel, and more Atomic Robo.

    BQ:  The post eating slumber during the fooball game. 

  11. Batman #681-  Captain America #44-  Daredevil #113-  Dmz #36  Nova #19-  Superman #682

    Solid week for me. Really looking foward to some DD vs Lady Bullseye and the end of R.I.P.
    BQ: Pumpkin Pie

  12. Also my LCS has All-Star Batman on my pullist as well is this just a typo on there part?


    BBC haven’t covered a comic book release since Cap #25 – I’m getting down to my LCS early, I can just see this selling out if it gets loads of media coverage

  14. Two this week. JSA: Kingdom Come Special and Teen Titans.

  15. it has to be the dressing. or the family baseball game. You’re going down Red!

  16. Geez, did Marvel just decide to put outall of it’s good titles in one week?

    BQ:  I can’t decide!  Stuffing or canned cranberry sauce.  Probably stuffing.

  17. @CAM – Ron hasn’t made his pull syet.

  18. more walking dead already.  OOH happy day.

  19. Cap, Walking Dead, Daredevil and Night Witches top my list, hoping for a Brubaker POW as usual 😉


    BQ: Turkey and Dressing

  20. This is a great week for me.  I’m going to my LCS just before we hit the road on the 5 1/2 hour journey to my in-laws for the holiday.  Looks like I have some good reading to pass the time while my wife drives: Buffy the V-S, Batman (RIP – I, like Conor, am excited and terrified at the same time), Birds of Prey (penultimate issue 🙁 ), JSA Kingdom One-Shot (loved the other two), Superman (love New Krypton storyline), Walking Dead (didn’t that come out last week?), Captain America, Daredevil, Hulk (who is the Red Hulk?), Incredible Herc, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, and the Man With No Name.

    B.Q.: Turkey and cranberry sauce.

  21. Light week for me, but what a week! RIP finale! Buffy! DMZ!

    BQ: As I can’t answer for Thanksgiving I’m going to answer for Bonfire Night instead, which is close; Standing around a fire as big as a house, sipping cider and gorging on baked potatoes, and making the obligatory "oohs" and "ahhs" at the fireworks with your mates. Best night of the year!

  22. Yay! The end of RIP. I never read Batman books before this event. Let’s see if I stick around afterwords.

    BQ: Post Thanksgiving dinner disc golf with my cousins.

  23. It’s all about Batman for me this week. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated a comic (or maybe ANY work of art?!?!) as much as I’ve looked forward to this issue. Whatever the mystery of the Black Glove turns out to be (I’m been pretty sure that it’s all about Joe Chill), I’ve enjoyed every single issue of Morrison’s run, and enjoyed them to a degree at which I DON’T usually enjoy his other work. With that said, I’m excited/terrified as well–terrified because every issue of RIP is like a haunted house. You never know what horrifying, crazy thing is going to be revealed on each page. Turning the pages of this series feels like walking into new rooms of a haunted house, that’s the best analogy I can make.

    But I’m looking forward to Superman, Cap, and Daredevil also.

  24. big week, excited for Batman, Night Witches and Unknown Soldier the most

    BQ: Mince Pie

  25. Batman, Walking Dead, Cap, Buffy and Superman.  Most excited about Batman and Walking Dead.  Buffy’s latness has caused me to lose interest in this story, will switch to trades after this arc.  (side note, got all 7 seasons of Buffy for the misses at Amazon for $70!!!  Christmas shopping is done)

    BQ: Homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, made by yours truly.  Also the eerie silence of everyone passed out on various couches after stuffing so much food into their faces.

  26. Wow, Buffy. I keep reading about Dollhouse imploding and thinking, "Guess I’ve seen the last of Buffy for six months."

    BQ: if you are a devotee of the dark meat, this is the only time of year that matters.

  27. I’m really not looking forward to anything this week. I might pick up the Kingdom Come special because I love Kingdom Come with a frightening passion. Other than that, I’m waiting on RIP to come out in trade…

  28. Yay for new Buffy!

    BQ: Dressing 

  29. Excited for Buffy and the Brubaker books, and still digging "Superman."

    I’m also doing something I never do, and buying an issue I don’t really want to read just for the cover.  That would be that Wolverine/Domino pinup on X-Force, thank you.

    BQ: Pie!

  30. I’m not big on t-giving so I consider myself reprieved. However…

    IFANBOYS, IFANBASE I come to you with a simple question. What should I read this week. I only have one book on my pull list and thus wiould like to dive into something new. I’ve been debating giving Walking Dead a try, but I dont’ know. So give me thoughts on what would be a good pick up this week. (I’m not against back-cataloging so don’t worry about continuity concerns). Thanks!

  31. Just shy of 20 books. Looking forward to Walking Dead and Umbrella Academy: Dallas the most. Sucks I can’t get books until next Weds, which I’m sure will have another 15 or so waiting for me. Fucking ugh…

    And, while I’m here, seriously, only a handful of people here pull WASTELAND? What the shit? Is it really that overlooked? It’s so good, I don’t know how that’s possible.

    And, to the guy above me (KreiderDesigns) the only place to start with WALKING DEAD is at the beginning. Not something you jump into. It’d be like hoping onto 100 Bullets at issue 70. If you want something from this week, get UMBRELLA ACADEMY: DALLAS #1. Given the quality of the last mini, I have no reason to suspect this won’t be one of, if not the best, books out this week.

  32. Huge week for me:

    Batman #681

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #19

    Daredevil #113

    End League #6

    Garth Ennis Battlefields Night Witches #2 (OF 3)

    Guardians Of The Galaxy #7

    Jsa Kingdom Come Special The Kingdom #1

    Nova #19

    Superman #682

    Thor Man Of War

    Transhuman #4 (OF 4)

    Unknown Soldier #2

    Walking Dead #55

    Welcome To Hoxford #4


    For this week Krieder I would recommend Thor Man of War or Guardians of the Galaxy.

    BQ: Pumpkin Pie.


  33. I have a BQ reprieve.

  34. Superman + Umbrella Academy for me this week.

    BQ: Stuffed Mushrooms

  35. only 3 of my 13 books are from the "Big 2" this week, that usually bodes well. Brit, Glamourpuss, EndLeague, and  new krypton are the books i’m looking forward to the most. 

    BQ: maybe my family is full of sub-par cooks, but i’ve always hated thanksgiving fare… getting sloppy drunk on wednesday is usually fun though.

  36. Damn I wish we could even out these weeks. Looking forward to hte whole RIP wrap up. Inhumans should be great and of course can’t wait fo the walking dead. Love that book.


    BQ: Sweet Potatoes and stuffing. F U  Dr. Atkins bring on the carbs.

  37. It’s just an explosion of epic proportions this week!


    Captain America

    Incredible Hercules (how can no one else be picking this up!?)


    and Ultimate Spider-Man (a bit iffy on picking it up though)

    You tounges cant repel flavor of that magnitude!

    BQ: Apple Pie of course….mmmm Apple

  38. I just hope the conclusion to Batman RIP ties it all together & it makes sense, because I’ve put up with all the weirdness in hope that it will, & if it doesn’t? Then I’ve wasted my time (& money). Not much else I’m lookin’ forward to hugely, New Krypton has lost most of my excitement in Supergirl’s teen angst … but Unknown Soldier #1 was awesome, so hopefully #2 is as good! Oh! And Walking Dead!! Sweet!!

    BQ: No Thanksgiving here & I won’t give my views on it, or I might get e-lynched.


  39. I am sort of amazed not to see more mention of the dark meat. Generally, in my neck of the woods, "turkey" most of the year translates into "that dry white envy-the-dead breast bull****." The succulent dark bits of the bird, otherwise known as "the edible part," are only on the open market for roughly two weeks out of the entire year, meaning I must bide my time.

    My time is coming.

    What alarms me about the fact that no one else has mentioned this plain fact is that you f***ers aren’t mailing your wasted dark meat to me.

  40. I can’t wait to finally read the end of RIP!  My local comic shop has five issues of it on reserve for me so I’ll have plenty to sell on Ebay in case they all sell out.  I’ll probably pick up Superman, I got the rest of New Krypton so far.  First time I’ve been a Superman reader in a while!  Like 10 years…

    I’ll probably grab Unknown Soldier and Superman & Batman VS Vampires & Werewolves just because nobody else likes it.

  41. There’s a lot of crazy good stuff this week. Buffy, USM, another JSA Special! Good times.

    BQ: I always say stuffing, but someone here said apple pie. I’m gonna say both separate and equal.

  42. Great week! I’m most looking forward to DMZ, Walking Dead, JSA Special: The Kingdom, Superman and BATMAN!!! I just love the Bat-shit(i made a punny) insane Batman, I’m gonna miss him when hes gone:(

    BQ: I don’t know leftovers? I’m spending thanksgiving at my girlfriends for the first time, her moms cooking a lot of stuff I’ve never had before. and her moms like a crazy awesome cook. so, after thursday i’ll probably have a better answer.

  43. BQ:  Pie

  44. Very good week I reckon.

    New ‘Umbrella Academy’, Ennis ‘Battlefields’ and a double dose of Brubaker goodness. RIP & New Krypton. If thats not enough, Walking Dead & Proof from Image.

    Oh & for the record, enjoying the new line up on 2000AD as well.

    Good times.





  45. Holy crap 25 books.  I’m definitely curious about the new Umbrella Academy and I’ll gobble up anything JSA like it was pumpkin pie.  Nova, Hercules, Guardians, Transhuman are all sure things.  As much as I am loving Final Crisis, though, I’ve pretty much lost interest in RIP. 🙁

    BQ: I don’t care much about the meal in itself or the zoo of relatives arriving en mass for the entire weekend.  My favorite part of the day is taking my nieces and nephews into Manhattan for the parade.

  46. Why is Mouse Guard Winter #4 not on the list?

  47. Waiting for RIP in trades with my thumbs in my ears when I go to the shop.

    BQ: Has to be playing/watching football with a hangover that could kill a rhino trying to keep my eyelids open.

  48. Most looking forward to Captain America and Northlanders. The new story arc on Northlanders start out great and I hope it keeps up this fast pace.

    I’m on the fence on Golly. I enjoyed the first issue, but I wasn’t so thrilled with the second one. I think it wraps up the first story arc, so I might pick it up just to finish it.

    BQ: Usually it’s my Mom’s Stuffing, but this year I lost a slap bet to my brother and he gets to pay up at Thanksgiving. I shouldn’t be looking forward to it, becasue I’m the one getting hit in the face, but I guess i’m a bit of a masochist.

  49. I celebrate Thanksgiving, but my wife thinks she is Superman and the kitchen is kryptonite.

  50. I think I’m looking forward to DMZ and the ending of RIP the most (don’t know what happens)

     as for Turkey Day.  The o’dourves are my favorite, followed by the stuffing mmmmm

  51. o’dourves? Sounds like Irish gourmet beef testicle stew.

  52. I guess nobody is getting gifts in my family. . .


    Batman #681

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #19

    Captain America #44

    Daredevil #113

    Guardians Of Galaxy #7

    Hulk #8

    Incredible Hercules #123

    Jsa Kingdom Come Special The Kingdom #1

    Madame Xanadu #6

    Man With No Name #5

    Ms Marvel #33

    Runaways 3 #4

    Secret Invasion Inhumans #4 (OF 4)

    Secret Invasion X-Men #4 (OF 4)

    Sheena: Dark Rising #2

    Skaar Son Of Hulk #5

    Superman #682

    Thor Man Of War

    Ultimate Spider-Man #128

    Ultimate X-Men #98

    Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite Ltd Ed Hc

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #1

    Wolverine First Class #9

    Wolverine Origins #30

    Wonder Woman #26

    X-Force #9


  53. BQ: I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE ( I can eat one all by myself)

    plus i forgot to add Mouse guard #4

  54. 19 books this week…really looking forward to Batman.   Gonna get all of Morrison’s run out of the boxes and read them straight thru on Thursday.

     BQ:  My Mom’s fruit salad.

     @Kreider:  I also agree with Ruo.  Umbrella Academy would be an excellent choice for a pull this week for a single issue.

  55. Holy Hell there are a grip of books I’m excityed for this week!

    Stoked On:Battlfields: Flight of the Night Witches, Walking Dead, Captain America, Superman

    Kinda Excited For: Daredevil, Batman, End League

    Suspect: Uknown Soldier, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hulk (Sentry’s on the cover),

    B.Q. Good meals and no work. However, there is alot of homework to catch up on… 🙁

  56. yay, bostons where i live

    probalby the stuffing, until I start to throw up

  57. BQ: Candied sweet potatoes!

    Buffy & Captain America are the biggest draws for me this week. Also looking forward to the end of SI: X-Men and SI: Inhumans.


  58. Top 3


    Ultimate spider man

    Thor man of war



  59. I have a ton this week… Night Witches, Transhuman, Cap, Proof, Northlanders, Walking Dead & DMZ.

    BQ: Watching late night college hoops as my alma mater plays in the 76 Classic at 11p!