New Comics for 11/12/08 will not be played by Megan Fox in the upcoming movie

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Man, I hope this week is better than last! It would be hard for it to be worse!

I’m really looking forward to the next issue of Magneto: Testament, Action Comics #871, the JSA: Kingdom Come Special, and Titans #7 with guest art by Howard Porter!

I’m also really curious about Batman: Cacophony, the mini-series written by Kevin Smith. Once upon a time I really liked his comic book writing… I might give it a look. Man, eight years ago a Kevin Smith Batman mini would be far and away the biggest book of the month. It’ll be interesting to see how it does now.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise
… are people who say stuff like that (and aren’t grandmothers or Benjamin Franklin) asking to be punched squarely in the face or just in the stomach?



  1. Wow, this week is way worse than last week. One thing coming out. These unbalanced weeks are really out of hand. I can’t remember the last time I onliy had one thing, maybe 2 but not one.

     BQ: Maybe both?

  2. Old Man Logan? I remember that book from when I was a kid!

    Along those same lines: have the makers of Cacophony delivered the usual speech about how they have a ton of issues in the can and the artist has perfected the art of sleep-drawing, to make sure it’s all the more disappointing when #2 is six months late?

    I’m trying my first ever Savage Dragon this week, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been circling that massive Archive volume for ages now.

    BQ: be goal oriented. A punch in the face increases the likelihood that they won’t be able to talk for a while.

  3. Wow, only one book for me this week (Trinity). I’m not going to even bother driving to my LCS this week. Looking ahead, it looks like there will be an assload of books to get on the 26th, though. November seems to be a pretty unbalanced month.

  4. I’m looking forward to Action Comics and Captain Britain, and I’ll be giving Batman: Cacophony a chance. Also, this seems like a good enough time to jump onto Amazing Spider-Man. I’d like to get Vol. 3 of Buffy Season Eight, but that will have to wait until I have money. So, probably after Christmas.

    BQ: First, I’d ask for some evidence to back that up, since it has never done much for me. And while he/she is thinking of another aphorism to reply with, BOOM! Right in the stomach.

  5. You guys can guinea pig the whole Cacophony thing.  

    Most excited for Action, BPRD, and the JSA special.  


  6. Looking forward to Old Man Logan and of cours the Walking Dead, I hate how fast that book reads. It was bad in trades but the book is too quick No savoring just good quality reading.

    BQ: Aways the stomach. Hurts the hands less. Always think of yourself first. 

  7. Eleven for me this week which is far too many but I don’t feel like dropping any of the books out this week: Spidey, Captain Britain, Avengers Fairy Tales (it’s cute!), Wolverine, Action Comics, GL Corps, Detective, Nightwing, JSA, Green Arrow, Batman Confidential.

    I had Batman Cacophony pulled but I just don’t trust that Kevin Smith to get the books out on time so I’ll wait and see if it’s any good and pick up all three issues when it’s finished.

    BQ: Neither, I’d kick ’em in the gooch. 

  8. I’m with Paul on this one.  You guys try out Cacophony and let me know how it is. Also, I’m switching to trades for Fables.

    That leaves me with 5 books I’m picking up.  Most excited about Walking Dead and Wolverine.  

  9. I am to nervous to buy Cacophony due to the sheer stupidty of Onomatopoeia. Also, I am very exicited to see where Fables is headed and to finally read some Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider.

    BQ: Can I hit them jab to the stomach followed by a hook to the face?

  10. Excited for the R.I.P Tie-Ins and the Eternal Annual. I can’t say that I have any bad/good feelings towards Cacophony… just curious. Mainly because it’s the first Kevin Smith comic that I am going to read.

    BQ: Definitely one in the stomach, maybe a tiger crawl across the face as a fatality.

  11. While I am excited for Action Comics, Wolverine (although the lateness is lame), & Walking Dead among others, I am REALLY excited for some of these trades and collections: Justice League Internatioinal vol. 3, JLA/Avengers (which I’ve HEARD to be amazing), and the Fables Covers by James Jean will most likely make me want to give up drawing.

    As for the B.Q. "…I say, is it too much to ask for both?…"

  12. Light week, which I could use right now. . .looking forward to buying my first issue of ‘Action’ comics, and to the return of Old Man Logan. 

    BQ: God, if you’ve got a job that lets you stay up late and sleep late, savor it!  Punch people who say differently in the stomach.  (That’s how the JLA does it, according to Tom Katers). 

  13. Feels like last week for me, but add 2 more titles and you got an ass load of good comics!

    Action Comics, Detective Comics, Green Lantern Corps, The Stand: Captain Trips, and Wolverine

    All very good titles and hopefully Johns doesnt disappoint me with New Krypton…Cause Robinson has let me down twice (if you count that retarted Guardian special as a chapter). I would love to try that Batman comic by Smith….but I’ll wait for trade.

    BQ: Neither. You punch them in the nuts

  14. Looking forward to Action Comics, Magneto Testament, and Kingdom Come Special.

    BQ: My Grandfather used to say that all the time, and the saying reminds me of him. So I tend to want to give the person who says that phrase a big bear hug.

  15. BQ: Yes of course. It’s always a good idea to inflict violence on people who are trying to be positive.

  16. In the morning all bets are off.

  17. Much better week! Detective, Nightwing, Confidential, GL Corps, Young Liars and the Buffy tp. I’m even giving Smith’s Cacophony a go. Most looking forward to Nightwing though, and it’s double-sized fun!

    BQ: I wouldn’t get a chance to punch them, as I’d most likely be asleep when they’re up, or awake when they’re sleeping.

  18. @TheNextChampion-dude…you never punch a person in the nuts…never.

    BQ: A punch to the face is more of a wake up call, hence they are more likely to stop saying stuff like that.

  19. @OhCaroline-A Sunday Special is Superman’s favorite attack.

  20. @drake: It’s my fighting style I can do what I want. 😛

  21. This week I’m most looking forward to the blasphemous mess known as Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (why? no, really, why?) and maybe GLC.

    BQ: any chance I get to punch my grandma in the face i’m takin!

  22. @ The Next Champion – A punch to the nuts is only allowed if you’re about to have your face stomped. 

    BQ – Now, you can, however, deliver a bag tag to a buddy who’s talking smack like that, followed up by the words "don’t be such a douche".  Especially if you live in a Frat. 

     Oh, and books.  JSA special is exciting!  So is Batman double size!  What’s with Nightwing being an  RIP tie-in, however?  I thought the RIP tie for Nightwing was finished?

  23. @Crippler-True, you could get away with a bag tag if its a close friend or frat bro.  But don’t you think a punch is still too f’d up?  Hows bout a slap instead?  You know, like when you ask "whats the capital of Thailand?" and then you scream "Bangkok!" along with a swift flick of the wrist to said friends junk.  That is far more acceptable then a close-fisted punch IMO

  24. OMG, I’ve been waiting for the conclusion of Heart of Hush for months now!!  YES!!

    I’m rather interested in seeing what kind of hi-jinks the joker is going to pull in the newest issue of Batman Confidential.  Not super interested though.  I am thinking about subscribing to this title.  I read it every month but I am never in any hurry to get it like the comic shop is going to actually sell out or something.

    Action Comics looks good this week.  I don’t usually buy Superman comics on a regular basis (not in more than a decade anyhow), but I wanna see what’s going to happen in this new story arc.

    I’ll probably grab a copy of Nightwing #150.  Wish I could get the variant though.

    HMMMM…  I thought there was another issue I wanted to get this week?! Oh yeah!  Superman & Batman versus Vampires & Werewolves.  I already read the first two, might as well get the whole mini series.  I was hooked after issue one.  Not that I can say the same about Srgt Rock’s new mini series!!

    I might grab a copy of Dark Horse’s The Cleaners if I still have any money left.



  25. I only had 4 pulls last week which is insanely small for me.  This week I’m up to 14.  The last year I’ve experimented more and more with indies and have often been rewarded.  those who are saying they are having a light week again, I have 3 suggestions,  Spooks:  Omega Team, a great supernatural book in the spirit of B.R.P.D.;  Galveston, a western mini, that takes real life characters and plays with them; and City of Dust, a sci fi book in the tradition of Blade Runner.  Let’s support more indies, especially on a light week like this week. 

  26. I hate weeks like this.  Most weeks I have 4-7 books, but this week I have 10.  Some titles like Captain Britain and Wolverine may be dropped in favor of the trade.  I can’t keep spending more than $20 a week on comics.

    I’m 50/50 on Batman: Cacophony.  I will probably flip through it at the store to see if it grabs me.

  27. Ben Franklin was the man. There’s a reason why he’s the face of the $100 bill: he was a God among men. So sure, go ahead and punch him inna face. And then face the wrath of a well and truly P.O.ed Founding Father from Philly!

    Er, kinda went off the rails there. As for comics, Walking Dead and ASM are pretty solid picks. Also looking forward to picking up that Hellboy Library Ed. v. 2, now that the LCS has it back in stock. 

    May also sample some of those picks @dusman7 recommends. 

  28. Hmmm, just reread the bonus Q. Apparently BF is not on the punch in the face list. Well, good. Disregard my entire post. That is all.

  29. @RobAbsten – Ummm… who advocated punching Ben Franklin?

  30. I would never punch Ben Franklin.  Maybe Nicola Tesla, or The Taft.  But never Ben Franklin

  31. after buying nothing last week, this is a problem.  I definitely do not have the money I need to pick up all my books this week.  Damn.

  32. Well, I’ve decided that JSA has officially lost my interest, thus I will be avoiding these extra JSA books.  In these harsh economic times, a man has to be choosy.  I am looking forward to Green Lantern Corps, Action Comics, Wolverine, and Nightwing.  I’m pretty excited about Kevin Smith’s Bat book, although I’m hesitant about the art because its his friend with little comic book experience drawing it.  We shall see.

    BQ: I’m walking softly and carrying a big stick so I can catch those lame-os square in the face!  Huzzah! 

  33. Top 3

    Cap Britain and Mi 13

    Det comics



    BQ  I don’t know. Whatever. 



  34. Well, last week was like the iFanboy Mini sized version of a comic week & this week is the full show! What up.

    Most lookin’ forward to — Action Comics, Batman Cacophony [insert delay joke here] JSA Special, Manhunter & The Stand.

     Big week for DC Comics = a bad week for my wallet.

    BQ: Funniest BQ ever, lol. Reminds me of Office Space — "Someone’s got a case of the Mondays." — And they definitely are asking for one in the face.

  35. BQ: Punch in the gut is plenty.


    What kind of weird world is it where the only book that I feel is worth buying this week is Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane? Shit, I probably won’t even bother going to the shop this week…though I could use this exceptionally light week to buy another Y or Exterminators trade…



  36. I’m suffering the comic crunch, Captain Britain.

    BQ –  Stomach only. There’s no need to get carried away. 

  37. Another slow week… Walking Dead and Mice Templar.  Hopefully my LCS ordererd Giganticfor me as well.

    BQ: CP!

  38. saving money week. just wolvie and magneto.

    BQ: respect the face, man!

  39. @drakedangerz: Hey, Talsa’s awesome!!! Hows about punching that no good racist thief Edison. Now, that id be all for. And its agreed, that that fat do nothing president Taft deserves a good ass kicking and theres plenty of ass to kick(rim Shot).

    Most looking forward to: Detective Comics, Action Comics(hope thats a new Nightwing and Flamebird on the cover), Walking Dead, the Kevin Smith Batman(i really liked Onomatopoeia in his GA on) and The JSA Kingdom Come Superman Special.

    BQ: You punch’ em once in the gut. and then when they’re bent over gasping for air, you give’ em a Street Fighter II style upper-cut!!!

  40. BQ: ignore it. You and Ron have been friends for a long time.

  41. Punching Ben Franklin is never OK.

  42. This is the smallest week i ever had.

  43. Ben Franklin was a player.  He could say that stuff and get away with it. 

    @drakedangerz – Bangkok, Thailand is never so funny the second time around.  Nor is it funny to ask someone from Thailand what the capital is.  They do NOT appreciate the humour, let me tell you!  I do not recommend Bangkoking at all.  Especially dangerous in the summer when you’re wearing shorts. 

    In other news – there’s no delay this week due to the Holiday is there?

  44. I’d imagine any who’d punch Ben Franklin would totally get a lightning rod stuck up their keister.

  45. @Crippler-haha thanks for the tips!

  46. BQ: nah, man i get up at 6ish everyday. i’m in bed by 10. what the fuck? am going to watch shit tv all night like a loser

  47. @Neb, you hath hurt me with these words about JSA.  I still love this book.

    Also I’m sad to see Megan Fox will not be representing comics, she would make them way sexier then they are percieved.

    Benjamin Franklin music suggests everyone’s got the lightning!  Do you intend to use it?