New Comics for 09/29/2010 will go with THE GOOD GUYS and GLEE, respectively

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: "Premiere week" in the United States has come and gone. Which show had the best season (or series) premiere? Which had the worst?


  1. BQ: Smallville, baby.

  2. BQ:I really liked the Community premiere. The Office was the worst. Didn’t watch too many other shows, just comedies.

  3. BQ: Chuck was pretty good. I think How I Met Your Mother should get axed.

  4. For the new shows:

    Best: Lone Star

    Worst: Undercovers

  5. Man Dark Horse is putting out a whole bunch of Betty Boop stuff this week


    BQ: Bones, Chuck and Undercovers

  6. Vampire Diaries had the best season premiere so far (though that was a couple of weeks ago now).

    The Event was pretty weak, except when Blair Underwood and Zeljko Ivanek were onscreen. 

    But for worst, I’m going to go with Shit My Dad Says, which was so cut-and-paste sitcommy & too-broadly-performed-to-be-called-acting I couldn’t even get through it.

  7. And oops, that was just the bonus question, but for the main question, Deena Pilgrim returns to Powers!  I am actually equal parts excited and nervous for that, because I thought she had one of the most complete and satisfying character arcs I have ever read, so I almost wonder if her return can live up to it.

  8. Only two books this week; Amazing Spider-man and X-Men Legacy.

    BQ: Best: I would say Fringe and Big Bang Theory tied for me.  I didn’t really dislike any of the shows I watch but I guess the least good for me was the Office premire.

  9. I’ll be getting Amazing Spider-Man, Action Comics, and Chew. Not a bad little week.

    BQ: I think the only one I watched was Smallville. It wasn’t bad.

  10. Action Comics is gonna get me into the store on Wedensday. I might pull a few audibles in store on other stuff. 

    BQ: Football season gets the nod. That double header Monday Night thing from a few weeks back made me happy. Bored to Death and East Bound and Down was pretty good last night.

  11. BQ: Community has the best and I hope Outsourced just dies. Very quickly.

  12. wow, small week.

    BQ: wasn’t super impressed with anything last week, though i did enjoy HIMYM and the Defenders; not sure why i watched the last one. missed Hawaii 5-0 though, anyone catch that?

  13. Wow, what happened to this week?  Almost nothing to pick from.  Action Comics, Wonder Woman, and Captain America should be enough.  Probably give Secret Warriors a whirl after all the positive buzz I’ve been hearing.  Other than that, time to search for graphic novel deals.

  14. BQ: Bored to Death! Or Boardwalk Empire! Also, I liked Running Wilde although most people seemed to have not.



  15. Small week for me. out of the 4 books i’m getting two are ending this week(franken-castle and 1 month 2 live)

  16. BQ: Boardwalk Empire is pretty badass. 

  17. Can’t say I had a favorite …

    Glee threw enough curve balls as to leave me wanting more. Can’t wait to see the Brittany Spears episode next week …

    Smallville left me a tad bit confused, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And I’m a fan so I’ll usually enjoy it no matter what. Of course, I was intrigued to see the DC logo in the end credits … my guess is we’ll see Clark don the cape and tights in the finale …

    Supernatural was a satisfying start … a nod to the first episode of the series, but with a twist. And lots of mystery to keep us coming back …

  18. No books this week and I only caught Community, the Office and ten minutes of Outsourced. Of the three, Community was best, The Office was meh and Outsourced was worst, I guess.

  19. BQ:  I thought the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon premiere was great.  It was very reminiscent of JLU.  This came out over the past few weeks, but not entirely sure it’s the start of a whole new season.

  20. Light week! At least my incredible shrinking bank account will be happy. Can’t wait for Chew #14 and Avengers Prime #3.

    BQ: Only watched a few, but of those I liked Community best.

  21. Woot Chew #14. can’t wait.


    BQ: I’m going to say Dexter just cause i watched it last night and it’s the most recent thing i remember 

  22. Getting absolutely nothing this week. Oh except the new previews! I’ve only had a chance to watch a couple of premieres so far. Glee was good, I really liked My Generation. I’m not sure about the new Greg Garcia show, but I’ll stick with it for a few episodes. And Castle is still great.

  23. First week of the mighty fall cleaning – first, probably dropping Wonder Woman (sorry, it’s not doing it for me), Green Arrow (getting out before it gets Rise of Arsenal bad, but will come back if the rumored DCU revival takes place), and Gotham City Sirens (no Dini, I’m out).

    On to the good stuff – Avenger Prime, Cobra Special (although topping the last one will be tough), Hearts and Minds, Chew, Spider-Man, Powers, Crossed, Action, Detective. Solid stuff.

    BQ: Series returns always take a while for me to ramp up, but I thought Dexter nailed it – nice set up. Bored to Death was good – I just watched the whole series this weekend, so that’s why I think I’m still high on it.

    One show no one is talking about but is probably the strongest crime drama on the air is Terriers on FX – just awesome three episodes in. Not the usual procedure show – much more like an old-school Rockford Files, but with nice character development and those "obvious but not obviously so" solutions to problems that all great heist movies have.

    Nothing in the last few weeks has made me go blah – The Office was disappointing, but not bad (except for that damn opening number – JUST STOP); I’ve never gotten 30 Rock, so that was just filler between Community and The Office. Fairly strong so far, but still waiting on No Ordinary Family and to watch second Boardwalk Empire.

    (I think I like TV premiere week almost as much as new comic day!!)


  24. Anyone know why there is not a Brightest Day book this week?


    the Tiki 

  25. ASM, Chew, Franken-Castle, and the GI Joe Cobra Special for me!

    BQ: Havent really gotten around to watching many shows but did just watch the premiere of Fringe via Hulu, shits about to get real weird! Community was also pretty good but a bit of a slow burn. Looking forward to watching the Good Guys, Castle, and Human Target though.

  26. BQ: "You’re fucking out, I’m fucking in"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. @thefreakytiki: It’s a fifth week, which BRIGHTEST DAY has been skipping.

  28. Could it be?! Just two books for me this week, Chew and Captain America.


    BQ: So far, my favorite season premiere is Chuck and the worst has to be Glee (compared to how brilliant previous episodes were). 

  29. light week for myself in that i am only picking up Avengers Prime & Amazing.

    best premieres  this week? i would have to say Chuck kicked major butt. so did the premiere of Star wars the Clone Wars ( love that show! ) Modern family & Big Bang Theory had me lol. so did the Office and Community.  worst? i didn’t like Smallville’s premiere. fake lex creeped me out. and Fringe’s premiere left me cold. hopefully it will pick up. it needed more Pacey. 

  30. yeah Glee wasn’t a homerun for me either. not horrible, but not great either. and it must be me, but i hate that Jay-Z song New york. so i didn’t like them covering it.

  31. BQ: The Office felt really weak.  I enjoyed the premiere of Always Sunny.

  32. BQ: i only watched smallville so……smallville

  33. Action Comics, Spiderman, Artifacts, Avengers Prime, Chew, G.I. Joe Cobra Special 


    BQ: 30 Rock was decent. Didn’t watch a whole lot.  

  34. Some great books like ASM, Action and Casanova, and others that are treading water til an excellent team comes on board…I’m looking at you Detective Comics.  I’d probably pick up the Cobra special as a stop gap til the TPB, but I doubt that my LCS will have a copy…never mind..

    BQ:  Who the hell knows (although Spooks aka MI5 started here in the Uk and was okay)

  35. Excited for Avengers Prime and Wonder Woman.

    BQ: Best: Community, Worst: House

  36. Tiny week for me.  Chew and Casanova only.  Though I guess that makes up for me preordering "The Return of the Dapper Men" and "The Outfit" this morning.

  37. Yet another week plagued by delays. I was suppose to have like, 8 titles come out this week. Now all but one is only coming out. Shockingly it’s Chew #14; a book which was not solicited in Advance Solicitation articles and even issue #15 is up in the air on when it’s coming out. I’m thinking of getting back issues to fill the void. So far Hulk #25 and Weird War Tales #1 sounds promising.

    BQ: Recurring show? Community. Had a great set of jokes, more Betty White, and some nice (emotional) ways to tie up loose ends from the first season finale.

    New Show? Detroit 187. Loved the idea of it and it had a very shocking ending. Got me hooked for the next couple of episodes. But apparently the series creators have dropped the ‘documentary’ aesthetic and it’ll now just be a plain cop drama. We’ll see how that turns out.

    Worst Show? Outsourced. While not blatantly racist; it was so uncomfortable to watch and it was shocking just how close it came to being over the line. If NBC is smart, which they aren’t, they should drop this series in a heart beat.

  38. The Office clearly seems to be on its last legs.  Please end it gracefully with the departure of Carrell.

    I’d have to go with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  If you’re not watching it, you’re really missing out.

  39. Time Masters and Avenger’s Prime are my favorites this week.

    BQ Didn’t end up watching too much TV this week. But the best was Chuck. 

  40. What happened to JMS’s Brave & The Bold series??? Is that series gone?

    The user reviews are a wasteland of a lot of reviews, a lot of reads and very few comments.

    Does anyone out there even care?

  41. Only two books this week. Both by Bendis. Avengers Prime and Powers. 

    And just to ad my 2 cents, the  best thing on australian TV this week was the AFL grand final. The match ended in a tie with no over time or golden goal rules so they are going to replay the game this coming weekend. Crazy, crazy stuff…. of course i didn’t watch the game because it’s boring, but, whatevs, right? 

  42. Slow week for me. Secret Warriors, Stap Spangled Legend and Stuff of Legend. I’m reading Action Comics and Avengers Prime through friends and will probably get them in trades.

     The best new shows are far and away Boardwalk Empire and Lone Star. I didn’t hate The Event like many did, but I’m sure it will jump the shark early and be terrible.

     Undercovers was unforgivably bad. 

  43. The Stuff of Legend is just that, stuff of legend. Great book.The colored Casanovae are cool too. I’m buying Powers out of inertia at this point.

    Community had the best, The Event was boring as hell and goofy and … it’s crap.

    I didn’t see SMDS, knowing it would suck, but it was probably the worst.

  44. Not one book. 🙁 BQ: TV? Is that a new site? 

  45. it’d be funny if avengers prime #3 was the pick of the week. And a big hurray for artifacts #2!


    bq I only caught glee : so I don’t think I’m qualified to say. 

  46. Just getting Amazing Spider-Man this week.

    BQ: Really enjoyed House and Big Bang Theory. Glee was enjoyable as always. Not sure if I’m going to stick around for lone Star. It was good, but I watch too much Tv as it is. I might stick around, might not. hells’ Kitchen just gets worse and worse every season. Has there ever been a phonier show? the hilarious part is watching Hell’s Kitchen on the DVR, then immediately watching Top Chef afterwards, just to see how it SHOULD be done.  

  47. Taking advantage of IST 42% off of dark horse books this week, picking up the Hellboy Library Editions and now patiently waiting like everyone else for volume 4 to come out.  Also noticed that BPRD will be omnibused by Dark Horse in February of 2011 – so great times coming for Hellboy fans!

    BQ:  House taking an interesting turn with an actual love interest.  Big Bang is always good.  My Tivo is getting a full work-out from H5-O, Lone Star, The Event, SOA, Chuck, Undercovers, Terriers, Fringe and others.

    Also happy to see IDW is starting to release back issues of GI Joe, Cobra, Origins, and others for $0.99 digitially via their iPad app.

  48. This week is only ASM, Wonder Woman, and Action. I’m thinking about Chew…Bonus: Best; Big Bang Theory (Love It!) Worst; sadly I hate to admit this…Glee. I was so very very dissatisfied in the fact that not one of them grew at all over the summer.

  49. I can’t say any of the comics this week are making me really excited (which is good because I have a big stack of trades from the library), but Avengers Prime is probably my most anticipated.

    Bonus Question – Best Show:
    I saw the first 1/2 of Terriers and I thought that was pretty good.  I would say I liked 30 Rock the best, but I even like 30 Rock even when its bad (bad episodes feel like a strange school play to me – and I love strange school plays).

    I’m holding out hope for The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret. The first episode was okay – with little parts here and there which really made me laugh. I’m hoping once they get rolling it will be a good comedy.

    Haven’t seen Running Wilde yet.  The ads have me worried, but I almost always like smarmy Will Arnett, and Mitchell Hurwitz being involved is a good sign.

    Okay, back to the original BQ…
    Worst show: either The Office or Glee. I think I might unsubscribe to The Office (and perhaps Glee) via Hulu, and then just catch up on the DVDs if I’m over come with the urge to see this season (my version of "reading the trades" with television).    

  50. SMALLVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. BQ: Boardwalk Empire for the best and (sadly) The Office premiere disappointed me.

  52. A small week, which is really nice.  If I’m in the mood, I might pick up the Batwoman HC and/or De: Tales from The Twins.  We’ll see.

    BQ:  Wish I could answer this question, but the cable company has been slow hooking up my service at my new house.  Today is supposedly the day.

  53. BQ

    Best: Fringe and Boardwalk Empire


    Worst:The Event


    Disappointing: Supernatural and Undercovers.

  54. Thank you, @Spoons!

    Remember to pre-order RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN this week, like Spoons did.  I will be very happy and so will you.

  55. Best shows thus far: Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, and Terriers.