New Comics for 10/27/2010 just wants CANDY

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, and Matt.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What's your favorite Halloween candy? What's your least favorite?


  1. WOW!  What a great and big week!  My three favorite books, Scalped, Fear Agent, and Ultimate Spider-Man all out on the same week!  AND the Rangers and Giants kick of the World Series?  AND a coupon for a free spicy chicken sandwich this Wednesday?? This will be the best Wednesday for me in a long, long time!


    Bonus Question: Milky Way (or Twix); Root Beer flavored hard candy (blah!!).

  2. Favorite – candy corn

    least – between raisins and pennies  

  3. favorite-anything with chocolate and peanut butter

    Least- Black Licorice(like everyone else on the planet)

  4. Superman: Earth One, Streets of Gotham and Jonah Hex.

    BQ: Anything gummy is my favourite. Least favourite is anything minty.

  5. Lookin forward to Wonder Woman and Time Masters

    BQ: Favorite – Reese’s peices. YOu can literally put a trash bag full of those things in front of me and I’ll pass out before I stop eating. Least favorite – Candy corn. Ugh. Tastes like flavored wax.


  6. I feel like I’m in the minority, but I’ve been looking forward to SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE for a while now. Any sign that comics publishers are moving towards OGNs and away from monthlies is something that I want to support. Here’s hoping that the book itself is actually equal to the quality of the book itself.

  7. The amazing all abbreviation pull list!  

    AC, ASM, AvPA, FF, JL:GL, TMVP, TT, WW, Z.  (And Supergirl, which I didn’t know how to abbreviate.)


    Favorite: Kit Kat

    Least Favorite: Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses (They’re the old-fashioned candies that come in the black wax paper wrapper.  They’re mostly taffy with a blurp of peanut butter in the center.  Blah! Barf! Blurp!)


  8. 100 bucks Ron picks Uncanny X-Men #529 as his pick of the week. 100 BUCKS!

  9. Amazing Spider-Man, Action, the Return of BW books, Creepy (just in time for Halloween), Dynamo 5, Incorruptible, GI Joe, Scalped, FF, Avengers books, Generation Lost, and the Ultimate books. Very cool week.

    BQ: Best – Gum – any kind, but particulary those white or orange baseballs with the names of plays on them – so good.

    Worst; Bit-O-Honey or Mary Janes (are those still floating around?) – those are like the fruitcakes of Halloween: always regifted the following year.

  10. BQ: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are easily my favorite. Candy Corn is an abomination.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man #646
    Avengers #6
    Beasts of Burden/Hellboy #1(Jill Thompson cover if possible)
    Incognito: Bad Influences #1
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #3
    Ultimate Comics Mystery #4
    Ultimate Comics Spider-man #15
    Uncanny X-Men #529
    X-Men Legacy #241

    BQ: Favorite: Reese’s Cups in the single cup package. They were like little beacons of awesome at the bottom of a pile of antacid, also known as Necco Wafers, the nastiest thing every meant to be ingested by humans. If indeed they are meant to be ingested and not just used as cushioning for other candy, kinda like packing peanuts. Yechh.

  12. Action Comics #894
    Beasts Of Burden Hellboy One Shot
    Gi Joe Cobra Ii #9
    Jack Of Fables #48
    Time Masters Vanishing Point #4 (OF 6)
    Wonder Woman #604

    Least Favorite: Those peanut butter things @ctrosejr just mention (vomit).
    Most Favorite: Pretty much everything else (I eat almost indiscriminately [It’s how I check for razor blades].)

  13. BQ  Favorite – mini reese’s cups or mini 5th avenues

     least favorite – circus peanuts or mary jane’s

  14. Avengers.  i’m still enjoying Bendis’ run on these books. 

    BQ: WonderAli nails it: "BQ: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are easily my favorite. Candy Corn is an abomination."

  15. Action Comics, Generation Lost and Fantastic Four…I want to check out the Hellboy one shot, i might check out those 2 recent Hulk issues if i pull that audible in the shop. 

    Favorite Candy: i like just about everything EXCEPT Good and Plenty’s in the purple box. That is punishment.  

  16. Scalped, Fantastic Four, Hellboy.  

    BQ: Tie between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Charleston Chew.  As for least favorite Candy Apples because they have razor blades in them. 

  17. Looking forward to Action Comics #894 and the Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #1

    BQ: Fave: Candy corn.  I only eat it once a year. Unfave: Jolly Ranchers (especially if really old).

  18. Just ASM, Secret Avengers, and GI Joe Cobra for me. But I also just ordred the massive KISS Kompendium. Why? Because I can!

    BQ: Favorite are Reese’s Cups. Least Favorites are Almond Joys.

  19. Action Comics #894 is what I’ll be gripping on! Moose Drool is what I’ll be sippin on!

  20. My fave candy would be the dark chocolate reeses. The least would be those non discript carmel things that come in the unmarked orange and black wrappers. Nothing good can come of those…. nothing!!!

  21. my birthday is on halloween! turning 21!

  22. I’m excited for Action, Fantastic Four, and the return of Incognito. Secret Avengers and Zantanna are make-or-break issues for me this week.

    I like Sweet Tarts and Bottle Caps, because they are candies you only really see around Halloween: they’re a treat. Almond Joys and Pay Day bars, however, are always awful.

  23. Do candy apples count? Candy apples with peanuts and chocolate!


    I got Incognito, Secret Avengers, Captain America, Avengers, Incorruptible, and Zatanna. Should I drop Captain America and Avengers? I’m pretty "meh" on both so far, anyone else going to stick through it and see what happens? 

  24. Necco wafers are the spawn of the devil.  Sour Patch Kids rule all that is good in the world.

  25. Congrats smeeeeee!  

  26. Time Masters and Gen Lost for me

    Favorite: Willy Wonka Laffy Taffy. so worth picking out of my braces. 

    Least: Dental floss. There are people who pass that out instead of candy and they should be stopped.

    @Smeeeeee Happy 21st!

  27. love me some sweet tarts

    hate those black and orange peanut butter candies 

  28. A nice week this week.  Looking forward to Teen Titans, Action Comics, Dynamo 5, Scalped, Incognito…etc., etc.

    BQ: Favorite: Kit-Kats.  Least favorite: black licorice.  Bleh.

  29. Pretty good weak actually, not a bad comic in the bunch.

    Action Comics, Superman, Chaos War #2 (getting it now since Diamond shorted my LCS), Fantastic Four, Secret Avengers, Thunderbolts.

    BQ: Favorite…..Oh that’s tough. I remember loving Kit-Kats and Peanut M&M’s when I was little.

    Least Favorite Candy would be Candy Corn……Corn that tastes like candy? I can’t wait.

    Also, one time a neighbor of mine gave me and my sis a toothbrush. If my costume reflected reality then this little prisoner would’ve added another victim. 

  30. Action Comics #894
    Billy The Kid Ghastly Fiend London #2
    Dc Comics Presents Young Justice #1
    Detective Comics #870
    Justice League Generation Lost #12
    Justice Society Of America #44
    Time Masters Vanishing Point #4 (OF 6)
    Wonder Woman #604
    Zatanna #6

    I thought this was gonna be a light week! I was gonna get a trade. We’ll see.

    Favorite candy: Hershey’s chocolate bar dipped in Peter Pan peanut butter

    Least favorite candy: Black Licorice

  31. After last month’s Action Comics, I am so eager for the next issue!  Always happy for another Pet Avengers story too.  Generation Lost continues to rock my world regularly, and the art alone in Green Arrow has been spellbinding.  Story’s good too, which is why I’m jumping on Teen Titans this month for JT Krul.

    Favorite candies are chocolate, preferably with coconut, peanut butter, or nuts inside.  Least favorites are chocolates that deceive you and turn out to have fruit, jelly, tooth-endangering toffee, or whipped mint crap inside.  Anything that isn’t chocolate just gets tossed unceremoniously aside before it has the chance to offend me.  (Unless it is a Twizzler, which is the only non-chocolate candy in my world.)

  32. BQ: Do you guys have these lollies called Red Skins? (maybe it’s a little insensitive to called lollies that in America) those things are the shit. I also like sherbies and milkos. I would say the worst thing is licorice, i have always hated that stuff. totally gross 

  33. Just Superman: Earth One and Incognito for me this week.

    BQ: I love most candy, like the classic Reese’s and such. I also like candy corn, which many people seem to hate.

  34. I’m getting Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man this week. BQ: Most favorite candy – Twix. Least favorite: circus peanuts. It’s like orange spray painted styrofoam packing peanuts.

  35. has anyone noticed how similar the this week’s covers of Incognito and Superman Earth One are? 

  36. Favorite candy? Snickers or Reese Cups

    Least favorite? Any type of fruit flavored food.

  37. York Peppermint Patties fav

    Any candy with Carmel: Terrible

  38. Not so much for me this week, but it’s all pretty awesome: Northlander Vol. 4, Earth One, Thunderbolts, and Ultimate Spiderman. Overall? Looking pretty awesome


    -Favorite: Reese’s Cups

    -Least Favorite: Candy Corn – I don’t care what everyone says, they taste like glue! 

  39. 5 books this week, plus I didn’t get my 4 from last week. Gonna have to do a lot of catching up.

    BQ: Favorite, just a plain hershey bar, probably. or a Caramello. Least: Candy Corn! that stuff is awful. 

  40. Superman:Earth One, Wonder Women, Secret Avengers, and Green Arrow. But still gotta catch upon fables so ill probably get a trade or two of that.  

    BQ: Favorite-Tooties Rolls and Least Favorite-Black Licorice 

  41. A big week of books AND trying to finalize my Halloween costume? Crap in a hat! Bonus, Reese’s is KING and black jelly beans are the devil.

  42. peanutbutter cups rule, all else flops.oh and incognito and action comics are top of my stack

  43. Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet, Fantastic Four and Jack Of Fables this week but with Detroit Fanfare coming up this weekend I might have to put them off until next week. Incidentially Detroit Fanfare also means I won’t be celebrating Halloween in the traditional sense this year. I’ll be getting old comics and meeting Stan Lee.

    MY favorite Halloween treats are…well…chocolate.

    I don’t like mint chocolate, that’s just wrong and should be considered a crime against humanity.

  44. Big week, 15 books again. The Road home books are really increasing the pull-list, but they, for the most part, have been enjoyable. Also, picking up the Superman: Earth One trade on Amazon for $11.99.

  45. Another week without PunisherMax. WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED YOU!

  46. @SirCox: Jason Aaron said on twitter that the series is on ‘hiatus’ for the time being. No idea why considering (at least I thought anyways) Dillon was a fast artist. But for the time being it isn’t coming out. Nor apparently until Feburary since the solicts for the next 3 months show no issue being released.

  47. Action #894

    Best: Snickers

    Worst: Twizzlers


  48. Man, I love peanut butter. Love Reeses, love Reeses Pieces, Nutter Butter, peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter pie, etc.

    So how fair is it that I have a child with a peanut allergy?


    "THIS IS MADNESS!" – pic related

  49. Marvel also said Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy were on ‘hiatus’

  50. I’m most looking forward to Action Comics and Teen Titans.

    BQ: Smarties!      LEAST FAv: black licorice, tastes like year old cough syrup

  51. Teen Titans (really looking foward to the new team)  , Gen lost and Time Masters.



    BQ:SourPatchKid are awesome!   least favorite: crap candy that gets thrown away,  you know the stuff you look at and think how in the hell did somebody think it was ok to put this in my kids bag.

  52. Black widow and ASM are about the only things i can read this week, im fairly behind on most of my marvel stuff… But i am excited for ASM, i am loving the new lizard. 


    BQ:    fav: razor blades. least: The candy that came with it.