New Comics for 09/30/09 will totally help you move

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

If you handed me this week’s shipping list and asked me which book I was most looking forward to I wouldn’t have a ready answer. I would probably scratch my chin for a little while and eventually come up with G.I. Joe: Cobra Special. That’s actually pretty exciting. I just hope it gts included in the forth coming trade collection of the mini-series.

This week I think Secret Warriors #8 gets the axe. After seven months I still couldn’t tell you a single thing about any one of these new characters, including their names. I just want it to be a Nick Fury book.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: When’s the last time you helped somebody move and how did it go?


  1. mm…….only one book i think… lantern 46

  2. Batman Widening Gyre #2 (OF 6)
    Blackest Night Titans #2 (OF 3)
    Dark Tower The Fall Of Gilead #5 (OF 6)
    Gi Joe Cobra Special #1
    Green Lantern #46
    Jack Of Fables #38
    Star Wars Legacy Tatooine Pt 4 (Of 4) #40
    BQ: I helped an adjunct professor move in.  He decided he was going to drive his car off the trailer while the trailer was still hooked to the car AND not connected to the UHAUL.  He succeeded in sending the trailer (with car still attached [and him in it]) careening down the hill.  IT HIT A HOUSE and broke a bunch of Elvis plates that an old lady was "saving for her retirement".  The professor was fine, but was proven to be an idiot and left the university a year later.
  3. Anyone know if "Die Hard Year One" is about John McLean?

  4. Yeah I only have Green Lantern #48 to pull this week. No annuals, one-shots, or random issues for me to even attempt to pick up. So for once in my life I’m gonna take a break from comics.

    Not going to pick up GL this week; I will wait until next week when I have a huge week of books to pick up. Cause it just seems a little boring to only have one book and nothing else. So it’s about time a guy like me gets a vacation. Also, you get a vacation from me (kinda) so everybody wins!

    BQ: My grandmother moved from our house to an affordable apartment. After living with that old witch for 20 months I didnt care if I pulled my back or hurt my knees. Great day.

  5. The pick is going to be challenging.

  6. Just three books for me this week (Thor, GL and Runaways).  Love it.  I’ve needed a break for a while. Plus I might even give the Thunerbolts issue this week a shot because I have been hankerin’ for some Iron Fist action.

    BQ: Family-in-law.  It was god awful.  Nothing had been put in boxes before hand and the uncle that rented the U-haul didn’t know how to stack properly.  Just a big cluster****.  But they got a house for the after some hardships and apartment living, so it was worth it.

  7. Smallest Week in a While for me

    Green Lantern, Blackest Night Titans #2,Amazing Spiderman, and Spin Angels


  8. @Josh-Only if you pick the wrong one 😉

  9. There is literally one book on my list (X-Factor).  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  I might pick up Runaways, or the Thunderbolts issue with Power Man & Iron Fist, just to be trying something.  And the new Umbrella Academy trade is out but I might wait on that.  Hmm.

    BQ: It’s been at least 4 years, and was less than awesome.  However, a lot more people have helped me move, since then, so I really have no right to complain.

  10. hmmmm, new green lantern and new secret warriors, new ASM, pretty light week


    BQ: i honestly can’t remember, it’s been over 2 years

  11. I’m only really looking forward to Green Lantern and Bad Dog. Slow week, which is nice since the last two weeks were pretty big.

    BQ:The last time I help someone move was August when me and my friends moved into the place I’m living in now. Everything went really well. No big mishaps or issues with loading up couches or not having enough boxes. I was even able to make lasagna that night. The whole day went perfectly.

  12. Yup.  Just as I thought.  One book.  GOTHAM CITY SIRENS.  We’ll see if Dini’s back on this book or if DC is still going to be getting information wrong on their own website.

    BQ:  I moved nearly two years ago from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment in the same complex.  Luckily, my fiance was there to help me, but I did drop a bunch of X-Men comics in the snow near the beginning of the move.  The day only improved from there.

  13. Small week, green Lantern, spiderman, secret warriors, Thor, and will probably be dropping punsher, might pick it up once Moore comes along.

  14. Wow, only one for me (Glamourpuss), and I’ve got my shipping schedule at monthly SO good times all the around I guess.

    BQ:  Uh, a month or so ago? He only needed help moving the small stuff. Way, way more preferrable to the move before that which was my friend and his family of 6. Gyoh.

  15. Pretty humdrum week…X-Factor is the most anticipated book by me (as it usually is every month!) and I will be taking my chance with two wild cards: The Shang Chi one-shot and the Spider-Man Clone Saga mini. Theres really not much premonition in regards to my expectations, so who knows, I might be in for a treat.


    BQ – I helped my girlfriend move a year ago, and it was a bloody nightmare…and I mean LITERALLY a BLOODY nightmare, since her cat bit a chunk of her finger off and bled like crazy in my car.

  16. 11 books this week.. would be 12 but I can’t figure out if Jack of Fables is at a jumping on point <ducks>.

    I think I’m most looking forward to GL but the dueling ladies of <insert universe here> books may compete for my POTW honors.

     BQ – If I discount moving myself from my rental house into my own home, it would be helping my ex move her stuff out of my house before that.  Pretty uneventful move that resulted in lots of "is this mine or yours?" conversations.  Good time to be had by all. 

  17. Small week for me. X-Factor, Thor, Superman, GL and BN Titans. THe Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 is out, but I probably won’t get it this week. GL is the "favorite" for POW, Thor might get it, too. I haven’t had a week this small in ages!

  18. Really looking forward to Bad Dog.  Spiderman has been good as well.


    I helped my friend move a washing machine the other day and we put a hole in his linoleum.  Opps!

  19. Only Amazing Spider-Man for me. Wow. I have no idea what to do with the free time.

    BQ: I was supposed to help a friend move a few weekends ago, but I got sick at PAX. It’s funny how wide of a berth you are given once you mention the words ‘"swine flu".

  20. The comics I’m getting this week are: Superman, Green Lantern, JSA, Usagi Yojimbo, Gotham City Sirens. I’m gonna have to place an amazon order for R.Crumbs Book of Genesis and Umbrella Academy Vol 2.

    BQ: I moved about four years ago. It went horrible! I had virtually everything I owned stolen or thrown out. Because I’m related to a bunch of fuck-up junkies. All my CD/Records(over 400), Comics/Books(6 long boxes and two bookshelfs full of books/trades), Childhood possessions, DVDs, my stereo!         

  21. Wasn’t Stuff of Legend due to be released this Wednesday? Does anyone know if this was delayed?

  22. This is a tough week – more marginal books than there should be in one week. However, still a few diamonds in the rough – Amazing, Green Lantern, Hulk (I like it – sue me), Boys Herogasm, Hack/Slash (really, you all should be reading it), Remender’s Punisher Annual, Superman, Jack of Fables .Also, the Astro City specials tend to be better, IMO, than the series, so I’m looking forward to the Astra book this week. It was actually be a better week if I did trades – Sleeper, Power and Glory, Umbrella Academy, a lot of good trades coming out this week.

    BQ: Christ, it’s been years and years since I’ve helped anyone move – and there are no stories that stand out from the last time I did, so things must have gone well. Last time I moved, however, about 5 years ago, I was away on business the week before. The night I got back (the day before the majority of the stuff was to be moved), I spent the night lugging about a dozen long boxes down from our second floor apt. up to the second floor of our new place. The next day, my father-in-law came to the new place and said the long boxes would collapse the floor. So, burning knees and throbbing back aside, I spent time moving about half of them back down to the first floor into a closet. He moved the other half, much to his chagrin. However, in the five years since, I’ve managed to place about a dozen more long boxes up on that second floor, and guess what? The f’n ceiling didn’t f’n cave in and shows no signs of caving in.

  23. I have to pick up Die hard year one.. I have my doubts… but it IS John McClaine 

  24. It’s an odd week with nothing standing out as an obvious pick of the week contender.  Still,looking forward to Remender with Pearson on Punisher Annual, along with new Unknown Soldier and Soleil. 

    BQ;  Never been asked or even had the opportunity to offer.  Howver, I’ve done it myself a few times and all I can really say about moving is…IT IS HELL ON EARTH

  25. It’s weird not seeing Wednesday Comics on the list..

    Looking forward to all of my books. Shoot, only getting Green Lantern, Runaways and Wonder Woman at my LCS.

    After seeing what trades are coming out this week, I so can’t wait for my DCBS box to arrive. 🙂

  26. Kind of a light week:

    Blackest Night Titans #2 (OF 3)
    Green Lantern #46
    Justice League Of America 80 Page Giant #1
    Thor #603


    BQ: High School. I helped my neighbors move cause they had a hot older daughter. I ended up being blamed for scratches on an antique coffee table. Moving sucks. 

  27. Oooh, Umbrella Academy: Dallas tpb!


    I’m helping somone move this week, and it’s going fine.

  28. Green Lantern and Unknown Soldier only, with Unknown Soldier on the chopping block.

     I helped a few people on move in day.

  29. The small week continues here.  Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: The Clone Saga.

    My LCS is moving Wednesday night and I’ll be helping with that.

  30. Superman, Green Lantern, The Darkness and Cyberforce/HunterKiller.

  31. Superman, Green Lantern, BN: Titans, ASM, Clone Saga… two light weeks in a row.  This makes me think next week will be a 14’er

  32. Another light week. I don’t remember dropping anything and it still feels like I’m reading less. Amazing, Batman Widening Gyre and Herogasm. Very pumped for Umbrella Academy vol. 2!

     BQ: Helped my girlfriend move into her new apartment. It was ok but I basically had to lift her couch above my head to get it up her stairs and over the half-wall into her place.  

  33. Batman Widening Gyre #2 and last week’s Echo if my LCS gets it.

  34. I’m fascinated by the clone saga. I missed it the first time around, and I just can’t help it, I like Ben Reilly’s look. I think it’s because I have the minimate. Anyway, it’s Todd Nauck art, which I’ve been missing. 

    Wolverine Weapon X might get cut.

    Again with the replay on the Runaways cover. Marvels not giving you guys the up-to-date. 

  35. Forgot the BQ: Moved a 2500 sq ft house into a 200 sq ft pod. Fun!

  36. Only x-Factor and Thor this week.


    BQ: I’m not sure if this counts, but my girlfriend is moving into my apartment, and I helped her move a lot of stuff this weekend. 

  37. Oh, thank christ. only two books, Green Lantern and Serect Warriors. I’m going to spend that extra cash on alcohol. I will literally piss it away.


    BQ: i helped my brother move around a year ago. he rented a small truck to move all his stuff. He drove it into a fence post with me in it. he wrote that turck off, a very successful little day out

  38. After hurricanes Ivan & Katrina I am very thankful for my parents help. Pres. George W. Bush & Gov. Bob Riley (Alabama) still on the shit list.


  39. @Josh- It’d be an easy pic if you were reading "Thor" and weren’t biased against it!

  40. @winthewonderboy: jesus, that’s terrible

  41. Sounds like a broken record in here.  A broken, terrible record.

  42. @KickAss

  43. @josh: Pearl Jam’s ‘Binaural’?

  44. @TNC
    That album was okay. I mean, not their best, but at least they didn’t hock it with Target commercials.

    I totally didn’t mean to type "IDIOT" in that angry gibberish at KickAss, but it’s there.

    @bonus question
    I’ll give you a hint, halfway through the moving process, I sounded like my previous comment.

  45. @Josh Just think, this is the last time you’ll (probably) have to hear it about that book!

  46. only three books I’m looking forward to: G.I Joe cobra special, Green Lantern #46 and Batman: the widening gyre #2.

  47. @PraxJavin: You and josh would both be wrong! He’s still got a ‘Giant Size Finale’ issue after this week’s issue.

    @captbastrd: I wouldnt know personally; I just know josh likes Pearl Jam 🙂

  48. No books for me BUT Sleeper Season 2 comes out. 


  49. @TNC
    You FIEND!

  50. BQ: About 5 years ago I helped my friend move in.  Hurt my back.  Now I pay my friends to not help them move.

  51. It’s going to be a sad day when Josh goes postal over all of this gob-shite

  52. This week and last week are both the smallest week in a while, with 11 books:

    Blackest Night: Titans #02
    Gotham City Sirens #04
    Green Lantern #46
    JSA #31
    Teen Titans #75
    ASM #607
    Dark Reign: The Hood #05
    Punisher Annual #01
    Runaways #14
    Secret Warriors #08
    Spider-Man: Clone Saga #01

    BQ: A few years back I helped a friend of an ex’s mother move, and it was pretty hellish. I was under the impression that she was single and that’s why she needed the help in moving, but upon arriving to her 3rd story apartment I learned that she was indeed married, but her Husband thought it more important to play Counterstrike than to help move his own house. =. Not only that, but he felt that it was totally okay to say things like "Could you guys hurry it up a bit." and "Sorry, these guys keep getting in my way."

    Never again.

  53. Pretty tame week…

    Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine: Weapon X, GI Joe COBRA Special, and Blackest Night: Titans


  54. Wow, what an odd week. I’m not really "excited" for any of these books. I’m enjoying Green Lantern, New Mutants, Secret Warriors, Thunderbolts, X-Factor, and X-Men Forever…but I’m not really jumping up and down to read any of ’em right now. 


  55. Like a lot of you, light week for me. Most looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man

    @Last time I moved was a little over a year ago. I helped myself move out of my old apartment and into the condo I bought. The best part about the moving in process? I was repainting pretty much the entire place before we had our major stuff moved in (furniture and the like) and i wanted to listen to something while I painted. So I looked up some comic book podcasts on itunes and discovered iFanboy. So it was probably the best moving experience I’ve ever had! 

  56. @JohnVFerrigno suck up. 😉

  57. Bad Dog#3

    Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man#4

    Amazing Spider-Man#607

    Die Hard Year One#1

    Astro City Astra Special#1

    Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu B&W#1

    Batman Widening Gyre#2

    Secret Warriors#8

    Blackest Night Titans#2


    Punisher Annual#1

    Spider-Man Clone Saga #1


    Spin Angels#2

    Green Lantern#46

    Son of Hulk#15

    Unknown Devil Made Flesh#1

    JLA-80 page Giant#1




  58. I think Gotham City Sirens, Herogasm, and ASM are all I am going to be able to afford cuz I am so broke!  If I had the extra scratch, I’d get the Kevin Smith Batman, Superman, and possibly check out The Clone Saga.

  59. Amazing Spider-Man, the JLA Giant, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman


    Last time I helped somebody move was when I graduated college. I had to help my roommates pack and move out since they left everything for the last minute. 

  60. This looks to be the best week I’ve seen in awhile. Bad Dog, GI Joe Cobra, Sleeper Season 2 and a PowerMan/Iron Fist team-up written by Remender. Is it Wednesday yet?

    BQ: About a year ago I "voluntarily" "helped" my dad move all of his girlfriends funiture  from Bellevue, WA to his house in Seattle. Then moved half of his funiture to a storage unit across town. It lasted from morning til night. Couldnt think of a more wasted Saturday

  61. I’ll take a double helping of Blackest Night, a Kevin Smith Bat-Book, a JMS Thor & an Aaron Wolverine on the side, thanks.

    BQ- One time when I was sleeping, my cat licked my face.

  62. Very light week for me only 5 books: ASM, GL, Batman:Widening Gyre, Thor and WolverineWeapon X, which is close to being dropped. Picked up the Astonishing omnibus since it’s such a light week 🙂
    May thumb thru Clone Saga and get it if it impresses me @ the store.

  63. Umbrella vol. 2, Sleeper season 2, and the hellboy library vol 3 for sure. Absolute Promethea, I’m just not sure about.


    BQ: I moved a bookshelf last weekend

  64. @rando- i was pretty excited about this as well for this wednesday, however, per diamond-  Thunderbolts #137 (AUG090507) will be: $3.99 and 48 pages, not $2.99 and 32 pages; written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Mahmud Asrar; and feature a cover by Francesco Mattina that was originally scheduled for Thunderbolts #136. The original cover to Thunderbolts #137 will now be the cover to Thunderbolts #136………..oh well, i dont mind going ahead reading the finale to this fantastic story arc by Diggle.

  65. This is crazy!  I went from consistently buying over 10 books a week to just 2 this week!  But that’s amazing!  This will give me some more pocket change for the Mid-Ohio Con that I’m attending this weekend.  Even though there’s only 2 books, I’m looking forward to both of them.  Oh, and I’ll probably be ordering that Hellboy HC through Amazon later this week.

    BQ:  Last person I helped move was myself just this past summer.  And it sucked. 

  66. I don’t understand the confusion over Secret Warriors.

    Quakes the leader that’s unsure of herself
    Hellfire is the cocky gung-ho that thinks he’s better than he is
    The Druid is a little bit useless at being a superhero, but is trying hard
    Yo-yo was over confident, and got hurt, so was replaced with Gateways prodogy (I’ll admit I don’t remeber his name, but he’s new)
    Phobes is the good of fear, son of god of war, and knows about this teams future, and has a small crush on Quake (reading between the lines).
    Stonewall is the strong guy, with a dark past.

    All this and the start of a sweet mystery involving Hyrdra and the Hand. I’m loving this series, I just wish Nick Fury would get his own book and leave the kids to it.

    I know they’re a bit cliche at the moment, but this is only issue eight, there is a lot of team for Hickman to build on it.

  67. BQ: I held my mum a few months back, it was a fairly smooth experience. I’m currently renovating my own house with the hopes of moving in later this month…any volunteers to help?

  68. Nothing on my pull list this week, besides Wizard and Previews. I was thinking about buying the 80 page giant JLA, but after reading some of the comments, I think I’ll pass. I also have a Booster Gold JLI figure coming in with the 70’s porn collar. Pretty bad when the only difference is the collar and you order it anyway…

     BQ: I moved my ex wife out. She left her crap here when she left me and I boxed everything up and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, her father came down and we loaded things up and he wished me the best, as he was always on my side through it all. A really nice guy, feel sorry for him…

  69. -Amazing Spider-man #607

    -Green Lantern #46

    -Last Days Of Animal Man #5

    -Thor #603

    Is no one else reading Animal Man?  It’s good.

  70. @siraim

    HA! That’s actually a true story, though. 

  71. Big trade week: Battlefields Tankies, Sleeper Season 2, Umbrella Academy Dallas, Magneto Testament.

    BQ: I helped my old roommate move to Machais Maine not too long ago. The move went fine, but man is Machais far away from… anything.