New Comics for 11/17/2010 breaks the rules but, dammit, gets results!

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Which TV cop are you most like?


  1. The Commish.

  2. BQ: Gwen Cooper

  3. Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (Ice-T) on Law & Order SVU

  4. (I’ve never even seen The Commish. I just like saying "The Commish.")

  5. Supergirl #58 is what I’ll be grippin on, a keg of Jim Beam is what I’ll be sippin on!

    BQ: None! 

  6. Lester Freamon. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!

    Northlanders this week!

  7. Oh my god 40 dollars again this week…im going broke…

    BQ-im to much od a wuss to be a T.V. Cop.

  8. Craaazy week for comics! Too many books. Damn you!

  9. whens atounding wolverine and spiderman comming out again…is the mini over?



  10. Dropping Avengers. I don’t really care about the team at all. I might come back, but I need a break.

    Getting Morning Glories, Thunderbolts, and X-Factor. I’m most looking forward to Morning Glories and Thunderbolts (best Avengers related book by far).

    BQ: i would like to say Bunk (The Wire), but probably Frank Harrigan (The Job). 

  11. Another DC week? wow, thats a lot of DC in the past few weeks. Me likey!

    BQ: I’ll go with Andy Griffith.

  12. Morning Glories, Hellboy, X-Factor and Hellblazer (as per Josh’s recommendation)

    BQ: Patrick Jane from The Mentalist (not to be confused with Mental).  Or James Spader from Boston Legal.  But he’s a lawyer. 

  13. THE FLASH is back! Yay!

    BQ: I’m probably most like Homer Simpson from the second episode of POLICE COPS.

  14. What a delicious week for me. Shut up, wallet!!! So much Batgoodness and GLocity I can barely contain myself.

    BQ: Fox Mulder. Can we use FBI agents? If not, I’ll go with Andy Sipowitz. I’m a quirky, dry-witted nerd who’s also a grumpy drinker. Quite a range, huh?

  15. Rick Grimes! Nah, probably Monk.

  16. Great week!  Osborn & Spider-Girl are starting, and there’s a big ol’ Thunderbolts issue + X Factor.

    BQ: I always (over) related to Bayliss at Homicide.  Before he got shot and became a Buddhist, anyway. 

  17. huge week!

    Avengers #7, Batman Incorporated #1, Batman The Return #1, Brightest Day #14, Ex Machina Deluxe Edition Hc Vol 04, Flash #6, Green Lantern #59, Green Lantern Corps #54, Last Days Of American Crime Tp, X-Factor #211 

    BQ:  Barney Fife 


  18. Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton Volume 1 (most excited for)

    Fantastic Four Volume 2 (by Jonathan Hickman)

    Captain America: The New Deal (maybe)

    BQ: Oh, one more thing… Columbo.

  19. Ah Hell, I take back Columbo and replace it with Gene Hunt from Life On Mars.

    "Drop your weapons, you are surrounded by armed bastards!" Legend.

  20. Flash and Brightest Day. Too many new Batbooks for my budget…i might get one. Instore Audible for sure. 

  21. BQ: Didn’t Zach Morris play a cop at some point?  I’m the Zach Morris of cops.

  22. HUGE WEEK: Batman Inc, Flash, GI Joe Cobra, Hellblazer, Morning Glories, Northlanders, and The Sixth Gun. Also a copy of THUNDER Agents.

     BQ: David Addison, A PI I know but lets not get into scemantics shall we.

  23. I hope that I get some books that were solicited in the last couple weeks but didn’t show up: Godland 33, and new trades for Walking Dead and Echo. 

  24. Big DC week for me, but I’m still looking forward to Artifacts #3

  25. I am painfully similar to Dutch Wagenbach.



    The Extremist 

  26. Lots of stuff… really most excited about Flash, Dapper Men, and Batman Inc. though. Everything else is just solidly good.

    BQ: God, I dunno. Herc from The Wire, maybe? Definitely one of the non-McNulty characters 

  27. Lt. Fancy from NYPD Blue.

  28. @stuclach: He did. He replaced Ricky Shroedor on NYPD Blue. And was surprisingly really good. Though that never stopped me from referring to him as Zach Morris when referencing his character.


  30. Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer, cuz I love candy!

    Excited about just about everything I’m pulling, almost over Streets of Gotham, completely over all things Avengers.   

  31. TJ Hooker

  32. Perhaps you should give the iFanboy Book of the Month a try this week. 😉

     Just sayin…

    (and thanks to all those picking it up!)


  33. Flash is back!

  34. Most keen to get hold of the Morrison Bat-titles, but there’s also Morning Glories, The Killer, a new Cobra TPB amongst others.  Should be a sweet week.

    BQ:  Love to say Jimmy McNulty or Frank Pembleton.  Truth is, I’m probably Bayliss in Homicide, or Carver in the Wire.  An old friend I worked with at a different police division (because I’m an actual real life officer of the law, for my sins) used to call me "Dutch" when we were both avid Shield viewers.  I think purely becausde I have a large nose rather than any particular detection prowess..

  35. Shockrockets!  Return of the Dapper Men! Yes! 


    BQ: Jamie Reagan

  37. Solid week. But with huge amounts of homework to do…..probably won’t be reading the books at least until Friday.

    Batman INC, Batman: The Return, Green Lantern, Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil, Thunderbolts.

    BQ: Mcgonigle 

  38. @edward: Chief Wiggum?

  39. BQ: Vince Masuka

  40. BQ: Hutch

  41. Wow!  A crazy trade/HC week.  Lots of good issues though, especially DC with Flash and Batman titles.  Tons of stuff to look forward too.  I think I’m in love with that Shockrockets HC.  For serious.

    BQ: Probably Jack Bailey, but I wish I was more Dan Stark.  Love that show, by the way.

  42. Bobby goren from law and order criminal intent

  43. Kate Beckett

  44. Another good week: Batman Inc., Batman: The Return, Batman (not sure if I’ll keep the regular title, but Daniel has been pretty enjoyable for me lately), MORNING GLORIES!, Superior, Superman (don’t judge me), and The Extremist, that and I need to pick up the last 2 issue of the Red Hood mini…


    BQ: Anthony DiNozzo 

  45. Some great books coming out this week!

    BQ: I like to think I am a mix between Barney Fife, Barney Miller and Quincy M.D.

  46. MORNING GLORIES, the GI JOE/COBRA trade, and I’ll probably get in on the ground floor of BATMAN INC.

    And probably Detective Munch from L&O:SVU, if only because, like him, I do not look at all like a cop. 

  47. i’m picking up McBatdonalds storyline, looks good. A batman on every corner in America can be fun.

    BQ= Castle, "I am ruggedly handsome!"

  48. BQ = Magnum P.I.

    It is the hawaiian shirt & the ‘tashe.



  49. Dutch Wagenbach.

  50. Poor poor Conor. 28 Books Later will he survive?

  51. Batman, Inc., Dead Avengers, Legion and Supergirl.


    BQ: Richard Castle from Castle

  52. alot of stuff to be excited about! my picks right now are morning glories,zatanna,cbgb(awesome),whatever happend to baron vonshock,and i think theres a little something happening in batman.nice.

  53. Lightish week, which is a relief as I’m four weeks behind.

    Avengers #7 Batman Incorporated #1 Brightest Day #14 Flash #6 Green Lantern #59 Morning Glories #4 

     BQ: Bergerac

  54. Most looking forward to Thunderbolts.

    BQ: If Private Investigators count, I’d say Steve From Blues Clues. If not, then I’d have to say Magnum.

  55. T-bolts.

    BQ: Curtis Lemansky


  56. Good books this week,  all the BATbooks (except Batman) Brightest Day, DCU Legacies, the FLASH, GreenLantern, the new Millar book and I am giving David Hines Az another shot.


    BQ:  I am a mix of the GoodGuys.

  57. Hack/Slash trailers 2, yessa, hot stuff