New Comics for 10/22/08 wonder where all the time went

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

It’s another big week as Marvel not only puts out their top shelf Ed Brubaker books — Captain America, Daredevil, and Criminal. And there’s also the start of a Wolverine mini-series from Jason Aaron, which is exciting.

And it’s always a happy day when a new issue of Fear Agent hits.

On the DC side, the New Krypton Special kicks off the big Superman story, and there’s a new issue of Scalped and the first issue of Unknown Soldier from iFanboy favorite writer Josh Dysart…

Was there anything else…?

I can’t remember…

Oh, yeah!

Both Secret Invasion #7 and Final Crisis #4 are out!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you were stranded on a deserted desert island after a shipwreck, would you rather survive on the meat from the bodies of your dead friends or from the grubs and centipedes and the other assorted bugs native to your new home?



  1. Trying some new stuff this week. Getting my first dose of Superman (besides the last issue of action) with the New Krypton Special and I’m also hoppin on Fear Agent.

    BQ: I probably wouldn’t be eat either so I would starve to death. If i went crazy from hunger i would probably eat the bodies before the bugs. I can’t even eat shrimp.

  2. oh Jesus this is going to be big… I’ve got 2 weeks of books to read now (which, granted, is only a total of 12 or so). Lookin’ forward to Final Crisis (and the assorted tie-ins which are all EXCELLENT), and I might pick up the New Krypton Special.

    Bonus: grubs and centipedes… grubs don’t actually taste that bad 

  3. Wow, this week is going to be great. Big week. Brubaker, the first trade of Northlanders for a bargain price, the second last volume of Monster, plus other assorted goodies. I’m still unsure about getting that Tomb of Dracula Omnibus though.

    BQ: Depends how bad the grubs looked and how good they would taste. Hopefully one could get a little fishing in.

  4. This will be the first time I buy Fear Agent as it comes out. I’m excited to have jumped on this bandwagon. I’m very excited for Fear Agent and Final Crisis #4. And Brubaker’s stuff. And New Krypton. And Hellblazer. And DMZ. Damn this is a good week!

    BQ:Any time I think of eating bugs, I have flash-backs of Man Vs Wild when Bear eats a giant centipede and its head explodes juice and brains everywhere… I’d start off with my former passengers. I wonder if vegetarians would taste any different…..
  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So many comics this week!  Jumping on issue with Captain America.  Most excited for New Krypton, Hellblazer, Criminal, and Scalped.  

    BQ: I’d totally eat people I know before creepy crawlies I don’t.   

  6. @cman12 & Ntpmcrtp – I’m really glad you guys are going to try out FEAR AGENT… just be warned, it’s smack dab in the middle of an arc, it’s part 3 of 6.

  7. Top 3

     Cap American#43

    Final Crisis#4 (of 7)

    Ulitmate Spider Man#127


    BQ: People i guess. 

  8. I got Cap, New Krypton, Final Crisis, Daredevil & Final Crisis

    BQ: I’d eat the bugs.  I need my dead friends intact for my Dead Friend Raft to get out of there.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s a testament to how much I like Jason Aaron’s writing that I’m actually buying something called Wolverine: Manifest Destiny, with a cover like THAT.   

  10. Heh, that last Final Crisis should say Fear Agent.  I guess I’m anticipating Final Crisis so much it’s all I happen to Final Crisis about.

  11. Ouch! I’ve just pulled 15 comics, plus there 3 outstand pulls from last week!  It may be pay day this week, but I’ve got to think again about what I actually walk outta the shop with.  Definitely on the list are my regular fixes:

    The triple Brubaker whammy of Captain America #43, Daredevil #112 and Criminal #6, Fear Agent #24, Echo #7, Invincible #54,  and Final Crisis #4.  Not forgetting Superman New Krypton #1.

    The rest will have to wait for now. I’d be interested in eventually picking up a copy of the Ghost Rider Danny Ketch mini series penned by none other Simon ‘Gutsville’ – talking of which whatever happened to #4 of Gutsville? 

    Anyway, enough already. I gotta go read me some comics!


  12. @conor The talksplode episode with Rick Remender got me so interested in Fear Agent that i don’t mind hitting the ground running in the middle of an arc.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Here’s my proposal.  If you were thinking about buying New Avengers, just buy Fear Agent instead.  Simple, right?  

  14. It’s a good Ed Brubaker week — Daredevil, Criminal, and Cap.  I also have Echo, and Thunderbolts, and X-Men Legacy in my pull (though I’m semi-regretting the last, as it’s a Wolverine: Origins crossover, but I’m hoping the X-Men parts will be comprehensible on their own).  There’s some soul-searching involved, but I think I’m really done with Runaways, X-Factor, and Secret Invasion.  And I’m considering picking up the start of "New Krypton" as I’ve been intrigued by the Superman books lately. 

    BQ: Gross.

  15. bugs man, totally bugs

  16. BQ: People of course, they’re just going to spoil.  There’ll be plenty of time for bugs once I’ve finished my Man-Steak

  17. I’ll be starting to pick up Captain America in single issues this week. Also, I’m looking forward to the New Krypton Special, Daredevil, and Secret Invasion.

    BQ: That depends. Are there any polar bears to worry about?

  18. This is truly an awesome week.  Some of my favoritist books are coming out: Echo, Captain America, Invincible, Fear Agent, and Daredevil.  Plus, I’m looking forward to Final Crisis, Secret Invasion, the New Krypton Special, Unknown Soldier, Criminal, Hulk, and Birds of Prey.

    I have pre-ordered Tomb of Dracula Omnibus from  Can’t wait to get it.

    BQ: I’d go vegetarian.  Nice. leafy green fiber.

  19. I didn’t think it was going to stop for a second there! I just kept scrolling down, and every time I did, there was three more books I was pulling. After about a month of light weeks, this one really caught me off guard. Looking forward to Fear Agent as always, and the new issue of Final Crisis.

    BQ: It’s Grub Shish Kabobs all the way, and a proper burial for your mates.

  20. Wow, so comics come out once a month now instead of weekly? This will be a time saver.

  21. im most excited for thor: truth of history…. and i think id eat the my friends because i cant have zombies walking around in a couple days…duh

  22. Damn it!!!  Too many $3.99 comics this week!!

    Jumping on to Superman with New Krypton Special, and most likely pick up Braniac when it hits the trades.  My wallet will be upset, but thats ok.

    Pickin up Final Crisis Submit too.  I only picked up Rogue’s Revenge before.  But what they hey, its a one-shot written by G-Mo.  

    And come on guys, G.I. Joe #0!!!  $1!  Thats reason enough to check it out.  I am honestly hoping that it doesn’t disappoint and that it leaves me salivating for the new stuff next year.

     BQ: I would totally eat people first.  Honestly, all of us are curious about what human taste like.  Not that we want to go out and kill to find out, but if given the chance…I would take a bite.  Not ashamed of that at all.  Do we have spices on said ship wrecked boat?  I would like to think that cumin would complement human quite well.

  23. This is looking like a solid week. Although I’m waiting for Terry Moore to really get Runaways going on the right track. Everything else looks great.

    BQ: Grub, I couldn’t kill my friends, whom would I talk about comics with?

  24. @BenBugenig – No, no, your friends are already dead.

  25. Final Crisis and Secret Invasion in the same week? Win. Also really looking forward to the Superman New Krypton specail.

    BQ: People first. Bugs will always be there.

  26. Jesus is the end of every month Brubaker week? Very curious to see how Unkown Soldier will be.

    BQ. I am a vegeterian also. Go fruits! 

  27. This week is probably in the top 5 most ridiculous weeks this year.  I have 12 books, which is crazy after my slim down a few months back.  I’m excited for absolutely everything on my list.  No doubt.

    BQ:  Bugs.  I just couldn’t see myself gutting and cooking people who were talking to me only a little while before their untimely demise.  Blarf! 

  28. yay final crisis!!! oh and probably the bugs

  29. @Connor-I think he plans on still talking to his friends corpses long after they have gone.  seeing as how Wilson volleyballs are so hard to come by.

  30. I just used a $15 GC at Amazon to finally get Fear Agent Vol. 2.  I really enjoyed the first volume as a trade and will probably stick to reading them like that.  I saw Vol 4. just came out so I have some catching up to do.

    GI Joe #0.  Uh, yeah!  Of course, new Criminal, Cap, Invincible, DMZ and hopefully my LCS will get Air #3 this week.

    BQ:  People.  Oh sweet lord, people.

  31. God this week is huge. I guess I had it coming. But last week wasn’t even that big! And this is a fifth week month! Ass…

    Lotta good stuff. Can’t think  of anything I’m not really looking forward to. Lotta strong, strong, early candidates for Pick of the Week. Hoping something surprises me (I’m lookin at you Wolverine Manifest Destiny Jason Aaron whatever!)

    BQ: I’m not sure. Maybe the bugs? The only problem is I don’t know what’ll kill me. Although I do like meat…. Probably my friends, but I wouldn’t be above changing it up a little.

  32. On the topic of Ed Brubaker,

    I have read all of the Captain America issues, and I have started readng Criminal in trades (which I love).

    I intend to complete Criminal until I am caught up (then I will have to decide whether to move to issues).

    So…which Brubaker should I read next? I was thinking of Gotham Central, although I am not a big Bat-Man fan. Others have suggested Sleeper. Any other thoughts?


    Thanks in advance!


    Also, if the choice is really limited to canibalism vs. bugs, bugs seem like a decent choice.

  33. @coltrane68 – SLEEPER or GOTHAM CENTRAL… either, really.  They are both excellent.  Some of the best comics of the last ten years.

  34. @coltrain68-I just read the first trade of Gotham Central and it was great.  Highly recommend it.  I also read the first two trades of Sleeper a few months ago and it totally had me hooked.  If I had to choose, I would say Sleeper first, then Gotham Central

  35. Fairly good week; Angel, DMZ, Final Crisis, Scalped, Echo and Noble Causes. Most excited about Final Crisis and Echo.

    BQ: Jeez, Conor… last week it was getting shot in the arm, now it’s eating dead friends? You’ve gone over to the dark side, my friend.

    Having said that, I think the iFanboys said it best – "Meeeeat!"

  36. Light week of awesomeness!!

    Final Crisis, Captain America (THE LEAPER!!!!!!), New Krypton Special, and Ultimate Spider-Man. All good titles and finally a balance of Marvel and DC this week.

    BQ: Man that’s a dark question….you’ve been thinking about this havent you Conor?

  37. What a great week.  Final Crisis, Final Crisis: Submit, New Krypton Special and Invincible (fingers crossed my shop gets it this week and not next).  I’m jumping onto Captain America, as well as Fear Agent.  I hear too many good things about Fear Agent to keep staying away from it.

  38. 3 books from Brubaker & 2 from Jason Aaron, & the New Krypton Special, I’m a happy guy. Looks like it’d be a tough pick for the POW.

    B.Q. If given the option, I would totally try human flesh. Even if I wasn’t stranded.

  39. ……… yipes!

  40. @Tiocore- I will be sure not to get on your bad side.

  41. I bought No Man’s Land Vol. 2 instead of singles.

  42. Ouch!  Big week with big prices like last week.  My wallet hurts.

    Bonus:  Grubs and Bugs but never underestimate the power of Cannibalism

  43. Ouch. Pricey week for me. Of 10 books, only 3 have a 2.99 pricetag. Guess the (immediate, pre-digital horror) future is here then. But it all looks so damn shiny…

    Bonus: People, people, people. I see bugs used as food on TV and I puke. So I go with the lesser evil. C’mon, they’re dead anyway, right?

  44. Ooof! Heavy week! Glad SI is out, can’t wait for it to finish – in a good way.

     Bonus: Dead meat with a side salad of bugs and a centipede pudding. Yumm!

  45. Scalped & Criminal in the same week? This is the comic jackpot for me. Also, Aaron on Wolverine should be cool (I didn’t know about it until I read this thread, thanks Conor!) Get Mistique was sweeter than a dragon in the nude, so this book should kick hairy ass all over town.

    BQ – Bugs. Easy choice. No way I could eat my friends (unless my friends were chickens).

  46. Summabitch, twelve books for me this week and I thought I was doing well to maintain just seven  books each week. Damn these miniseries and one shots! Anyway, I’m getting my regular Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Final Crisis books, Thor, Wolverine, Supes, X-Men Legacy and I’m finally jumpin’ on Captain America.

    BQ: I’m vegetarian so I’d be sticking to plants and seeds. No flesh, thanks.

  47. This week is gonna be awesome. Final Crisis, Secret Invasion, and New Krypton all in one week. WOOT WOOT!!!

  48. So, 16 books including every event book, and some of my favorite titles.  I’m sure to piss someone off…

    Man, I don’t like either of those options. I’ve got a severe bug thing, and I’m sure as hell not putting any of Ron or Conor in my mouth.

  49. CRIMINAL !!!!!!!!!!

    and the count down of last Noble Causes 🙁


    BUGS for sure.  I don’t know how long all that rotting human flesh is good for. 

  50. Let’s see how "Original Sin"- Arc goes on this week the one shot was very good. But my POW probably gonna be Scalped.

    BQ: I should say bugs but I would probably get pissed off walking around searching for food when I just have to wait till someone falls asleep. I EAT PUNY HUMANS!

  51. I’m going to drop New Avengers and Captain America, New Avengers is not going anywhere so I’ll try New Krypton instead. I’m switching Captain America to trades.

    BQ: I’ll eat… People, bugs creep me out.

  52. My wallet! My poor wallet…sigh.

    Still gotta love the FC, but I’m most excited for the Unknown Soldier, one of the books that originally hooked me on comics.

    BQ: Hmmm, could I change the people into Soylent Green? cause that stuff is delicious.

  53. @josh: Uh…..I dont wanna ask….

  54. @TheApeThatEscaped – I’ll be disappointed if Gutsville never finishes. Earlier this month, on Frazer Irving’s blog he did say he was "wading back into Gutsville," whatever that means.

     Final Crisis is my #1 jam this week.

    BQ: If I don’t eat the people, then the bugs probably will, and then I’ll be eating them indirectly anyway.

  55. Woah, big week for me!

    Angel After The Fall #13
    Captain America #43
    Ms Marvel #32
    New Avengers #46
    New Warriors #17
    Runaways 3 #3
    Secret Invasion #7 (OF 8)
    She-Hulk #34
    Terry Moores Echo #7
    Thunderbolts #125
    X-Factor #36
    X-Men Legacy #217

    So…X-Factor and New Warriors are on the chopping block. They have to prove themselves worthy of being bought with these issues, otherwise I cut them off my pull list. Also, my store owes me Echo #6, so there’s a good chance I’ll get to read six and seven back to back. C’est awesome.

    BQ: Bodies of the dead. I’ve always been curious about cannibalism.


  56. BQ: I would dig into their stomachs and collect un digested pits and take them and wash them and plant them. The dead bodies will be used as fertilizer. Meanwhile I’ll eat fish, birds and plants. The bugs can be used for fishing or for some extra protein. I will create myself a little heaven, and I’ll use the clothes of my dead friends as a hammock.

  57. Lots of good comics this week. I’m thinking of dropping Runaways and Birds of Prey. Birds Of Prey should be good this week but I always think that and it never really is.                                       I’m looking foward to Final Crisis, Superman New Krypton Special and Echo but I still haven’t read Echo #6 because my comic store never got it. I tried at another store but they didn’t have it either so I might have to wait.

    BQ: I would totally eat my dead friends.

  58. I saw a centepede today in my room. Scary.

    I’d start by eating my shoes. 

  59. Secret Invasion tops my list. Also getting New Avengers, X-Men, and the Evil Dead TPB.

    BQ: How about the fish surrounding the island?

  60. Would no one ever consider trying a piece of human meat? Even if properly cooked? Or am I that deranged?..

  61. I can’t wait for Final Crisis to be over, so I can read the trade when it comes out.

  62. I am a very stubborn eater.  always loose significant weight whenever traveling. so, would probably starve.

    Can I have smokes?  Starving with smokes isn’t that bad an option.

  63. @Tiocore,

     I’d totally try human meat. Especially grilled (and well-done).